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    < IFireflyl posted something on Legendary_W's wall:

    Hello! Thanks for the good conversation in the Xbox One Failure thread.

    No problem! I like the way you think and even though you're quite new you seem to be confident when discussing stuff. I think you have quite a lot of potential to become recognized within the forums. How long have you been a lurker?

    on 27 January 2015

    I have been a lurker for a while, but mostly just for checking game/platform sales for discussion among friends. I finally joined because I was bored (just being honest), and I'm glad I did. There are a couple of users that ruffle my feathers (so to speak), but I like the back and forth debates. I don't like closed-minded comments, although it pains me to admit that even I have them sometimes, lol.

    on 27 January 2015

    < Anfebious posted something on Legendary_W's wall:

    Se que no te gusta mucho el futbol pero pregunto... de que equipo sos?

    < Anfebious posted something on Legendary_W's wall:

    You like the world cup? Do you think we have chances? Because I honestly think this could be the year we win the cup, no kidding,

    Agreed. With some luck we might win. I'm not into football but since this happens once every 4 years I've been watching several matches. Argentina has been playing significantly better each match. Nigeria's goalkeeper was a total badass so I'd say those 3 goals were quite impressive TBH. But who knows, this has been a world cup with weird and unexpected results all the time. Maybe a country no one expects to win does.

    on 26 June 2014

    True, and if we want to advance we will probably have to face agains the netherlands... and they are really good. It's really unpredictable but let's hope we win, I don't want to die without seeing Argentina win a world cup!

    on 26 June 2014

    My only true fear is Germany, they've been kicking ass all along but hopefully they lose before we have to face them... Or even more hopefully we kick their asses and take some revenge from past World Cups!

    on 26 June 2014

    That's the spirit! :D

    on 26 June 2014

    Hables castellano manga de boludos!

    on 09 July 2014

    < Kaizar posted something on Legendary_W's wall:

    Please sign my Petition:


    < Kaizar posted something on Legendary_W's wall:

    Best Movies of 2014 Thread:


    Trailers are in the 4th & 5th OP.

    < Anfebious posted something on Legendary_W's wall:

    No se vos pero yo le re doy.

    Dat teeth

    on 21 March 2014

    Tene cuidado que si te hace un "masaje privado" te puede arrancar la chota! :(

    on 21 March 2014

    Jajajajajajaj. Es todo un plan para que le tengas que alquilar una postiza.

    on 21 March 2014


    on 21 March 2014

    < Nintentacle posted something on Legendary_W's wall:

    The ban reason

    "Spamming (I already gave a warning for these types of posts (http://gamrconnect.vgchartz.com/post.php?id=6095977) and you still go ahead an post a non-constructive "TLDR" post. So it looks like a spam moderation for you. @_@)"

    Ooh I've seen that thread! I was going to post but what I wrote didn't sound very convincing so I changed my mind. I actually agreed with the mod when I first saw that, though. The guy probably took a while getting that post ready and no one bothered actually answering the OP, so... Yeah, order had to be put.

    on 04 March 2014

    < Nintentacle posted something on Legendary_W's wall:

    I haven't seen you in a while...

    Same here. I've seen you got banned, but why?

    on 04 March 2014

    < Nintentacle posted something on Legendary_W's wall:

    Happy 104 post!

    < timbits10 posted something on Legendary_W's wall:

    yo bro u said u wanted to see this video here it is.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KlBEofKmjUs

    < Nintentacle posted something on Legendary_W's wall:

    POST MORE!!!!!


    on 14 February 2014


    on 14 February 2014

    < Fededx posted something on Legendary_W's wall:

    Listo para ver el Nintendo Direct? :P o no te interesa?

    A que hora es? Nunca pude ver uno porque nunca supe el horario.

    on 13 February 2014

    < Anfebious posted something on Legendary_W's wall:

    Otro Argentino en VG Chartz! Y aparte parece ser que sos bastante nuevo :P

    Te doy la bienvenida! :)

    Gracias, la realidad es que sigo la página desde hace muchos meses (Creo que Junio) pero decidí unirme en año nuevo.

    on 12 February 2014

    < equalrights posted something on Legendary_W's wall:

    u said my videos are bad well i am here to tell u there amazing this is my most acomplished vids...


    < Nintentacle posted something on Legendary_W's wall:

    How has your time on here been?

    Pretty nice.
    Moderators are pretty cool people from what I've seen so it feels good to be in a place where people in charge is actually respectable and friendly.
    People usually tends to reply politely most of the time, so that's a good thing. The only time I was let down on this site was a few days ago when my Simpsons' thread failed miserably but that's ok I guess lol.

    on 08 February 2014

    Ah, failed threads. I hate those.

    on 08 February 2014

    < spurgeonryan posted something on Legendary_W's wall:



    What was your game number one?

    < Kresnik posted something on Legendary_W's wall:

    That post made me feel very sad. Don't return to your cave! Prosper and become an integral part of VGChartz!

    Welcome to the site, by the way. I know I'm about 10 days late, but still!

    Thanks, Kresnik. I've been following the site for several months actually but I always felt that I wouldn't have very relevant things to say, but in New Year I decided that I would join the site and contribute as much as I could, even if it isn't that much.

    on 10 January 2014

    No problem. It's always lovely to hear about new members who decided to start posting after a while of lurking. I was exactly the same. And your attitude seems great, which we don't always get a lot of with new users these days.

    I think believing that you wouldn't always have relevant things to say is something you'll get over in time. Some days there won't be any threads which catch your interest and some days there will be tonnes of them. Despite what other people say I do think there is a decent community here and there's always a lot to contribute to.

    Anyway, I'm waffling now. But yeah, hope you enjoy your time here :)

    on 10 January 2014

    Legendary_W, your post actually made me laugh out loud. It sounded really witty to me.. didn't realize you were being serious. :P

    I'm glad you like this site and I hope you become an active part of it.

    It was actually my fault your dreams were ruined. I reported the thread title and he just modded it. :D

    on 10 January 2014

    Oh, no no! I wasn't serious! I wanted it to be fun!

    I must admit, I never expected a moderator and a Game Database Admin to add me as friends and post on my wall. At least, not so soon. Not every website has actually kind people working on it,

    Oh, and pbroy? Don't you worry, I'm used to have my dreams and hopes miserably shattered, so it's ok!

    on 10 January 2014

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