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    < Alex_The_Hedgehog posted something on BraLoD's wall:

    Aquele vídeo do Fallout 76 sendo "desmascarado" foi tirado do ar por "violaçăo de direitos autorais". LOL

    Ainda bem que ja assisti ele 3x kkk.

    7 hours ago

    < Darashiva posted something on BraLoD's wall:

    Currently writing the LoD article. Not sure when its going to be coming out yet, but shouldn't be very far off now.

    My eyes can't wait to read it!

    on 01 November 2018

    I'll let you know when It's going up.

    on 01 November 2018

    < BraLoD updated his status:


    I wanted FFT.

    on 29 October 2018

    FFT would be decent, but LoD is first party, it costs them a total of zero dollars to put in there and turn it on full profit.
    Sony gets to the point of absurdity to ignore the existence of their best game ever.

    on 29 October 2018

    < Ka-pi96 posted something on BraLoD's wall:

    You know you love it really!

    It's cool and all, it even has a sombrero, but it's a stone evolution, and those have no space on my parties!
    *hides Arcanine*
    Honestly it's just not my favorite for either Grass or Water.

    on 21 October 2018

    < estebxx posted something on BraLoD's wall:

    Victor my friend how are you? we dont talk too much lately (i guess we both have busy lives now), you playing any games as of late?.

    I ended up buying the statue in the end and all i have to say is

    I also completely stopped playing The Witcher 3 since i wasnt having fun at all (despite how impressive it is) and it was taking me FOREVER to get anything done in the game and that plus knowing how overly long the game is (plus the expansions) meant i was looking at perhaps 6+ months of just playing this game... (that i wasnt even enjoying...)

    Funny how i can find a game like Disgaea more fun than The Witcher 3 despite the former being less technically and graphically impressive not to mention the story and lore of the witcher is also more developed...

    But i just wasnt having fun in the moment to moment gameplay in TW3 so... i had to stop.

    Hey Esteban!
    Yeah, working my ass off, how it's going for you?
    I have almost dropped here until I got a New 2DS, did I ever tell you that?
    I was playing 3D Dot Game Heroes and boy it was good, I was decided to not platinum it to be able to play more games but after finishing it I decided to do it, was going for it and I TV basically died on me.
    I don't know if it's worth to fix it or to buy a new screen capable of 4K to be prepared for the PS5...
    But I will wait for November/December deals to decide on it, so until then no PlayStation for me.
    So I've been playing my New 2DS, Pokemon Y, and I have been enjoying it. But it has been really easy, I guess I should have expected that tho...
    Talking about it, the New 2DS feels pretty nice, it looks nice, it gives me access to DS and 3DS library and its helping game a bit more during the week as I expected as I'm so tired I just don't want to get really invested on any game until the weekend.
    But I'd really forgotten my ol' GBA days and how boring it is to have to keep constantly charging the thing to play it, battery is definitely still a big miss with handhelds.

    Nice to know you got it, has it already shipped? Anyway you will get the good side of the stick out of it, keep enjoying a well made product you wanted or sell it and profit, eithet way you win, lol.

    Yeah, Witcher looks gorgeus but boring, I can't really get myself excited to go and get it...
    As I once told bananaking, one time I had a great opportunity to get it for a very good price and I still didn't bother to buy it and just bought nothing, lol.

    And Disgaea is pure fun, it has been my favorite franchise for about 15 years now... yeah.
    Disgaea may be no juggernaut to topple God of War or Horizon, but it's still remarkably up there with the best games every gen.

    Sorry for the long reply, lol.

    on 25 September 2018

    Yeah i have never been so busy in my life until now, not only am i working hard but im also going to the Gym right after and at the same time im learning Japanese... so yeah i dont even have time for games right now.

    You didnt told me about that, its cool to know that you have an alternative to console gaming, when it comes to handheld gaming i just play on my phone just Fate GO but thats because i love the franchise (hence the statue i bought) and because its actually a really great game.

    If i was you i would save money for a 4k TV, unless its cheap to fix your old TV.

    I preordered the Statue (they only make a limited amount) and it releases in May 2019 so i still have like 10 or 9 months before they ship it, (im not in a hurry so it isnt a problem), i dont really plan on selling it but its cool to know that if i ever did i can get a lot of money in return (due to the rarity of this sort of item plus the absurd popularity of the character).

