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    John Kodera: PS4 Is Entering The Final Stages Of Its Life-Cycle.

    in Sony Discussion on 22 May 2018

    I'm Gucci with a release in 2020 so as long they keep tlou in PS4  ...

    Write 40

    God of War (PS4) Sales Predictions

    in Sales Discussion on 02 May 2018

    3,5 m FW, over 10 lifetime...

    Write 79

    Should I continue Bloodborne? And why?

    in Sony Discussion on 28 April 2018

    Same happened to me, more or less. I completed it and didn't felt the impact at first as to why people were regarding it as even better game than the Dark Souls franchise. Then I let it gain dust for about 2 years. The day it came on the Plus I told myself I should at least try and get the platinum now that will be packed with noobs I might get interested again. And so I kept playing with the...

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    Is PSP3/Vita 2 actually a thing?

    in Sony Discussion on 19 September 2017

    Nice would be a ps4 portable....

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    Be Honest: Why Do You Think Switch is a Sales Success Right Now?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 18 September 2017

    The concept on a high(er) end portable than the 3ds that will have must play games that were until now limited by older hardware. Also the games that came out are many (something the wiiu lacked) and compared to wiiu is more affordable/has more value with that same money because it's also a hybrid console. And JAPAN...

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    The utter lack of western media's reporting on Burmese Genocide is appalling...

    in Politics Discussion on 06 September 2017

    I wonder what their relationship with Christian is also like. On wikipedia it says the percentage is higher but I don't see any attack reports on them. So it makes me think they either have special hatred towards muslims or (some) muslims in fact do things that made them retaliate. But it is sad hearing that many innocents have to die just because of the few that presumably make terrorist...

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    Would you agree on a pre-emptive strike against North Korea?

    in Politics Discussion on 04 September 2017

    Communism needs to die. Islam too User was moderated for this post -Super_Boom...

    Write 183

    Nintendo was never doomed

    in Nintendo Discussion on 26 August 2017

    It surely looked doomed to me back in the WiiU days. They sort of learned with their mistakes, but I wouldn't take Switch's early success for granted just yet. Keep playing wisely every year and try to earase the bad reputation that the wiiu left....

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    Do you ever wish the console wars were closer?

    in Gaming Discussion on 23 August 2017

    I like my Sony at the top. Doesn't mean I want the rest to fail, but when Sony is on top there's a chance for diversity in gaming that isn't possible when the others were the top selling at some point....

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    CNN Producer: Russia Narrative "mostly bulls--t right now", is manufactured for ratings

    in Politics Discussion on 27 June 2017

    Hey Soundwave what do you have to say about this :^)...

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    PlayStation profit $1.2 Billion, highest since 1998

    in Gaming Discussion on 29 April 2017

    Just magnific. ...

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    PS4 worldwide shipments top 60 million

    in Sales Discussion on 28 April 2017

    Only because the competition f**ed up, imagine if the competition didn't f**ed up?...

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    Sony going third party is an excellent idea for gamers.

    in Gaming Discussion on 18 April 2017

    Why on Earth, the most successful videogame company on Earth would go 3rd party???...

    Write 105

    Did Sony make a mistake by be first to release an upgraded console.

    in Sony Discussion on 09 April 2017

    When you have the first party powerhouse that PS4 has, it doesn't matter anymore. In no way or shape can MS do anything that can hurt PS at this point, unless Sony messes up badly. Only depends on Sony's mistakes at this point....

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    Playstation Vita has been dead for years. It hurts me too, but it's a fact. Let's move on.

    in Sony Discussion on 09 April 2017

    Not dead in Japan. But sure, dead every where else (from a hardware sales perpective)....

    Write 118

    Atlus Threatens To Go After People Who Stream Too Far Into Persona 5

    in Sony Discussion on 05 April 2017

    This practice can be harmful for companies, since it's a single player that if a person watches enough can lose interest in buying it later. I would never watch a stream of a single player because of spoilers....

    Write 45

    Is Trump serving Americans or corporate America?

    in Politics Discussion on 04 April 2017

    Go Trump, ILU...

    Write 163

    History of your username?

    in Website Topics on 01 April 2017

    Fluky from fluke. Nintendy from Nintendo. I'm so original....

    Write 11

    "Destiny's online servers will be shut down during Destiny 2's release" says Destiny's director James McQuillan.

    in Gaming Discussion on 01 April 2017

    d21lewis said: I can't believe anything I read today. Sorry. ...

    Write 42

    It's a sad day - I have lost 5 years/300GB of my PS3 game installs and saves :'(

    in Gaming Discussion on 30 March 2017

    Same happened to me. But you'll get over it I promise. After it happening to me, I started uploading save data to the ps+ cloud (yes, I had the thing but never used up until the hd broke)....

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