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    Microsoft should give up on "The One"

    in Microsoft Discussion on 28 July 2014

     I think worrying too much about that aspect of the console is a distraction... and it neglects its real problems. If it was called The One Pile of Dog Poo would not change what it is at heart, a console that is weaker than the competition (PS4) and cost more or the same... doesn't have really compelling 1st pary titles, and it runs the 3rd party titles worst than the PS4. I am sorry for...

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    PS4 - 8.6m. Vita = 8.6m. Vita failure, PS4 success - eh ?

    in Sony Discussion on 21 July 2014

    When was the Vita introduced to the market again? And the PS4?   What about all the consoles that are CURRENTLY below 8.4 million units sold? so many xb1 fans argue that their console of choice is a great success! (it will be as succesful as other mid range consoles, certainly not as much as the 360 when all is said and done)....

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    Israel is getting out of hand

    in Politics Discussion on 21 July 2014

    walsufnir said: bubblegamer said: dyremose said: Israel offered to give back the majority of the land given to them by other nations.  The palestinians declined and said they wanted it all.  And why not? It's their land. Israel didn't even exist 80 years ago. That tells you enough about who stole what. Ehm, you should take a history class, I...

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    Xbox one will catch up soon with PS4 and then outsell it in the USA

    in Sales Discussion on 13 July 2014

    Garland said: Aura7541 said:   Correction. X1 is selling the same as the PS4 at its peak. X1's sales for June is not representative of how it'll do in general because the month includes the launch of the Kinect-less SKU. Also, the PS4 didn't have any huge games in June and yet, it still managed to outsell the X1, even going by VGC numbers. Now, we're seeing MS...

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    PS4 Officially Hits 9 Million

    in Sony Discussion on 09 July 2014

    Adameh said:I doubt VGChartz is 700k off The ways it was updated lately, I have no doubt about it... last week they added 100k for both PS4 and XB1, after a few weeks with no update of the totals, hoever the PS4 sells 100k on its worst week... while the XB1 hovers between 35 - 70k a week......

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    Xbox one will catch up soon with PS4 and then outsell it in the USA

    in Sales Discussion on 08 July 2014

    TheDrill said: The current difference between PS4 and X1 in the US is  322004 units. What's the current unit difference in the US? is it getting any better for the XBone?...

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    Xbox one will catch up soon with PS4 and then outsell it in the USA

    in Sales Discussion on 05 June 2014

    UndauntedWizdom said:Epic cotdamn bumpage! lol. Thread title can remain and probably be true... but only with the word "soon" omitted. I see a lot of people, including those in the gaming press! who seem to express that opinion, as if MS was somehow bound to overtake the PS4 with the XB1... The reasonins being that 1 - Resolution/FPS/Specs does not matter (doh, why even bother with a...

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    PS4 failed in Japan. PS4 become maybe last place in hardware selling. But whats the reason?

    in Gaming Discussion on 23 May 2014

    Matthewconner2100 said:I bought the PS4 and, I am not impressed. No media playback support. Just games. I use my PS3 more often. That's a bad sign. Is Sony even trying? You would think this would replace your PS3 but, nope. I bought the PS4, so far I'm impressed, never got so many games in such a short period of time (maybe sice the Dreamcast days) ... anyway, yesterday I placed an...

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    PS4 failed in Japan. PS4 become maybe last place in hardware selling. But whats the reason?

    in Gaming Discussion on 22 May 2014

    From the last number I would just say it sells as much as the other home consoles (the ones you plug on the TV).... which is not impressive for a country that used to buy them nearly as much if not more than the USA or Europe. Maybe some new, more "japanese" titles will change this, or maybe Japanese people just lost interest in console gaming and they all want to play on their smart phones or...

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    Xbox one will catch up soon with PS4 and then outsell it in the USA

    in Sales Discussion on 16 May 2014

    TheDrill said: Xbox 360 has dominated USA  last generation, and people forget that even with all the bad reputation, the higher price cut X1 didn't sell significantly less than the PS4 in here. In the USA, as of today the Xbox one only sold  approximatively only 11 % less than PS4 did And for the last few weeks X1 sold on par or even slightly more than the PS4. Now that the...

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    Who said infamous second son was downgraded?

    in Gaming Discussion on 08 April 2014

    Time of day was obviously downgraded from Sunny to Cloudy, it's really obviously showing that the xbox one is superior and that Ryse is the best looking game ever made! /s...

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    Why The PS4 Is Kicking Xbox One's Arse

    in Gaming Discussion on 17 March 2014

    leo-j said: kowenicki said:Price is 95% of it. saying anything else is delusional. poor kowenicki.....   having a console that is 50% more powerful than your xbox having a console with an actual first party relevance having a console with way more games coming not just from big 3rd parties, but from innovative studios having a console where people constantly get...

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    Why The PS4 Is Kicking Xbox One's Arse

    in Gaming Discussion on 17 March 2014

    Dr.Henry_Killinger said:   Torillian said:     kowenicki said:     2. Oh I'm sorry I'm mistaken, remind me again what XB1 exclusives came out in January or Febuary? December perhaps? 2. Wasn't that gardening simulator made by EA an xb1 exclusive? it counts because it's not self published (I.E. Indie)...

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    Why The PS4 Is Kicking Xbox One's Arse

    in Gaming Discussion on 17 March 2014

    playnbox said:this has been known even before xbox 1 was released. Do people here need reminder every day that PS4 is winning? it's getting old. if you read this thread you will notice that many people are still in denial about mainly 4 things on the xbox one: 1 - It is selling much less than MS was hoping for 2 - It is significantly less powerfull than the PS4 3 - It should cost...

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    PS4 sells ~60k in its 2nd week in Japan, tracking below Vita and WiiU. Should we worry?

    in Sales Discussion on 04 March 2014

    That's pretty sad, it would mean that Japanese Studios will make mostly portable games :-/ given their place in the history of gaming (Nintendo, Sega, Sony!) it would be nice if they kept pushing us forward... People kept saying that Japan moved to handheld, we will see how it turns out in the long run (apparently PS4s are easy to find in Japan, so I don't think they were supply constrained)....

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    Wii U's eDRAM stronger than given credit?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 26 February 2014

    Even if all that bandwidth was available it would be near useless with the GPU the wii U has, it's like a 6 lane highway leading into a small village, there will never be that much traffic on it... I would have been curious to see if the PS4 would have shipped with a 1gbps edram (not dure if it was not dram... whatever, some really really fast buffer) module + some DDR3 as Cerny said they...

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    Sony Insider Thuway: The Power Gap Between X1/PS4" will increase with The Order:1886

    in Sony Discussion on 07 February 2014

    The gap is hardware based, it's not flexible... Only our perception and understanding of it will change....

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    "Nintendo has won gen 9!" - The fantasy world of Nintendo fans (vs. the sane Sony fanbase)

    in Gaming Discussion on 04 February 2014

    I think Sony's fans look better at the moment because Sony's proposition is the most reasonable for console gamers right now... I would say arguing for the 360 around 2005 - 8 must have been similar, except that they had to see their console of choice selling less on a monthly basis than either the Wii and the PS3 (To be faitthe PS3 had some redeeming hardware qualities that had yet to be fully...

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    The Xbox One is going to be alright

    in Gaming Discussion on 25 January 2014

    Call it "The Xbox One all in one entertinament center input one"   Show some respect for this misunderstood console!...

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    Have you ever Sold a Gaming System and then Regretted it?

    in Gaming Discussion on 23 January 2014

    Most of the time yes, at worse you get them back in the bargain bin later....

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