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< Conegamer posted something on crissindahouse's wall:

Congrats on the 10k posts; and awesome profile pic

thx ;-) took me a while to reach 10k when I see how others guys reach that in a year or two ;-)

5 days ago

The Kapi's of this world? They're crazy.

And thanks for the add. You're an awesome user so keep it up.

5 days ago

< Ka-pi96 posted something on crissindahouse's wall:

Congrats on 10k posts

ooh thx, didn't see that^^

on 20 March 2015

< kinisking posted something on crissindahouse's wall:

Your profile picture is really awesome man :)

thank you! Have it for a pretty long time now (compared to the other ones I used before)

on 01 March 2015

Yeah i dont think i remember you with another profile picture :P dont ever change it lol. If you do though, im definitely stealing it!

on 01 March 2015

< iceland posted something on crissindahouse's wall:

you watch Halo esports? jw

Well, in the past when it was a bigger deal my Internet sucked too hard to really watch much but I watched many videos of matches on Youtube and I will start to watch much in the future since I finally have decent Internet^^

on 05 November 2014

oh okay, do you have a favorite player?

on 05 November 2014

Well, I just like to watch it since it's awesome to see the best competing with each other in my favourite gaming franchise and I like to see guys like Pistola playing but I don't really care who wins a tourney.

on 05 November 2014

it's more about the game and not the players for me. Pretty much like Snooker^^

on 05 November 2014

That's cool, Pistola is always fun to watch. I didn't really keep up with the scene back in the day but I watched a few MLG events here and there, towards the end of Reach I got into it. I watched every Halo tournament, as well as some of the old ones I've missed. Also scrims and streams. My favorites are probably Ola, 2GRE, NADED, Formal, and Snipedown. All very talented players.

I really hope MCC brings the community back to life.

on 05 November 2014

I agree, the game itself is just enjoyable to watch. It's nice seeing familiar faces and knowing a bit about the player, having favorite teams/players is just in good fun :)

Can't wait to see more MCC tournaments.

on 05 November 2014

< bananaking21 posted something on crissindahouse's wall:

dont be a bitch.

play farcry 3

Well I will but I waste too much time in Garry's Mod and CS:GO at the moment so no time for other games right now^^

on 14 October 2014

but... but... but... i used the word bitch :-(

on 14 October 2014

I only listen to biatch

on 14 October 2014

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in Gaming Discussion 12 hours ago

I get that he doesn't like the repetitive parts which can be annoying for some people (not for me, I like this since I like the feeling to get better and better in the same areas) but complaining that the game doesn't tell you which is the shortest way or to tell you where you have been makes me wonder what's going on with him. How is it hard to find a short way to the first boss and how is it...

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Xbox Empire - Forza Horizon 2 Fast 7 DLC Out - Cinder Teased in New Hisako Killer Instinct Trailer - Alan Wake Franchise Sold more than 4.5m Copies - Rare Dev "Microsoft Didn't kill rare. MIcrosoft

in Microsoft Discussion 14 hours ago

TheSting said:E3 should be great for MS. If they tap into this Minecraft fanbase hard that would be awesome for them. Minecraft themed Xbox and controller. More than 10,000 smh Minecraft Xbox One with Minecraft and every available content pre-intalled would be pretty cool. ...

Write 76182

Xbox Empire - Forza Horizon 2 Fast 7 DLC Out - Cinder Teased in New Hisako Killer Instinct Trailer - Alan Wake Franchise Sold more than 4.5m Copies - Rare Dev "Microsoft Didn't kill rare. MIcrosoft

in Microsoft Discussion 17 hours ago

NobleTeam360 said: So sad the so called "femenists" bullied Lionhead into taking this image down  That picture pretty much shows how woman look in Germany on as example the Oktoberfest and they love to look like this, they are proud about to wear this stuff (event the highest politicians wear that and push their tits out of it) Sometimes these feminists are bigger pricks...


Height: 0'0

Eye colour: Brown

Hair colour: Brown

Zodiac sign: Gemini

Favourite Games: Halo, Bioshock, Secret of Mana, Zelda: OoT, 1080 Snowboarding, first Splinter Cell games, Soul Calibur for Dreamcast, The Elder Scrolls series, Star Wars KOTOR..........

Favourite Music: i listen to every kind of music except some extreme things in the different genres.

i love classical music and movie/game soundtracks

Favourite Films: Rear Window, The Godfather, Mad Max, Braveheart, The Shawshank Redemption, Das Boot, Scarface, Aliens, Full Metal Jacket, The Lion King, Wall-E............................

Favourite Books: don't read books. no clue why i just don't like it :((

Favourite Food: Italian Pizza and my Mother's meatballs^^

Hobbies: playing poker, clubbing, winter sports, videogames and listening to music hours over hours

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