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< Conegamer posted something on's wall:

Hey, please keep the quote trees down. No more than 3 at most.

I'm new enough. Sorry, I honestly didn't know :)

on 06 June 2014

No problem, so long as you know now! :)

on 06 June 2014

I do indeed. I will just reply instead of quote from now on. First thread, and I'm just happy to be helping people to have healthy conversations about the industry instead of hate filled rants :)

on 06 June 2014

< Squeezol posted something on's wall:

How come you ended up having your email address as your username? I'm not saying Squeezol is much better though.

I came here once to make a comment, used my spam email address and wahlah, I can't change it :P It's the email I use for nonsense anyway like when I write an article online or something so it's no big deal

on 05 June 2014

< updated his status:

Work! Work? Work! Work?

< updated his status:

I was just moderated for being Patronizing? Pondering my future at this bullying forum.

if you have an issue with moderation there are ways to go about it, you can message the mod who gave you the moderation. here I'll link you it from the forum rules because you haven't read them " If you have a problem with a moderator, send that moderator a private message, and if you are still dissatisfied, send a private message to axumblade, the Lead Moderator. If you are banned and cannot login, email with your issue and you will get a response from the Lead Moderator. Do not post these issues in the forums, outside of moderator-sanctioned threads, or on the moderator’s wall - doing so may result in moderation action against you.

There is 16 rules for this site the last one is that if you are moderated not to complain about it everywhere, there are ways to do that, also as someone with a post count under 100 the moderation team are going to be harsher with you when you mess up because they need to let new users know that aggressive or patronizing comments are not acceptable on this forum from the get go, if you think it's bullying to say "don't be patronizing to others" then you have slightly more issues than a moderation on here.

on 20 May 2014

They say they didn't ban me and it was a warning. A warning still indicates wrongdoing on my part. If they want to ban me for freedom of expression within their rules, that would be fine. Another member asked a mathematical question and I answered it sincerely. He found my remake to be condescending and went off on a tangent using swear words.

Regarding the rule against "complaining", I am not complaining, so no worries. I am simply stating a fact.

on 20 May 2014

< sethnintendo posted something on's wall:

Civ3 pic in avatar? Played that game like crazy... Civfanatics user made mods help extend that game's playtime.

Oddly enough though I haven't messed around with any user made mods with Civ5 on Steam.

on 25 April 2014

My current pc can't play civ 5 :/ But I'm having a blast with civ 4 and 3. Classics :)

on 25 April 2014

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Wii U purchasing Intent has increased by 50% after E3.

in Gaming Discussion 1 day ago

JWeinCom said:Hopefully this translates to actual sales down the line. Post E3 translates quite well into the ratio of sales figures for the last 2 weeks....

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Non AAA exclusive games I want on the Wii U.

in Nintendo Discussion 3 days ago

Nintendo shoudl buy oddworld games and add Abe to their roster. He is very different to any of their other characters and would fit in well....

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And people claim there's no Wii/Wii U confusion any more...

in Nintendo Discussion on 20 June 2014

Slarvax said: Justinian, you're not understanding. My point is, people are stupid because they can't tell the difference between Wii-WiiU (therefor, nobody buys it). But they can tell the difference between iPhone 5 and 5S (which there's not a big enough difference), and they keep buying one as fast as a new version releases. Using a number i.e 5 or ps2  is a much better...


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