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    Predict When will Ps4 Outsell Wii

    in Gaming Discussion 17 minutes ago by CGI-Quality

    estebxx said: SuperBott said: x360 is still above ps3: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_best-selling_game_consoles LOL reading this comment and clicking the link and seeing the info updated and showing PS3 above 360 by over 3 million is actually hilarious. Considering who posted that, it gets even funnier. ;) ...

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    Global Hardware 3 August 2019

    in Latest Charts 9 hours ago by MasonADC

    curl-6 said: MasonADC said: Don’t forget links awakening  I don't think that's really a system seller, and it'll be impossible to tell anyway as it comes out the same day as the Lite. I’m predicting 5 million units sold, and it’s a Zelda game. It is big  ...

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    Ps4 @100mill shipped!

    in Sony Discussion 1 day ago by JRPGfan

    John2290 said: I was just about to make a tread betting who would reavh 100m first, Pewdiepie or Sony. Sony, always winning. Pewd actually did reach 100m too right? (which btw is insane) ...

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    Next Generation Benchmark Report Card Thread

    in Gaming Discussion on 08 August 2019 by CGI-Quality

    One of my last game-ready characters, using next gen assets, I'll submit before the new consoles launch! ...

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    CGI's Class Of 2019 ~ Best Graphics & Tech

    in Gaming Discussion on 03 August 2019 by COKTOE

    Revisiting this thread makes me realize I pretty much have to play RE2. Very Impressive. I'm pretty far behind with the console tech monsters. Just finished Horizon Zero Dawn/The Frozen Wilds on the PS4 Pro. Before that, the 2 graphics biggies I played were Ratchet And Clank and Uncharted 4. I'll even toss in inFamous Second Son and Driveclub. But man, the looks of RE2.....Curious to see how it...

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    PS4 Beats Wii and PS2, Fastest Console To 100 Million

    in Sales Discussion on 01 August 2019 by zorg1000

    DonFerrari said: zorg1000 said: Are you aware that NES did not release anywhere but Japan for the first 2+ years? And the problem? Well that says all I need to hear. ...

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    Days Gone Opencritic 72 Metacritic 72

    in Sony Discussion on 23 July 2019 by Cerebralbore101

    John2290 said: I deleted this out of convenience over not moving files to my HDDs. I regret it so much, I miss it even though I've platinumed it, played the first half twice and done post story content. What I'd do to start a new game if only it wasn't near 70 gigs now and stormy weather outside. Pity. This is part of why I buy physical. Just downloading a game from GoG can take...

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    Prediction: PS4 Spider-Man will outsell best selling Batman game - Arkham City

    in Sony Discussion on 21 July 2019 by Zoombael

    kazuyamishima said: A lot of people underestimate the power of Spider-Man, possible the most profitable character in the marvel universe.I think this game has a real chance to pass the 20 million mark. It sold 8.6 millions by November 25th 2018. ... ...

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    PS5 Coming at the End of 2020 According to Analyst: High-Spec Hardware for Under $500

    in Sony Discussion on 03 July 2019 by Nate4Drake

    [b]PS5 Uses AMD New Hybrid Ray Tracing Technology ![/b] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YBrviW9wFe8 ...

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    Official Playstation Vita Thread! The Last Stand - Ys VIII, Mary Skelter, Yomawari Midnight Shadows, Persona 3&5 Dancing, Atelier Lidy & Soeur, DanganRonpa V3, Demon Gaze II & MORE!

    in Sony Discussion on 27 June 2019 by DemoniOtaku

    Kresnik said: DemoniOtaku said: Damn, been so long since I visited here... thanks for keeping it alive, kresnik! lots of thing happening for Vita this year, most of them not that good, but glad to have formed part of this community. I´m loving Vita despite not having one right now, but if everythings is ok for end of year, will try to clear some of the my backlog list,...

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    PS5: Leaked Design And Technology [RUMOUR]

    in Sony Discussion on 26 June 2019 by TallSilhouette

    ^ Hope it's true. I'd be happy with that level of power. ...

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    Sekiro: Shadow die twice, holds strong at 90 on Opencritic based on 111 reviewers. GotY?

    in Gaming Discussion on 23 June 2019 by Cerebralbore101

    Chrkeller said: I found the game incredibly cheap, from the perspective of how hard the enemies hit in comparison to how hard our character hits. Seven Spears, in a single hit, can take 90% of my HP. Meanwhile if I get a hit in, it takes 1% of his HP. That is why I view the game as cheap as they come. The difficulty doesn't come in enemy design, it comes simply from being under powered....

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    Rumour: Sony's PS5 is definitely more powerful than Microsoft Project Scarlett

    in Sony Discussion on 19 June 2019 by Pemalite

    fordy said: Though I wasn't talking about feature sets like MMX or 3DNow. Even if Intel and AMD both make x86/x64 processors, the way they meet the instruction set requirements can be achieved using vastly different methods. Some use direct hardware, and the level of complexity determines how many clock cycles a result can be returned. Intel themselves have been using Microcode from a...

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    Death Stranding Releasing November 8th - New Trailer Just Streamed

    in Sony Discussion on 17 June 2019 by KazumaKiryu

    the next trailer on the tokyo games show in september, i think :) but its Day 1, no trailer for me in future :D ...

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    What's Naughty Dog been doing this whole console generation?

    in Gaming Discussion on 16 June 2019 by Ganoncrotch

    Between the remaster of TLOU 2 that launched with the PS4, the amazing Uncharted 4 and the great value and gaming collection that was the nathan drake collection on what has been the greatest selling console from the last 2 generations this is what they've been doing.... ...

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    Official Xbox E3 2019 Thread

    in Microsoft Discussion on 11 June 2019 by CGI-Quality


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    Unpopular Gaming Opinions

    in Gaming Discussion on 10 June 2019 by Amnesia

    Well, you asked for it... Secret of Mana remake and Castelvania 64 (both) are actually good games. Pokemon is shit, Sword and Shield will sell more than 25 million even if it is technically a scandal in 2019. The boss of Pokemon, the one we see at the start of the trailer, is so sure about his power and success whatever he does, that he could even show in a reveal trailer his own shit (yes,...

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    Half of IGN Readers Want a Next-Gen Console From SONY The Most

    in Gaming Discussion on 07 June 2019 by DonFerrari

    sethnintendo said: RolStoppable said: The poll question might as well have been who the IGN readership's favorite console manufacturer is. The results would hardly change. Was thinking the same thing.  IGN has been dominated by Sony fans since PS1 days to my knowledge. As have been the sales of consoles. ...

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    Yakuza Developer: "PS5 Has The Best Graphics Ever"

    in Sony Discussion on 06 June 2019 by HollyGamer

    Bisa said: Can't wait to play Minecraft on this monster. i doubt even PS5 can run minecraft at 8k, ultra HD and real life texture with ultra setting on pthat tracing at 120 fps.  ...

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    First look at PS5 vs PS4 Pro performance test

    in Sony Discussion on 28 May 2019 by Pemalite

    vivster said: Pemalite said: Plus a cache drive can also be used for other storage devices like USB Flash Drives and Hard Drives.It does mean it is very algorithm dependent, but I would assume Sony and Microsoft have the appropriate data points to see how people generally use their devices anyway and gear the caching algorithm to those use cases. We just don't have enough...

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