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< PAOerfulone posted something on Ultrashroomz's wall:

I thought you might enjoy this! XD


Now that's just silly xP

on 13 December 2018

< mZuzek posted something on Ultrashroomz's wall:

By the way, I'm not sure how much you care about tournament rules (I'm assuming not much), but, this is gonna be our opening local's stage list, as proposed by yours truly:

I'm hoping you're proud of me.

Not bad.

I hope hazard toggle is a thing in more mainstream tournaments and majors, considering TOs think people are so incompetent that pressing a few extra buttons before a match is too much work/too time consuming, but I guess you can't underestimate people's ability to make mistakes.

idk how much I will invest into competitive Smash in the long run, but I'm hoping to make a better effort, since I have more access to resources and locals compared to what I had when Smash Wii U launched.

If I had to make specific comments on this list:
-Wily Castle without hazards doesn't have platforms, so it's basically just Smash 4 Omega Wily.
-Unova seems fine, just seems somewhat redundant to Poke Stadium
-Dataminers confirmed that WarioWare's blastzones are pretty small (like 66% the size of Battlefield's).
-Skyloft's main platform might be soft, which would promote sharking with characters like Meta Knight, but I don't remember that stage well, so I might be wrong.
-Hazardless Arena Ferox could be a good CP, since there are no transformations, and there are indestructible statues with three soft platforms.

on 24 November 2018

Well, the main reason I posted it here for was Fountain of Dreams. :P If we're getting into an actual discussion, well,

- About Wily and Unova being redundant, it's because they are FD and PS1 alternatives (as is Yoshi's to BF). They count as the same stage.

- Skyloft does allow sharking, but personally I don't think it's necessarily bad to have one stage that allows that. It's not bound to be anywhere near as bad as it was in Melee and certainly Brawl simply because of the general mechanics.

- Arena Ferox I thought was a little too big for singles, and I feel the slanted platforms layout was done better by Skyloft. It's going to be legal in doubles.

- WarioWare, we'll see. I know the blastzones are tiny, but I feel it's worth giving a go nonetheless. It's certainly the most likely ban there, though.

on 24 November 2018

Imma play FoD 24/7 regardless of what the community has to say.

(I'll play other stages obviously, but I missed FoD, don't judge)

on 25 November 2018

It'll be interesting to go back to all these stages as a Sm4sh newbie. FoD always looked so pretty, and with the Ultimate touch it looks amazing, but I'm not sure I'll enjoy playing in it to be honest.

on 25 November 2018

welp RIP Arena Ferox; the beginning layout is random

on 27 November 2018

Didn't know about that one, rip. Yoshi's Story shy guys apparently bring over food, so maybe that one's also ded with hazards on. And Lylat ledges apparently still broken af.

Not a very good day for stage lists today.

on 27 November 2018

< HomokHarcos posted something on Ultrashroomz's wall:

Persona 3 had the best characters.

The Investigation Team and The Phantom Thieves wish they had a cute dog. :P

on 18 November 2018

< Ultrashroomz updated his status:

Somebody went Persona crazy!

on 14 June 2018

Still need to get Persona, Persona 2: Innocent Sin & Persona 2: Eternal Punishment for PS1, Persona for PC, Persona 3 & Persona 4 for PS2, Persona 3 Portable for PSP, Persona 4 Arena & Persona 5 for PS3, Persona 4 Arena & Persona 4 Arena Ultimax for 360, along with Persona 3 & Persona 5 Dancing for PSV.

on 23 June 2018

Fuck, also Innocent Sin and Eternal Punishment for PSP!

on 23 June 2018

And Persona =P So I guess you're still 16 games away from having them all Also might as well get the predecessor, Shin Megami Tensei If...for SFC and PS1 (also possibly the PC, not sure if it got a physical release though!)

on 23 June 2018


on 01 November 2018

< Ka-pi96 posted something on Ultrashroomz's wall:

Persona 5 dancing? Why am I not surprised?

Is it good though?

I actually prefer Persona 3 Dancing a little more.

That one has remixes and variety, while P5D just reuses a lot of old themes from the old game, and remixes the same themes like three times.

The commus are nice though, currently watching all of Futaba's.

on 01 June 2018

IIRC you are a Futaba fanboy, so that makes sense
Didn't P3 and 5 dancing release at the same time, and you got them both already? :O

on 01 June 2018

Ye, I preordered them from PlayAsia, my copy came in a couple days ago.

on 01 June 2018

Triple pack? Does that mean P4 dancing is included too?

on 01 June 2018

Yep, it's a digital copy though, and because I already own P4D on the Vita, I didn't play it yet.

on 01 June 2018

huh, that's pretty cool. And a whole lot of dancing that you're gonna be doing for awhile I guess

on 01 June 2018

Yep, still gotta watch every character's commu, and that's only one step towards getting the plats. xD

on 01 June 2018

You're going to plat all 3 of them? Now that's some commitment!

on 01 June 2018

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