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    New Black Ops III Teaser Trailer "Ember"

    in Gaming Discussion on 23 April 2015


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    Bring back the tiered pricing and Multiple HDD

    in Sony Discussion on 13 March 2015

    no keep it at 500 gb only. less variation equals less manufacturing costs and distribution costs. those who want more than 500gb can install there own hard drive. really the ps4 should of came with 1 tb standard though. i have bf4 and a few free ps plus games and i only have 100gb left....

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    is it safe to say that VGC tracking is now totally irrelevant?

    in Sales Discussion on 23 February 2015

    I like new numbers frequently. I don't care if they are wrong, undertracked or over tracked. It's fun see 1 week the ps4 sells 300k and the x1 sells 200k, and then suddenly the next week the x1 does the same. Then everyone starts saying x1 is desperate, Sony need to step up etc. I find that fun. But that's just me. ...

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    FIFA Ballon d'Or 2014

    in Sports Discussion on 12 January 2015


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    Does this site really need a revamp?

    in Website Topics on 09 January 2015

    i like it the way it is, mobile site isn't even that needed because you just need to open all the links in a new tab. i wish they updated the sales numbers more frequently....

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    why i dont like GTA. Size of a game isnt an issue anymore, freetime is.

    in Gaming Discussion on 27 December 2014

    Yes I agree with you. When I was a kid I could spend hours on san andreas killing the police, but now I find that boring....

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    Trey Leader Finally Buys A PS4 And Gives Review "Dominates XB1"

    in Gaming Discussion on 08 November 2014

    wow el presador unsubbed to him when he got annoying a couple of months ago...

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    What will you do when this industry dies?

    in Gaming Discussion on 16 May 2014

    Smoke weed because it'll be cheap and legal by the time gaming dies. ...

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    Which Will Sell More? Destiny or Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare?

    in Gaming Discussion on 02 May 2014

    I don't know why people are so hyped about the new cod. All of the cod reveal trailers are good, and pretty much exactly like this. They all have cool explosions and good graphics. The only difference is that this has a celebrity in it. Cod will sell more because it's cod. I probably buy cod over destiny because I don't like the way destiny is an mmo type game. ...

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    PS4 estimated to sell 17 million & XB1 10 million by the end of 2014

    in Gaming Discussion on 28 April 2014

    I really do not see the xbox one breaking 10 million by the end of this year. Even if you don't know anything about the consoles and you are retarded, everyone knows that the ps4 is more powerful and is simply better. A local shop near me had a grand re opening and ps4s were for €300 and xbones were for €400. NOBODY wanted a xbone. When the discounted stock finished everyone was...

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    BOOO!!! Veknoid locked my thread =(

    in Gaming Discussion on 23 April 2015

    Pathetic "teaser" to say the least. I will be buying this game 2nd hand....

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    Why Isaiah 29:12 Is Not A Prophecy of Muhammad

    in Politics Discussion on 10 November 2014

    what you said makes no sense at all....

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