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    < VGPolyglot posted something on Faelco's wall:

    So, how'd you say your Japanese has improved since arriving in Japan?

    It's pretty hard to say actually!

    At first I was progressing smoothly, without any issue. But we finished learning the basics months ago, and we started learning less used grammar and lots of kanjis and new words. But we're not really using the basics anymore, especially since we don't talk or write that much in class.

    So I slowly lost what we learned last year! I know it, I understand it, but it won't come out easily when I want to use it. Same thing for the kanjis, I can understand a lot more kanjis than I can write or even read properly (the right reading). So I got actually less confident in my Japanese ability...

    So in the next few weeks and months, I will first of all study again all the old material to fix it in my brain, and then I'll have a good enough level to start reading mangas or easy books, or even maybe playing games. But it's clearly by doing this that I'll become good, because right now when we show to Japanese friends the grammar we're studying they tell us "Why are you learning that? Nobody uses that anymore!". Very encouraging :D

    3 days ago

    < Dr.Vita posted something on Faelco's wall:

    Wait your avatar is from the anime Erased, isn't it? :D

    < VGPolyglot posted something on Faelco's wall:

    So, are you still in Japan? How's it been?

    Still in Japan and still alive! But lazy and unproductive when I'm at home so really long to answer to anything (and I just got internet recently).

    It's not really easy because I have too much stuff to do (school, work, a bit of social activities on the weekends...). But everything is going pretty well, school isn't really hard and I'm progressing slowly, I got my JLPT N4 easily and will try the N3 in December. My part time job is exhausting (night job) but I'm pretty good at it so far and am even frequently put in charge of other foreign part-timers.

    And I'm starting slowly to make friends outside of school, even if it's still really hard to make real Japanese friends. I don't speak well enough yet to have interesting conversations after all. But I'll get there.

    I almost didn't play video games since I got here :( I didn't even finish P5 yet, and Danganronpa V3 is coming soon... I have to play more!

    I'll try to go to TGS and then I'll have one week of vacation, I hope to progress a bit at that time!

    on 10 September 2017

    Ah, I see!! Sounds very busy!! I just started another year of school myself, and I'm actually taking French and Japanese!! It's good that you're making new friends, and I hope that your Japanese progresses smoothly!

    on 10 September 2017

    < Ka-pi96 posted something on Faelco's wall:

    So, you've been here a week now, how you finding it?

    And how'd that test go?

    I just started the classes today! I didn't study much for the test after all, but it went better than expected and I am in the best class for the new students ^^.

    I'm slowly getting used to the life here, I'm starting to know the area and I should be able to speak quite a bit of Japanese again pretty soon. It's harder for some of my roommates because they don't speak Japanese and don't know the country at all.

    Now I need to find a part-time job to pay for everything, and to get used to a finalized schedule. It will take a bit more time for everything to be going smoothly!

    And we should get the optical fiber soon, I'll be able to play Persona 5 with remote play then :D

    on 17 April 2017

    Congrats on doing well on the test then!

    As for getting to know the area, don't forget to find some good food places to eat at too. Good that you'll have plenty of opportunity to speak Japanese too. As for your roommates, are any of them French too?

    Good luck finding a part time job. Don't know what you're looking for but I often see job adverts for foreign students in conbini so that's something I guess?

    So no PS4 then? At least if you'll soon be able to remote play Persona then that will take care of that :)

    on 17 April 2017

    No French people but a Belgian one, so we can speak French together. We're already testing all the cheap restaurants and the different combini foods of the area ^^.

    I do have a potential job offer for a combini in Tokyo, I'm not sure yet if I'll take it because it's pretty far from where I live (1 hour by train). I should have news about this one in the next few days.

    No PS4, but a lot of games to play on Vita and several Neptunia games on PC. With the remote play and hundreds of Gb of series on my hard drive, I have more than enough to keep me entertained when I have time :D

    on 18 April 2017

    Well at least someone that speaks French anyways :P

    An hour train ride? Wut? That'really far away, especially for a part time job. Hope you can find something closer to you soon!

    on 18 April 2017

    < Ka-pi96 posted something on Faelco's wall:

    So, when's the move taking place?

    I will leave France on saturday and arrive in Japan sunday in the evening! I'll spend the night at the airport and then go to my school and apartment the next day. If everything goes as planned of course ^^

    on 04 April 2017

    Oh nice, that really is soon!

    on 04 April 2017

    Almost too soon! It doesn't even feel real yet, and I have too much to do in the next few days ^^

    on 04 April 2017

    heh, I know how you feel!
    Should feel pretty real once you get here though :)
    When do you start school anyways?

    on 04 April 2017

    I'm supposed to have a test next week to know my level of Japanese, and the classes will start in 2 weeks. It will be weird at first to study again...

    on 05 April 2017

    Good luck with the test! Have you studied for it at all?

    on 05 April 2017

    A bit... I have to study a lot in the next few days. I knew quite a bit of Japanese years ago and forgot it, so I took my old books and am trying to remember everything for the test. Worst case scenario, I fail the test and will be in a low-level class, nothing awful either :)

    on 05 April 2017

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    PS4 Pro God of War Limited Edition looks ugly af

    in Sony Discussion 2 hours ago

    V-r0cK said: I didn't really like the design initially but many says that when you play the game you'll understand and appreciate the design more, so im keeping an open mind about the design. Yes, the design is very clearly the axe of Kratos. ...

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    PS4 Pro God of War Limited Edition looks ugly af

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    I have it and I think that it looks great, even if I wasn't convinced before with the pictures. Maybe it looks better in reality. But I don't know what you mean with "the box art is beautiful"... This one is so much better for me: ...

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    How many of you guys buy duplicate games?

    in Gaming Discussion 1 day ago

    I try not to do it a lot, but I have 2 versions of Steins;Gate (Vita and PS4) and 3 versions of Steins;Gate 0 (Vita EN, Vita JP, PS4 JP). And a few Neptunia games that I got on Vita and bought on sales for Steam too....


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