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    < VGPolyglot posted something on StarOcean's wall:

    Merry Christmas!

    < mZuzek posted something on StarOcean's wall:

    I'm not interested in other Pokemon-like games! I'm not looking for something to replace that itch, because nothing else will ever be Pokemon. I'm just gonna try to find a way to play Persona 5, which I was interested in just because it looked really awesome rather than being Pokemon-like.

    I mean, my point is, if I'm interested in a game and it ends up being similar to Pokemon, that's cool. But I won't really go out of my way to play games just because they're like it. If I really need a Pokemon fix that badly, I'll just play one of the games I do enjoy.

    okay, and this time I'm going to sleep for real. Good night.

    on 17 November 2017

    < greencactaur posted something on StarOcean's wall:

    One day we will get a good star ocean game.

    < caffeinade posted something on StarOcean's wall:

    You're welcome for that incredible thread title.

    < AngryLittleAlchemist posted something on StarOcean's wall:

    I don't have a problem with you. Why would I have a problem? Just don't see what's so wrong about what I said.

    That, added with the fact that I've heard you're a nintendo hater from Stardoor and that thread you made about why you were leaving ... well I tried to give you the benefit of the doubt, but it does seem like you're just hugely biased against Nintendo.

    on 30 September 2017

    But I didn't want to assume anything. Because I don't think we've ever even talked before?

    on 30 September 2017

    Don't give me that. The last post was full of passive aggressiveness. Explain yourself. Especially since you don't seem to understand where I fall in terms of what I like.

    However, it would be interesting to see if you know what my preferred platform (console, PC, or handheld) is and what my fave of the main 3 companies are.

    on 30 September 2017

    Don't give you that? ...Why would you just automatically assume i'm lying? I'm not. No passive aggressiveness, seriously. I've never talked to you before and I want to give your viewpoint a fair shot. I simply was explaining why, after you didn't back up your original statement and hid behind "don't misquote me", maybe your reputation I've seen is deserved. That's all, seriously I don't have anything against you and there was no passive aggressiveness.

    like I said, I made my original posts operating under the assumption that you were reasonable and with thorough points your opinion could be swayed. Conveniently, you didn't respond until after I accidentally misquoted you. So maybe you were never looking for a real discussion at all... But either way, all my responses were made assuming you were a neutral reasonable person. What your preference is, what you like, etc. is none of my concern because being a fan of Nintendo or handhelds wouldn't change my arguments.

    I'm going to assume though that your favorite device is the handheld, closely followed by or matched by PC. And your favorite company is Nintendo. But your favorite device currently is the Vita.

    on 30 September 2017

    Ignore my above part cause you posted the 2 other things before I commented.

    And handheld is correct. And Nintendo is correct. Right now it's the 3DS. Though I need to play on my Vita again. PC is ok. But Im too lazy to play PC games half the time

    on 30 September 2017

    Well, I don't attack people based on what company they like the most. I debate people based on their ideas. So I wouldn't really care what your preference is, but it is nice to see that you like a good game developer!

    I don't have a Vita sadly D : I like the 3ds a lot! To be honest, it probably should be my most played console right now, but i'm trying to beat stuff specifically from this year. Kind of hard getting into Fire Emblem when you've been playing Switch PC and PS4 games again lol. I can't wait to pick up Metroid Samus Returns and Etrian Odyssey 5

    on 30 September 2017

    I wasn't attacking anyone. I just dislike over enthusiasm. It happens with all companies, not just Nintendo.

    And Etrian Odyessy. I still need to give that series a chance

    on 30 September 2017

    Sorry, guess I worded that badly. I wasn't saying you were attacking anyone. I was saying I debate people based on their opinions, not their preferences. I don't mind anything you said except that you wish Nintendo was less successful. I don't think these kind of reactions are exclusive to Nintendo fans...

    But i'm glad we cleared this up! Didn't want to have a grudge between us, especially a user that I only somewhat know! And I haven't played Etrian Odyssey ever either, but i'm willing to bet V will be a good 3DS RPG : P

    on 30 September 2017

    It isn't. But it may not be a surprise to learn that Nintendo fans make up the majority of the site. If I break it down it would probably go:

    Nintendo: 44%
    Sony: 33%
    MS: 17%
    PC: 6%

    So you'll find Nintendo fans acting this way more often. But that is only because they make up the majority. Sony not too far behind. I do and always have called out people on stupid things they say. This is not exclusive to Nintendo but you may see it more often with them only because they make up the most.

    on 01 October 2017

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    VR is not a gimmick!

    in Gaming Discussion 19 hours ago

    Itís a gimmick and hasnít taken the world by storm like some wrongfully predicted it would a few years back. Itís a gimmick, an extremely expensive one. It needs to fade away...

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    Things that annoy you

    in General Discussion 19 hours ago

    People who canít drive worth shit. On average, I drive 60 miles a day. I see so many fucking terrible drivers. Most of the people around here donít seem to know how to use a turn signal...

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    Trump Has Perfect Cognitive Test Score, White House Physician Says

    in Politics Discussion 20 hours ago

    Chris Hu said: thismeintiel said: Wow. A lot of revisionist history here. The KKK was started by Democrats to frighten blacks and the Republicans who freed them. They rose to power again in the early 1900s because of a racist Democrat president, Woodrow Wilson, gave them a voice. He not only praised Birth of A Nation, but also resegregated the Federal government. In 1924, some...


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