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< Kaizar posted something on Dadrik's wall:

Best Movies of 2014 Thread:

Trailers are in the 4th & 5th OP.

Please post your review and/or thoughts of "Edge of Tomorrow".

on 01 June 2014

< Nintentacle posted something on Dadrik's wall:

I'd definitely just get a Wii U.

You can play every NES, SNES, N64, GameCube, Wii, and possibility DS and GBA (4 Swords Doesn't Count) on it.

And if you don't have a 3DS, get that, since you can play Link's Awakening DX, the Oracle games, Ocarina of Time, and A Link Between Worlds on that.

I actually do have a 3DS, and I'm definitely considering to buy a WiiU ! :)

on 14 April 2014


on 14 April 2014

Definitely get Super Mario 3D World & Wind Waker HD.

Sonic Lost World is mixed, but I loved it. Maybe watch some footage to see if you think it looks cool if you haven't. I had to play it twice to form my final opinion on it.

on 14 April 2014

< Veknoid_Outcast posted something on Dadrik's wall:

Hey man, good luck with your adventure into Zelda :)

By the way, I have an official Zelda thread so you can always go there with questions or just to share your experiences with the games.

P.S. I'm a red-head too

Thanks ! That's nice of you !

I'll keep that in mind in case I need some help or if I have to scream out loud how much I love these games :P


on 14 April 2014

< Mr Khan posted something on Dadrik's wall:

Your signature was too large, so i downsized it.

< mjk45 posted something on Dadrik's wall:

in regards to your comment about the last of us might become ND's best seller , the target to beat is 7.5M and that was Crash 2 so it has a far way to go, also with PS4 it becomes even harder but who knows .

Crash 2 came out 17 years ago. The Last Of Us came out 6 months ago, and already reached 4 Million units (digital sales not included, probably around 500k).
And it still sells 40k to 100k a week.

It has a far way to go, but it's going pretty fast, so yes, I still believe it will be ND best selling game.

But seriously, it doesn't matter, even if it won't be their best selling game, it's still their most amazing game, and it will probably be remembered as such.

on 26 January 2014

as to "their most amazing game" I agree.

on 26 January 2014

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Write 59

Do You Select Male or Female Given The Choice?

in Gaming Discussion on 20 July 2014

I usually like to rp, so I chose man 90% of the time. But there has been a few exceptions. Femshep for example....

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Question: Do Playstations fans seriously think Xbox fans can take 1st?

in Gaming Discussion on 18 July 2014

K. - Moderated, Carl. When the mod note is longer than your post, you know you're doing it wrong....

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Mantle vs. DirectX Comparison on Starswarm: AMD @ Computex 2014

in PC Discussion on 05 July 2014

I don't know about you guys, but I don't trust this kind of videos. Of course AMD is going to promote Mantle. Let's just wait for more actual unbiaised comparisons....


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