    Also dont be sorry for the long reply (i like those plus it was necessary since we havent talk in a long time), if anything im sorry for the late reply, (i have been really busy and had my mind in other places).

    on 28 September 2018

    Getting in shape, huh? Pretty cool!
    So its still a long wait for it... dammit.
    I decided on buying a 4K TV, there is one for a decent price going on sale right now, just need my payment to come wednesday to go and order it! PlayStation will be back sooner than expected, lol, and I'll be ready for the PS5 too!

    Anyway, did you see the news about the PS Classic mini console? I'm actually concerned Sony might not put LoD on it... seriously.
    Which 20 games would you like to see there (even as 5 are already confirmed)

    on 28 September 2018

    I was never fat or anything close to that, if anything i used to be somewhat skinny when i was a kid, but after that i just didnt had any muscle, but now... yeah im in really good shape :D

    Good decision on the 4k TV.

    As for the PS Classic i would like to see the following games:

    Silent Hill
    Resident Evil 2
    Resident Evil 3
    Crash Bandicoot 3 Warped
    Syphon Filter 2
    Bloody Roar 2
    Medievil 2
    Breath of Fire 4
    Ape Escape 2

    on 29 September 2018

    Ape Escape is pretty much ruled out as it dosn't come with Dualshocks, isn't it?
    I don't know why they just don't tell us the full list already, damn teasers, lol.

    So you are doing gym to build muscle not lose weight, I see, well that's good news too.
    Just don't start breaking controllers now will ya, lol.

    on 30 September 2018

    < estebxx posted something on BraLoD's wall:

    For the first time in my life im seriously considering buying a certain type of product that i used to think was a waste of money.

    Im talking about statues and this is the especific one i want to buy

    Its made by Alter, probably the highest quality company when it comes to this sort of stuff, (or at least thats what ive seen and i have seen a lot).

    Now here is the thing... its rather expensive (as you would imagine), and the reason for that (aside from the obvious quality) is that its a limited product they only make them by preorder and they only sell a couple hundred or so, (which i imagine is the reason why i have seen people re selling them on amazon from 1 thousand up to 3 thousand dollars).

    So how expensive? well... 257 dollars so basically a PS4 which yeah its just crazy... but i guess ive gone completely nuts because im seriously considering buying it, (god i want it so much!!).

    Anyway i have up to the 26 of september to preorder or thats it, so i guess i will have to see how crazy i am in the next 3 weeks or so.

    Also how you doing? what games are you playing?

    Will that money hurt you? Are you prepared to trade other stuff you would use that money for to get it? Do you think it's worth it?
    It's hard to have an opinion on how people should spend their own earned money, but if you think it's worth it and you'll regret it later, why not?
    I share your previous opinion, it's a waste of money, based on what other things I could get/do with that kind of money, but that's just me, I don't know if I would think that way if it was LoD related tho, for example.
    I'll give you that it looks great and seems high quality, and as it's limited you can always get back a lot of the money you invested on it later on if you want to pass it foward to anothet fan (as long as you keep it in good shape, maybe you can even get more money on it if you keep it sealed for years).
    Anyway, I hope you make the decision that balances out your needs and you are happy with it.
    I've been there, always wanting to buy all the games and systems, lol.

    on 21 August 2018

    Great feedback.

    It actually doenst hurt me since i have a gaming budget and thats the one im gonna use for it, which means that buying this statue simply implies that i wont be buying any new games at least until november, so its not really that big of a deal since i already own more games that i can play (heck i havent finish the witcher 3 yet... in fact im thinking of dropping it and starting Trails of Cold Steel 2 or maybe i might even play the first one again before moving to the sequel).

    And you are very correct on the resale argument, ive seen this statues being resold on amazon at 3 times their original price, heck i once saw one at 3000 dollars.

    on 22 August 2018

    Well if there is nothing you want more than it until december and it does not affect your budget/ssvings... go for it!
    It sure will look good with your gaming collection, and if you are ever tired of it or needing money you'll likely find someone else to pass it to for some good buck.

    on 23 August 2018

    < Fei-Hung posted something on BraLoD's wall:

    Pervy Sensei, where are you these days?!

