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    < spurgeonryan posted something on crissindahouse's wall:

    Oh my god I have not seen you in forever!

    Hey Ryan ;-) I'm still reading some threads but don't really post much anymore except for the Republic of Xbox thread where I write something from time to time. I'm also pretty much a PC only gamer since two years or so so that I lost a lot of interest in all the console discussions.

    Hope you are fine :-)

    on 23 March 2016

    < Versus_Evil posted something on crissindahouse's wall:

    Thanks for accepting :)

    no problem my friend

    on 21 March 2016

    < XanderXT posted something on crissindahouse's wall:

    So who are you rooting for?

    Blue team

    on 21 September 2015

    So Agent Locke?

    on 22 September 2015

    Chief is Blue Team, Locke is Fireteam Osiris ;-)

    on 22 September 2015

    I don't know. I'm not really briefed on anything Halo 5.

    on 22 September 2015

    < AbbathTheGrim posted something on crissindahouse's wall:

    When I saw that scene in the cell I was like: "Get out of that cell and into my life!"

    haha yeah, she took my heart instantly just with her nice character ;-)

    on 14 June 2015

    Nice character... sure, I know what you mean. I just hope we get more chances in the future of watching her working with spears... if you know what I mean.

    on 14 June 2015

    well, what she said and how she did it is representing her character and I liked that a lot ;-)

    on 14 June 2015

    < Zappykins posted something on crissindahouse's wall:

    Thanks for the friend add. Here is something refreshing and tasty Hawiian Shaved Ice!

    looks like it will freeze my eyes while eating :)

    on 04 April 2015

    Maybe try a spoon or straw then? I've never seen anyone eat with their eyes. (Those Shaved Ices are SO GOOD though.)

    on 04 April 2015

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    Write 52

    Kid falls in gorilla pit- gorilla is shot to death

    in General Discussion 19 minutes ago

    No clue why she has to mention god? Does she believe god told the gorilla to do nothing or what exactly? If that would be the case then with all of her logic she didn't have to be scared nor would "the authorities" need to shoot the gorilla but I'm sure she was very happy about that when they did it. ...

    Write 60

    Nintendo NX; Sony Playstation NEO, Microsoft XBOX ONE 2! Chose your favourite (poll)

    in Gaming Discussion 4 hours ago

    I know nothing about them but from the supposed stats from Neo and Scorpio I would say that I am much more interested in Scorpio as Neo. I mean, nothing against Neo but the jump from XBO to Scorpio seems much bigger as from PS4 to Neo. Neo will maybe bring 30fps to 60fps and stuff like that but yeah, a better XBO or whatever it is, is just more needed as a better PS4 atm. You will experience a...

    Write 198

    PC master race! Are you impressed by Uncharted 4's graphics?

    in Gaming Discussion 7 hours ago

    It's really a question at how you look at it. If you are as example a PC gamer who thinks 1080p is already not enough or that 30fps isn't acceptable even in singleplayer then Uncharted 4 is maybe already not good enough for you. If you look at it as 1080p 30fps game without caring too much about a higher resolution, more frames, better anti-aliasing, motion blur (which some people hate) or some...


    Height: 0'0

    Build: Other

    Eye colour: Brown

    Hair colour: Brown

    Zodiac sign: Gemini

    Favourite Games: Halo, Bioshock, Secret of Mana, Zelda: OoT, 1080 Snowboarding, first Splinter Cell games, Soul Calibur for Dreamcast, The Elder Scrolls series, Star Wars KOTOR..........

    Favourite Music: i listen to every kind of music except some extreme things in the different genres.

    i love classical music and movie/game soundtracks

    Favourite Films: Rear Window, The Godfather, Mad Max, Braveheart, The Shawshank Redemption, Das Boot, Scarface, Aliens, Full Metal Jacket, The Lion King, Wall-E............................

    Favourite Books: don't read books. no clue why i just don't like it :((

    Favourite Food: Italian Pizza and my Mother's meatballs^^

    Hobbies: playing poker, clubbing, winter sports, videogames and listening to music hours over hours

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