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    Soooo did the Xbox One X succeed?

    in Gaming Discussion on 25 December 2017

    drkohler said: Guitarguy said: Given that the console has been out over a month now and it has been beating the PS4 Pro in pretty much every comparison (not unexpected but still a huge benefit) Congrats, great way to start a flamewar. Now, to rain into your parade, here are a few numbers (from an apparently trustworthy resetera source). The X sold 430k in November in NA...

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    Rise of the Tomb Raider is a Masterpiece!

    in Gaming Discussion on 30 December 2015

    I will get it. I know its awesome. But the release as we all know was awful. I have to get through Fallout 4 before I get to it...imagine all the other gamers who brought Battlefront, COD and AC Syndicate as well. Its gonna take time to get to it, but it will have my (albeit cut-price by then) monies eventually....

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    The Force Awakens Box Office Thread: $1,73B

    in Movies Discussion on 27 December 2015

    With the Avatar sequels finally in pre-production, do you think they'l retake the box office throne if The Force Awakens steals it? ...

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    The Force Awakens sucks! *MAJOR SPOILERS*

    in Movies Discussion on 27 December 2015

    Dude! You havn't a clue. You're complaining like all the other fools about things because THEY HAV'NT BEEN EXPLAINED! Its a trilogy, complain after the 2nd movie if the answers you want havn't been explained or addressed. Until then, trust in what they have planned. A true starwars fan would...and they are. Ps. Ren is the best thing about it. An actual human character, who isn't fully formed....

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    Until dawn surpassed my expectations.

    in Gaming Discussion on 15 December 2015

    Even in my later playthroughs just to find out all the options I still find it really hard to pick a dialogue option or action that isn't what i would do in real life! It feels like im betraying myself, haha. And I can't, for the life of me, keep the black guy alive! I don't know if its written in the game to do the whole,'black guy dies first' routine, but he keeps dying! haha I love that about...

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    Until dawn surpassed my expectations.

    in Gaming Discussion on 14 December 2015

    wait till they sort out a system to make the story more open, this genre will take off then. I've played about 5 different endings so far, love it. The game reminds me of Alan Wake in a way, with the slow but steady sales and that I really want a sequel so I'm always trying to convince more people to buy it! Cause once they do, they love it....

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    Star Wars Battlefront Beta Discussion Thread [Rate the beta]

    in Gaming Discussion on 10 October 2015

    I havn't enjoyed it at all. Reminded me more of Cod than Battlefield. Just running around, no cover, no thought. Enjoyed the R6 Siege beta loads more. Will go for that this xmas.....

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    Most awesome anime fighting moments

    in Movies Discussion on 03 July 2015

    https://youtu.be/Fb_7ccEwMpc Naruto v pain other than that, any Evangelion battle, or fight scene from Tekkonkinkreet. ...

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    VGChartz has not updated ONCE in the month of June

    in Website Topics on 30 June 2015

    Maybe they've decided to include digital sales finally! And are busy at work behind the scenes updating all the numbers! Haha......

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    CDPR could lose its 2014 net income for posting sales numbers of Witcher 3

    in Gaming Discussion on 14 June 2015

    AbbathTheGrim said: darkneal said:At least someone is publishing sales numbers *cough* vgchartz *cough* You know I always thought that VGStaffers have a blacklist of "special" users and I bet you just made it there. lol Congratulations. Ah, i'll take one for the team. 2 months without updating their 'weekly' chart numbers is pretty lazy by anyones standards...even...

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    CDPR could lose its 2014 net income for posting sales numbers of Witcher 3

    in Gaming Discussion on 14 June 2015

    At least someone is publishing sales numbers *cough* vgchartz *cough*...

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    PS4 hits 17m, XB1 hits 10m and WiiU hits 8m - all in the same week!

    in Gaming Discussion on 31 December 2014

    Well done Xbox and Nintendo for staying in the hunt!...

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    Destiny GOTY (12 Awards; Nominated to BAFTA Best Game)

    in Gaming Discussion on 30 December 2014

    Yeh man, i read a couple of those. I think the general consensus between players and media is it was good to be fair, but not the be all and end all which we hoped it would be. Wasn't my cup of tea but i'm glad some people found it fun....

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    OK, I faced it: WiiU can't sell over 15M

    in Sales Discussion on 27 December 2014

    There's a lot of goodwill towards Nintendo and gamers want them to do well, so best not to count the Wii U out yet...but they really need decent 3rd party support. The best games are always new versions of the same ol' suspects....a price drop is obviously a good idea as well....

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    VGChartz has PS4 and XBO neck and neck in UK... pretty sure they're not (More info needed)

    in Sales Discussion on 27 December 2014

    Local store? Dude, c'mon. And if Xbox isn't even listed in a top 100 at Xmas(!) then its not exactly a trustworthy list. I imagine PS4 is winning but not by the margins its been used to...at least worldwide. Obviously in the US the One is selling more than the PS4 week after week since black friday....

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    What did you get for the Holidays?

    in Gaming Discussion on 25 December 2014

    Lagwagon, Birthday Massacre and Far Cry 4 for the One!...

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    Most impressive next gen game yet.

    in Gaming Discussion on 26 October 2014

    Was disappointed with mgsv graphically. At least on xbox one. That early footage that was released looked much better. But that was from the full game so still have hope for that. So far, i've been most impressed with Dead Rising 3 tbh..although certain area's in Watch Dogs were stunning too....

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    Sunset Overdrive X1 Bundle sold out on Amazon.com (US)

    in Gaming Discussion on 23 October 2014

    A lot of my friends want this game. A few are finally getting an xbox one because of it. I think it'l do well......

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    Is this Gen of Consoles just WEAK?

    in Gaming Discussion on 22 October 2014

    Its just not as big a leap as we'd hoped. Can't see how this gen will last anywhere near as long as last gen. A really smart competitor would do well to release a console thats as powerful as they should be......

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    The Division Technical Director: DirectX 12 Will Improve Performance & Visuals Of Xbox One/PC Games

    in Gaming Discussion on 19 September 2014

    If the division looks anything like the shot shown above it'l be the 1st next gen to deliver that level of realism. Looking at the eventual failures of Watch Dogs et all, i'd be very very surprised if it manages it. Of course, i hope theydo......

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