    Oh hey!
    Working my ass off, lol, I've basically not been posting here the last whole year to be honest.
    Ever since I switched jobs I kinda stopped coming here and people gradually stopped talking and caring about me, mostly, well, that's how things go.
    Have been using my spare time to work on my PS3 backlog so aside of God of War I've only been on my PS3, currently playing 3D Dot Game Heroes, a zelda like game that has been wonderful up until now (it's a From Software game).
    What about you? How have you been? What about Princess MiuMiu? Hope all is going well.

    on 19 August 2018

    Moved house, settled in, sent the wife on a holiday, finished GOW, started playing Nioh co-op to help a friend, finished Old Hunters DLC, finished Andromeda, about to finish Origins and getting Shenmue collection tomorrow. I can't believe I was 18 when I first played Shenmue 1.

    Princess MiuMiu is good. I'll send you some pictures on psn. She loves the new garden and goes to harass other cats. She thinks everything she can see belongs to her. A few days ago I had to go into the garden at 1am cuz she was hissing and screaming at a kitten a few doors down. Calmly tell her to stop and relax and to come home have some tuna. People must think we are crazy lol

    on 20 August 2018

    Seems like you have been really busy.
    And seems like MiuMiu got too.used to humans, as my cat did as well, she doesn't want any interaction with other cats whatsoever, lol.

    on 21 August 2018

    She has got used to being a spoilt princess lol everything belongs to her and other than me, every human is her slave. My wife is convinced MiuMiu thinks I'm her partner lol

    on 22 August 2018

    Well that's good for you hahaha

    on 23 August 2018

    < estebxx posted something on BraLoD's wall:

    Rooting for you guys right now

    Such bad luck.
    Cup got too boring now.

    on 06 July 2018

    Yeah, i dont even know who to root for now...

    on 06 July 2018

    < estebxx posted something on BraLoD's wall:

    Im thinking about playing Disgaea 2 on PC since the complete edition has DLC that the "Dark Hero Days" doesnt have.

    But at the same time i feel more at home wiht a DS4, and yeah i get it that there are ways to get the DS4 to work with PC but doing so is a headache (i know from experience...).

    However you do, you are in for a treat.

    on 03 July 2018

    < estebxx posted something on BraLoD's wall:


    I beated Disgaea 5 a couple of days ago and there is sooo much i want to say about it that im thinking of just sendind it through a PM because this format on the wall is just too small and there is a "couple" of pictures i want to use.

    And that was just about the base game of Disgaea 5, because you see i waited to beat the game before i used all the DLC characters from the previous games and now that i have unlocked almost all of them, i have SOO much more to say!, about characters i didnt knew (mostly from Disgaea 3) and about how the Overload system has affected dramatically some of these characters.

    So i just wanna warn you that one of this days you are gonna get a BIG BOOK as a PM with a lot of Disgaea in it (LOL).

    And before i finish this i want to say that i was looking forward to finally playing with Rozalin (who is a character i have always liked), since i love her character design, the fact that she is a vampire and what little i saw of her personality in the DLC chapter was pretty charming as well.

    Not to mention she is (gameplay wise) one of the best characters in the game, her Overload combined with her unique evilities makes her one of the highest damage dealers in the game, not to mention she has more unique skills than the vast majority of characters in the game, (even more than the Disgaea 5 characters except for Killia who has the same amount).

    BUT just after i unlocked her i saw her in the Pocket Netherworld and i decided to talk to her and read all her dialogues... and she straight ups says something about her overload that goes somewhat like this:

    "About my Overload... no, its better if we dont talk about it"

    Which obviously peaked my interest and THANKFULLY i was looking at some reviews of the DLC characters and the guy doing the review of Rozalin says something along the lines of

    "I hope you have played Disgaea 2 because BIG SPOILERS..."

    and thats when i looked away and stopped reading... well holy fuck now i have to go and play Disgae 2 before enjoying the post game of Disgae 5.

    Disgaea 2 is dope, play it asap.
    Make sure to get the worst ending while you are at it.
    Rozalin and Adell are quite different from the other Disgaea chars, also both are really stylish.

    on 02 July 2018

    I didnt even knew there were different endings lol, i dont know how you get each but i will learn as i play.

    Good to know though since now im gonna rotate my saves more and keep a lot of them in order to get the different endings.

