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< Ultrashroomz updated his status:

Somebody went Persona crazy!

on 14 June 2018

Still need to get Persona, Persona 2: Innocent Sin & Persona 2: Eternal Punishment for PS1, Persona for PC, Persona 3 & Persona 4 for PS2, Persona 3 Portable for PSP, Persona 4 Arena & Persona 5 for PS3, Persona 4 Arena & Persona 4 Arena Ultimax for 360, along with Persona 3 & Persona 5 Dancing for PSV.

on 23 June 2018

Fuck, also Innocent Sin and Eternal Punishment for PSP!

on 23 June 2018

And Persona =P So I guess you're still 16 games away from having them all Also might as well get the predecessor, Shin Megami Tensei If...for SFC and PS1 (also possibly the PC, not sure if it got a physical release though!)

on 23 June 2018

< Ka-pi96 posted something on Ultrashroomz's wall:

Persona 5 dancing? Why am I not surprised?

Is it good though?

I actually prefer Persona 3 Dancing a little more.

That one has remixes and variety, while P5D just reuses a lot of old themes from the old game, and remixes the same themes like three times.

The commus are nice though, currently watching all of Futaba's.

on 01 June 2018

IIRC you are a Futaba fanboy, so that makes sense
Didn't P3 and 5 dancing release at the same time, and you got them both already? :O

on 01 June 2018

Ye, I preordered them from PlayAsia, my copy came in a couple days ago.

on 01 June 2018

Triple pack? Does that mean P4 dancing is included too?

on 01 June 2018

Yep, it's a digital copy though, and because I already own P4D on the Vita, I didn't play it yet.

on 01 June 2018

huh, that's pretty cool. And a whole lot of dancing that you're gonna be doing for awhile I guess

on 01 June 2018

Yep, still gotta watch every character's commu, and that's only one step towards getting the plats. xD

on 01 June 2018

You're going to plat all 3 of them? Now that's some commitment!

on 01 June 2018

< Finale posted something on Ultrashroomz's wall:

A good looking aerisu-chan


on 15 May 2018

< Bristow9091 posted something on Ultrashroomz's wall:

Akira Kurusu or Ren Amamiya? I went with Akira because it was the first name that popped up when I searched, but apparently Ren is canon? If that's true I might have to restart despite being six hours in, my OCD can't take that shit, lol.

Ren Amamiya is his name in the anime and Dancing Star Night, so that’s what I consider canon.

on 07 May 2018

Did you go with either of them or use a different name? Why does Persona have different names for their characters based on the media lol, P3 protagonist will always be Minato to me, lol

on 07 May 2018

I used Akira, cause that was the only name at the time.

Both Minato and Akira are from the manga, but in the anime adaptations and the dancing games, they call them Makoto and Ren instead.


on 07 May 2018

Meh oh well, I let my OCD get the best of me and I restarted the game as Ren, lol... it's fine though, got back to the exact same spot in just over two hours and saved over my other file, good job there's a fastforward feature lol :P Only "problem" now is my playtime is gonna' be four hours shorter, but that's not REALLY a problem now, is it :P

on 07 May 2018

< Bristow9091 posted something on Ultrashroomz's wall:

I hope you're happy now!

*evil laugh*

on 05 May 2018

You're such a dick :P

on 05 May 2018

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FAMITSU "Most Wanted" 9-16-18

in Latest Charts 7 hours ago

Hmm, guess Persona Q2 has peaked at this point....

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Best WiiU to NS Port/Remaster So Far?

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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate /s...

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Nintendo. Anti-Consumer.

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KLXVER said: So all of us are just supposed to go "lol That is funny" and move on? Well, you don't necessarily have to find it funny nor laugh, but moving on is probably a better option than getting worked up over someone who is just messing around and trying to get a reaction out of people.  (No offense to Alchy whatsoever.)...


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