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PwerlvlAmy Got a review of Earth Defense Force Iron Rain coming soon.
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< PwerlvlAmy updated her status:

Got a review of Earth Defense Force Iron Rain coming soon.

< AbbathTheGrim posted something on PwerlvlAmy's wall:

So is it offensive to be an Atheist in VGChartz and to point out the fact that there is zero evidence for the existence of the alleged being called god and to point out the fact that Easter has a pagan origin?

Is it offensive to point out and talk about history?

Are Atheist forced now in VGChartz to shut up and entertain the idea of a "god" because pointing out, in any thread or discussion here, that the idea of a god is completely divorced in any description of the testable or falsifiable contents of reality is found "offensive" by believers?

Attacking another religion and sparking controversy for the sake of just doing it is not civil discussion. Discrimination against religion of any form is counterproductive to forum civility

on 10 April 2019

What is the attack, mentioning history?

Are Atheist here forced to entertain the idea of a god?

on 10 April 2019

All members of the forum, including you,myself and everyone else must not make it out our mission to go out and attack anothers religion, regardless of stance on it. It's ok to disagree with a persons stance and disagree with their religion, just as long as it falls in line with a civil debate that doesn't involve the insulting of another.

on 10 April 2019

Where have I insulted someone?

The first picture points out the history of Easter and points out how it has a Pagan origin and not Christian.

The second picture points how foolish is to tie a bunny with the crucifixion, there is nothing in the bible that ties Jesus with a bunny laying eggs.

I want to know what is the official posture of VGChartz when it comes to how Atheist can express their world view when the world view is precisely to point out the nonexistence of the being god.

Are Atheist here forced to remain silent when someone mention the idea of a god and forced to entertain such idea because believers find it offensive?

on 10 April 2019

You can express your views by actually have a civil and coherent discussion with others regarding your views and their religion. What you did was merely most a picture and or meme with the sole purpose of not adding any constructive conversation, but merely as a bait to flame a specific religion. You know this. Being Atheist is completely fine, so please do not try to do the ''you want to silence atheists'' victim routine.

We just ask for a civil debate where you express your views as an atheist and provide a conversation that leads to more substance rather than a drive by hit and run post thats intended to antagonize. Simple.

on 10 April 2019

How can I not single out Christianity in this case when we are talking about Easter in that thread?

I need to know what is offensive about what I posted. The pictures I posted said nothing about Christians beyond saying that any Christian that doesn't recognize the pagan origin of the holiday is mistaken.

Is it offensive to say that there is no god?

I hope you understand that I need to be clear about what is offensive in those pictures otherwise I cannot be certain of what you find offensive and thus may repeat it again.

As an Atheist I must have the freedom (as believers do to claim their god exists) to point out that there is zero evidence for the existence of a god. If you say I can be an Atheist here in VGChartz then how can I say: "There is no god" without getting a warning, because that is precisely what happened here.

on 10 April 2019

I have explained to you in detail why you have received your warning for the comment and the ways you can properly rectify it in the future. You choose to think were are trying to stifle your speech as an Atheist, an accusation that has no merit and that is not true. We only want civil discourse and proper forum stability so a health conversation can be had. Both sides, God believing and Atheists can have discussions with each other without hostility.

Proper discussion is the key to understanding another view point. You do not believe in God or the existence of what Christians and God believing people do, there is nothing wrong with this stance, but try properly explaining it to someone about why you dont believe in it, why you think it may not be how it is without the need for aggression.

If this hasn't gotten through to you then I do not know what will at this point. All we can ask is that you try to work on it the next time and hope proper discussion and debate in a civil manner occurs going forward. Thank you

on 10 April 2019

Then the warning should have been about me posting pictures instead of writing words.

I wrote down the contents of those pictures, I explained what those pictures were about. I was thinking that given that we have a seeming shared goal here between the both of us, you as a moderator and me as an user, to understand what is offensive here so that I won't repeat this, you would clarify.

Those pictures I posted and that are the argument for my warning say:

1) Easter has a pagan origin. Is this offensive? Is history offensive?

2) Christians who deny the pagan origin are mistaken. Is this what is offensive and deserving of a warning? To point out that someone or a group is mistaken?

3) The second picture depicts the absurdity of tying Jesus and the crucifixion to a bunny laying eggs. Is it offensive to point out the absurdity of this relation of a bunny laying eggs with the crucifixion when even in the bible there is no bunny at all in the story, even as a symbolism, in a thread about Easter?

Perhaps you will help clarify what is offensive about those pictures. I tried to dissect them and tried to provide you with that list so that I can understand what is offensive.

Or perhaps there will be a correction and the warning won't be about "degrading another religion" because if pointing out historical facts and saying "The idea of a god has no basis in reality" is offensive, then I don't know how an Atheist can express himself here in a discussion about the idea of a god and religion without getting a warning for being offensive towards a religion.

I would understand the warning if I had written or posted something that I definitely didn't, like saying "Christians are stupid." or "I hate Chrstians" or something along those lines, but I definitely didn't write any of those things and the pictures certainly don't convey that message.

on 10 April 2019

< PwerlvlAmy updated her status:

Got a review of Ghost Giant on PSVR coming this week. Been looking forward to this one

< PwerlvlAmy updated her status:

Godzilla collection growing! All Jakks figures for 2019 movie accounted for. Now S.H. Monster Arts, NECA and Art Spirits remain!

< CGI-Quality posted something on PwerlvlAmy's wall:

Lovin' the avvy!


on 28 March 2019

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Write 27

Capcom teasing "RESIDENT EVIL 3"

in Gaming Discussion 4 days ago

melbye said: A little early isn't, unless they are actually further along than we ever expected Its outsourced to another studio. Capcom themselves aren't directly working on it like they did with RE 2....

Write 23

CAPCOM announces their plug n play thingy: Alien Vs Predator, Cyberbots, and multiple versions of Street Fighter 2 included.

in Gaming Discussion 5 days ago

I don't see how this is a good deal at all...

Write 320

PS5 Confirmed Backward Compatibility

in Sony Discussion 5 days ago

Hell ya. That allows me to move PS4 aside and use PS5 for my ps4 needs for back log and other stuff I need to catch up on. Can just do my ps4/ps5 gaming on one machine. That's awesome. Sign me up...


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