    And i did notice that Rozalin and Adell arent nearly as crazy and over the top as Mao, Laharl or Valvatorez, i guess all the craziness in that game concentrated itself and went into Axel.

    on 02 July 2018

    All Disgaea games have multiple endings depending on what you let/make happen during the story.
    Don't worry about saves, you can pick up another playthrough as soon as you reach an ending and all your stuff (including levels and reincarnations) will keep the same as when you finished, you just need to play back to meet and get your main chars back.
    Disgaea 2 is also particular on that front, because of the Fellony system, which I won't explain so you can get to know by playing the game, it's only on Disgaea 2.
    Play the game for the normal/good ending without looking at anything, then get back and play it again doing the necessary to get the worst ending, looking at a guide if you may, no rush though, play it normally the first time.

    on 03 July 2018

    < Alex_The_Hedgehog posted something on BraLoD's wall:

    Vazaram imagens do Call of Duty: Bahia

    BR eh BR mesmo kkkk

    on 01 July 2018

    < BraLoD updated his status:

    suffering from extreme LoDing disorder

    < BraLoD updated his status:

    Samurai Generation

    < BraLoD updated his status:

    LoD is upon us

    Try again.

    on 11 June 2018

    The dream will never die.

    on 11 June 2018

    < estebxx posted something on BraLoD's wall:

    God i love Disgaea... i was really depressed yesterday until i decided to start D5 and the music, characters, humore and just the overall tone lift me up from that depressed mood.

    However i realized something and i must make a decision so i come here for your advice, you see the thing is i have no problem really in playing the games out of order (i already played 4 before the previous 3), however i have all the DLC of 5 which includes literally all the protagonist and a lot of the important characters of previous entries, and i really wanna use them (after all i paid for all of it), but i also realize that part of the fun in a Disgaea game (at least for me) is unlocking all the abilities and special attacks of your characters.

    So essentially if i use all of those characters (which i very much WANT to use) i will kill that part of the fun from the previous games so... the question is this:

    Should i go back and play all the preivous games? or should i just say FUCK IT and play D5 and get my fun now?.

    You see going back makes sense but the turth is that by the time i get to D5 again im gonna be very tired and burned out on the series, after all we are talking about beating 3 (or 4) big ass JRPGs (SRPGs to be precise), so... i dont know what to do.

    In fact to be honest i will be burned out by the time i beat Disgaea 2...

    on 05 June 2018

    I usually cry when first playing a new Disgaea for the first time or even after some time, I love these fuckers so damn much. I quite often listen to the games musics and watch the intros again. Can't stop smiling. And you need Flonne in your life all you can get.

    For your question, beat the games without doing the side content.
    You should definitely play all of them, they are pure joy. There is no reason to skip any.
    If you try to play all in a row, well, without doing the post game you should clock 200 hours or so (you can let DD2 for later tho) you decide if that's enough to let you burned or not, all I know is that it'll be worth it.

    I'm smiling just writing about it.

    on 05 June 2018

    Guess who is going to listen a lot of disgaea tracks right now? lol

    on 05 June 2018

    I fucking love the theme that plays while you are on the base in D5, its just godly it gets you in a state of happiness that i cant even describe its just perfect.

    Also so to make it clear you recommed me to play the games in order and let D5 for later, right?.

    on 05 June 2018

    A quick search on How Long to Beat told me this:

    Disgaea Afternoon of Darkness - 42 hours
    Disgaea 2 Dark Hero Days - 36 hours

    those are the ones i care about playing the most before 5, since D2 is the same cast (except for female laharl) and i dont own 3 (will play it later).

    So in total it would be 78 hours before playing D5 which honestly its fine, considering i have played a several RPGs for well over 200 hours each (examples would be Tales of Graces F - 250 hours, Persona 5 370 hours, Tales of Berseria - 200+ hours and the list goes on).

    One thing did pick my curiousity and its the fact that D5 is listed to have a 38.5 hour main story (PS4) while the Switch version (the complete version) says its 58 hours... however i have the complete version as well on PS4 (all the DLC... ALL OF IT) so i imagine that the PS4 version listed in How long to beat is just the standard, because mine should be by all means no different than the Switch version (in terms of content) resolution wise im pretty sure its better XD.

    on 05 June 2018

    Are you playing the portable ones?
    What about Disgaea 3? DD2 is a sequel to D1, it has more then female Laharl, and you can ride monsters, but it's not as good as the other games, story wise.
    Disgaea usually takes around 50 hours, to me, to beat the main game for the first time, but I play games way slower than most people say they do, I definitely do all I can before moving one, tho, so maybe 40 hours each for you?
    You don't need to play them in order, but it would be easier. If you plan to complete all them you should definitely play them in order, tho.

    on 05 June 2018

    I dont own Disgaea 3 so i will play it later, and i will definitely play D5 before DD2 (i have no problem with that).

    on 05 June 2018

    < BraLoD updated his status:

    LoD days

    < BraLoD updated his status:


    < estebxx posted something on BraLoD's wall:

    I was reminded today of why i dont go into comment sections of news articles...

