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    Ka-pi96 Shit, just realised I'm gonna be in Tokyo during the Olympics. It's gonna be so so so busy :-(
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    Sonic-themed Obstacle Course for Hamsters

    in Gaming Discussion on 25 January 2020

    That video's so blurry :-( But that hamster's so cute! :-) ...

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    TemTem, New Pokemon Killer?

    in PC Discussion on 23 January 2020

    Why would GameFreak etc. respond? I mean, Yokai Watch came out and was massively popular, Pokemon didn't need to respond to continue to thrive. Digimon made a come back (and IMO produced a game that was better than any Pokemon game has been or probably will ever be) and again they didn't need to do anything to respond. ...

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    Ever wonder what are your most popular posts? I can tell you!

    in Gaming Discussion on 21 January 2020

    Go for it! Although I think I only have 1 post with a decent number of likes. ----------------- Result ---------------------- 10 likes - http://gamrconnect.vgchartz.com/post.php?id=9087683 7 likes - http://gamrconnect.vgchartz.com/post.php?id=8800843 6 likes - http://gamrconnect.vgchartz.com/post.php?id=8886915 ...

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    New PS4's ad : The Best Place to Play (2020)

    in Sony Discussion on 21 January 2020

    Robert_Downey_Jr. said: Ka-pi96 said: So what you meant was "in my subjective opinion"? Yeah, I thought as much. For the industry itself it's definitely not the biggest game of the year though. Plus I can practically guarantee you that more people have bought a PS4 for FIFA or COD than will buy one for the FF7 remake. More PS4 players have those titles.  Did they...

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    New PS4's ad : The Best Place to Play (2020)

    in Sony Discussion on 21 January 2020

    JRPGfan said: Ka-pi96 said: By what metric, exactly? Because I'd be willing to bet that it'll be smaller in terms of sales than FIFA 21 and this years COD game (those 2 probably beat it on PS4 by itself, let alone all versions combined). I kind of expect TLOU2 to outsell it as well. When I said biggest I ment = budget, quality, graphics, Story, expectations, wow-factor...

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    New PS4's ad : The Best Place to Play (2020)

    in Sony Discussion on 21 January 2020

    JRPGfan said: super_etecoon said: The best place to play is everywhere, with the Nintendo Switch. So odd for them to have a tag line that perfectly plays into Nintendo's message. Except everywhere, doesnt have Final Fantasy 7 Remake. Only one place has it.  Its likely the "biggest" game that will release in 2020.Cyberpunk is gonna be another big one, which again you cant...

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    New PS4's ad : The Best Place to Play (2020)

    in Sony Discussion on 21 January 2020

    PS5 isn't even out yet and Sony are already dissing it? Ouch! "PS4 is a better place to play games than PS5" from Sony themselves :-D ...

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    If all PlayStation/Xbox games were on PC day 1, would you still buy a console?

    in Gaming Discussion on 16 January 2020

    Definitely. A. Consoles are just more fun. The UI looks better and the control schemes are generally better (controllers are simply more fun to use than mouse/keyboard). B. The games are cheaper. Not too long ago I strolled into Book-Off and bought a Dynasty Warriors game for Ľ108. I'm pretty sure I've never seen anything that cheap on PC before. Sure, PC is typically cheaper for "new"...

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    Global Hardware 11 January 2020

    in Latest Charts on 15 January 2020

    So... if removing the Vita from the front page is something only ioi can do, does that mean adding PS5/Xbox something to the front page when they release will be a problem too? ...

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    Nintendo Plannes Life Sized Video Games at Universal Studios Japan

    in Nintendo Discussion on 14 January 2020

    Sounds fun, if I end up in Osaka at some point I'll have to check it out. ...

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    When will the switch outsell the ps4?

    in Sales Discussion on 13 January 2020

    S.Peelman said: Ljink96 said: Well, sure. However, in this case because of my thoughts and the results of the poll I believe the users who responded made the right decision.  Everybody just guesses something. That more people guess the same thing doesn't mean that that particular thing is actually going to happen. This far in advance both outcomes have as much of a...

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    Project Luminous: The Future of Star Wars, details leaked

    in Movies Discussion on 06 January 2020

    What's with all the dumb "project xxx" names? It sounds really bad anyway. Sounds like they just wanna rip off marvel movies. And they may be big budget, popular, money makers but they're generic as fuck! So if that's what they want to turn Star Wars into... well it's a good thing that Disney enjoy money because there certainly aren't going to be any good movies to enjoy. ...

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    UK video game sales drop for the first time since 2012

    in Sales Discussion on 04 January 2020

    So the sales in the year prior to the beginning of the 9th gen are the worst since the year prior to the beginning of the 8th gen? Seems logical, I mean why would you expect anything else? ...

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    Nintendo Switch accomplishes the sweep in the USA in 2019

    in Sales Discussion on 04 January 2020

    EricHiggin said: Soundwave said: No. If Switch had to go head to head against a younger PS4, there's no way it would be able to outsell it for 12 months straight.  Not to mention if there was a PS4 handheld that was being counted towards PS4 sales. Combining two separate markets isn't exactly fair if everyone else is pulling from just one market. Yeah, the...

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    Netflix's The Witcher surpasses Disney's The Mandalorian according to 3rd party tracking firm

    in Movies Discussion on 31 December 2019

    shikamaru317 said: Ljink96 said: Cough, Pokemon, Cough. Pokemon is first in terms of revenue, but I would be surprised if more people on the planet know what Pokemon is compared to how many know what Star Wars is. There's barely anyone in the US that hasn't watched at least one Star Wars movie, and based on the foreign box office I'm sure that many hundreds of millions...

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    Netflix's The Witcher surpasses Disney's The Mandalorian according to 3rd party tracking firm

    in Movies Discussion on 31 December 2019

    That's not really at all surprising. A show with a much bigger potential audience doing better than a show with a fairly limited potential audience seems pretty normal. ...

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    Games that were too good for their own good.

    in Gaming Discussion on 29 December 2019

    Landale_Star said: Farsala said: Dynasty Warriors 3. It was the peak too early, all they had to do was keep making more just like it with slight improvements and they tried with DW4 and DW5. But then they actively made it worse with each entry, with the pit being DW6. It has been a slight incline ever since, but they still have yet to come even close to the peak again. I...

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    Football Thread 19/20 Doods kicked a ball (probably)

    in Sports Discussion on 27 December 2019

    Player2 said: So Rayo Vallecano will be fined 18k euros and its stadium partially closed for 2 matches after the Rayo-Albacete incidents a few weeks ago, when the match have to be stopped due to chants from Rayo fans calling Albacete's player Roman Zozulia a nazi. This was the first time a La Liga match is stopped due to something like this. So, homophobe or racist chants are ok,...

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    The entire internet is dead.

    in General Discussion on 27 December 2019

    Just become a football fan then. 'tis one of the busiest times of the year for football! Plenty of content there to occupy your time. ...

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    How much weight did you lose/gained this year?

    in General Discussion on 26 December 2019

    About 20kg. From about 80kg down to 60kg. ...

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