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< Kerotan posted something on's wall:

You know you can now change your username. You just need to message the mods. I actually think it makes you a very unique user on this site so I hope you don't lol.

Anyway came to ask if civ revolution on ps3 is any good? I can get it on pc if its really bad so just let me know what you think.

Man, you make me happy. Putting our less than stellar conversations aside to come chat. Civ rev on PS3 is a good start but a lot more basic than civ on pc. On pc 3, 4 and 5 are good. All different but all worth a shot. I liked civ revolution in its own way! More cartoony, less complex. Worth $15 easily.

on 12 March 2015

And I will look into taking the gmail off my name. I'm a dork for setting it up that way to begin with :p

on 12 March 2015

Oh and civ 2 is wonderful but in 2015 it might be a bit rough to start with it.

on 12 March 2015

I'm out of the rts loop since age of mythology and it's expansions. I've always wanted to try an rts on consoles to see if it's any good. Might get it but I might just wait and see if any good ones come out over the next year or so. And yeah I don't hold grudges despite my abrasive way of posting as some people like to describe it haha.

on 12 March 2015

It's all good. Very important to realize that Civ Rev is turn based though. So technically it's not RTS. For RTS nothing beats the likes of C&C Red Alert on Ps1 (should be available for download onto the ps3?)
If you end up disliking civ rev for some reasons, I would still try civ on the PC if the reasons line up i.e.

on 13 March 2015

< Barkley posted something on's wall:

You must get so much spam using your email as your username.

Actually I get very little. This email is only used for online writing purposes. It was a terrible idea and I never thought I would log back in, but here be are.

on 02 February 2015

< XanderXT posted something on's wall:

Why do you have an email as your name>

Because, when I joined I didn't bother to make up a username as I didn't think I would be back and/or I thought I would be able to change it when I did come back.

on 06 November 2014

< Nintentacle posted something on's wall:

What's your avatar from?

Civilization 3 scenario

on 10 August 2014

It's Ireland

on 10 August 2014

< Conegamer posted something on's wall:

Hey, please keep the quote trees down. No more than 3 at most.

I'm new enough. Sorry, I honestly didn't know :)

on 06 June 2014

No problem, so long as you know now! :)

on 06 June 2014

I do indeed. I will just reply instead of quote from now on. First thread, and I'm just happy to be helping people to have healthy conversations about the industry instead of hate filled rants :)

on 06 June 2014

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Could Zelda's delay help other Wii U games sales?

in Nintendo Discussion 3 hours ago

Nah,   they need...   1. U Animals crossing (animals U cross?) 2. Fire emblem U 3. Transfer of all virtual console games from wii to Wii U. 4. F zero 5. Civilization console version exclusive to wii u with amazing touch screen controls....dear god!    but instead they will release the New Wii U with Zelda U as the launch title. It will be more powerful and it will...

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Why are people hoping that publishers make Third-Party games on Wii U?

in Nintendo Discussion 10 hours ago

Because the awesome games they get on the Wii U aren't enough? They want an all in one, catch everything machine. It could just be lack of $ and that they don't want to buy a second console or PC....

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Splatoon - How would other companies market it?

in Gaming Discussion 2 days ago

the_dengle said: Other companies wouldn't make it. But EA seems to have done alright with Garden Warfare, so maybe them? Then again that was based on an established IP, so they didn't really have to do any heavy lifting. I mean Sony or Microsoft would probably do okay. The Nerf idea is a good one, but why not Super Soaker? It's a summer game coming out in May. A Super Soaker...


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