    There was this one conversation on Gematsu where someone replied to a user, asking him why his name was a spoiler to a recently released game and my instant reaction was looking at the name, and yes you already know what game it was... however!, i was not spoiled because the moment i read the first word (which was a name) i immidiately looked away, i did managed to see the first letter of the next word (not the whole word) but even if i can figure out what word it is there was still about 4 or 5 more words in that name so im not really spoiled at all.

    I've been avoiding all I can.
    A friend of mine decided to watch it on youtube on the day it released (so dumb, told him he should have gotten a PS4, he'll probably get it real soon, should not have done that) and I made it clear to him I wanted no kind of spoilers, but we both want to talk about it so.we talk about anything else than chars and story xD

    on 03 May 2018

    < estebxx posted something on BraLoD's wall:

    There is this thing thats happening to me with GOW that has happened with perhaps a couple of other games, and i wanna know if maybe you have gone through something similar or if its just me being crazy as always.

    You see as any regular person i cant just play games all day, i have other things to do (responsabilities obviously) and there is only so much time i can give a game per day, and thats about 4 to 5 hours which is fine (no complaints there) but... with this overly long story focused games (like Persona 5 or GOW), it comes to a point (when im nearing the ending) that i have NO IDEA how much of the game is left.

    And the problem with such a thing is that i dont want to get to a point when im literally just at the end of the game, (say another hour to beat it) and i really cant keep playing, meaning that i would have to STOP right at the climax of the game, and that SUCKS.

    And thats the problem with this games, you never know how much is left and sometimes what you think is the final boss turns out to be just another boss, and the real final boss is way past that, and then it happens again and that boss also isnt the final boss (like Persona 5).

    And i really hate that because if you stop there it destroys the momentum and emotion the game has build up, and going back to it the next day (to play the last 40 minutes or so) is not the same and it doesnt feel as rewarding or fulfilling.

    Im gonna use an embarrasing analogy but its perfect for this...

    It would be like having amazing sex only to stop right at the climax and postponing the orgasm for the next day, and then 20 hours later having the fastest, shortest and most unfulfilling orgasm of your entire life...

    lol at that example.
    Anyway, for one part it's a good thing, being unsure of how much is left is a good sign that the game has not being that much predictable.
    It has happened to me sometimes, I even stayed playing way longer than I should thinking I was to finish the game and didn't.
    It does not overly frustates me, because I make sure to get back to it asap and it's still very fresh in my memory, doesn't matter much if is only the last boss that was missing, as long as I can get back to it right in the next day. I still get the same satisfaction.
    Sure, being able to string a good sequence to finish the game is great, but it was still great between that day and the next.
    Just can't keep delaying it too much.

    on 02 May 2018

    If I may. That's really not on the game. Not a fault/problem of the game.

    on 02 May 2018

    Im not saying its the fault of the game just that it frustrates me when it happens.

    on 02 May 2018

    Frustrates you that the game keeps on giving?

    That's kinda strange.

    on 02 May 2018

    Read his post again hynad.
    He means that not having enough time to beat a game when you think it's the end but it's not and you have to keep playing more to actually finish it and you just don't have time.
    It's not a problem of the game, it's a problem we have when growing up, we have time schedules and sometimes not being able to finish a game with the time we have and having to delay a climax frustates him, that's it.

    on 02 May 2018

    BraLoD's explanation is perfect.

    Im not complaining about the games, just saying that it sucks i dont have enough time to play them and enjoy them as i used to in the past.

    So to be clear im only complaining about my time schedules (not being able to play as much as i did before)

    on 02 May 2018

    < BraLoD updated his status:


    And then we get a system update... *sigh*

    on 27 April 2018

    There are 7 updates lol.

    on 02 May 2018

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