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    Amazon U.S. May bestsellers and general Amazon-based discussion

    in Sales Discussion on 21 May 2017

    I find it sad for the switch, I'd get one in a heart beat if it was only a console (no portability) and came with the pro controller (or whatever they call the latest iteration).... I creally could not care less for the portability features and the built-in controllers, I won't pay for them just to let them sit there!   In my case this is a 480$ (Canadian $ is worthless these days)... just...

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    Trump revealed highly classified information to Russian foreign minister and ambassador

    in Politics Discussion on 17 May 2017

    barneystinson69 said: Lol. So we dont even know who the source is? Not surprised though, Washington Post will print anything bad on trump, even if its false. WTF, a journalist does not - and should not - reveal their sources, I mean, people take risks when they reveal that kind of information. People saying this was legal to leak it to the russians are right in...

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    "Valve is not your friend, and Steam is not healthy for gaming"

    in Gaming Discussion on 17 May 2017

    1 - I refuse to click anything from Polygon, these guys proved to be idiots often enough by now... 2 - I am no big fan of Steam, but as far as DRM system and digital storefront goes this is the only one I use (along the Android and Ios stores, on their respective platforms, maybe eventually the windows store, IF and only IF I have no choice one day... ) 3 - Complaining about the sales is...

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    WORST controllers you have used.

    in Gaming Discussion on 18 April 2017

    I like most Nintendo controllers, NES, SNES, Wii, anyway... However the N64 and GameCube are atrocious to me, same for the Dreamcast controller... Most other standard/modern/semi modern console controllers always seemed great to me (Genesis, Saturn, all the PlayStation controllers and the og xbox and xbox 360 as well...) I'm not convinced about the xb1 series of controllers, maybe it's the...

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    N64 Was A Sales Beast And Should Have Won Its Generation

    in Nintendo Discussion on 14 April 2017

    oh what an horrible console, I had one for the Zelda games... honestly, it collected dust most of the time after I finished Ocarina of Time... the PSX and Saturn were more interesting to me. The N64, like a lot of nintendo stuff is over rated if anything....

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    Google's strangulating independent political media on Youtube

    in Politics Discussion on 05 April 2017

    You mean the american system is finally responding to Russian meddling?   I'd say it was about time......

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    POLL:Fave PS4 exclusive so far this year? (2017)

    in Sony Discussion on 23 March 2017

    The PS4 has officially hit its stride! We are in for a ride until .. well, if PS5 is a PS4 PRO Expertm there is no reason to have a generational break! so always!...

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    Trump: ‘Nobody knew that health care could be so complicated’

    in Politics Discussion on 27 February 2017

    "Republicans should let Obamacare “implode”"  - Trump just admitted he would let people die, if he though he was to gain somepolitical points for it... not really surprising, what's surprising is that he says it out loud :-/ negating much of the political gain.  - also, big pharma and  the insurers will just go even more wild knowing nobody will enforce any aspect of...

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    I'm sick of Nintendo's 720p games... We should have minimum 900p atleast for Switch

    in Nintendo Discussion on 15 February 2017

    hehe how funny.. it`s 2016, I think most should be 1080p by now......

    Write 271

    Horizon: Zero Dawn costs $60 - Is that a fair price?

    in Gaming Discussion on 11 February 2017

    I don't play Multi-player... why waste money on it? just buy an MMO or Star-Wars Battlefront if this is your thing......

    Write 155

    Digital Foundry has a new product.

    in Gaming Discussion on 25 January 2017

    Lafiel said: yea, we should have real comunism, where work is optional and not a means to make a living .. Just to make something clear communism is about giving power to the working/farming class, and let them be in control of what they produce, in order to get more revenue to them instead of the managers... it has nothing to do with giving hand-outs to people who don't do...

    Write 155

    Digital Foundry has a new product.

    in Gaming Discussion on 25 January 2017

    The thing is, nothing changed from the earlier specs leaked a long long time ago (even they are saying they read from the document they had leaked to them in July 2016)... All talks about Zen CPU/Polaris GPU have always been purely speculative, and they don't change anything in regards to what we knew (6+TF with 320gbps DDR 5 RAM) ... I don't see why people are upset, it will be 40%ish % faster...

    Write 46

    Trump does something cool

    in Politics Discussion on 12 January 2017

    Oh yeah, now he hates leaks?  I would have though he was more thankful to leaks, after all this is a bunch of "leaks" that made the difference for him... how ironic? But honestly, this is not really an issue with the character, the problem is with his policies, who cares if he is the nicest - or the meanest - person in the world? Your rights as a person are likely to erode, your money...

    Write 513

    Confirmed: Scalebound Cancelled

    in Microsoft Discussion on 10 January 2017

    I could never stand the main guy in this one (he looks like a douche bag who tries too hard to be "cool")... nut I like big dragons just as much as the next guy... and the studio does great things :-/ I just hope they work on a multi-platform or PS release next as this would allow for a wider audience! ... or maybe a Steam release?...

    Write 286

    Phil Spencer criticizes buying exclusive content/DLC

    in Microsoft Discussion on 23 December 2016

    This guy is saying different things from both sides of his mouth :-/ HE is honestly only saying this because the last time they did this on a serious piece of software (RotTR) it blew up in their face....

    Write 122

    Obama should close his mouth and leave in dignity

    in Politics Discussion on 23 December 2016

    Shouldn't Trump wait until he is inaugurated before meddling in anything? I mean, he did not even win the populat vote - he is not very legit as a president to begin with. If anything Obama seems to try to avoid causing a stir - watch those republicans who blaimed him for not being strong enough against Russia being all causy with a president who wants to be BFF with Putin. Now the problems...

    Write 120

    What's the lowest level of graphics you still find acceptable?

    in Gaming Discussion on 09 December 2016

    it's a strange way to put it, some early 3D games are still good looking (look at Doom, or Virtua Racing, or even Daytona USA ARCADE, S.T.U.N runner is still something to look at as well) or even some early 2D games, like Donkey Kong, Pac Man... in their arcade incarnation.. none of these is an eye shore! Obviously, I like what devs do with current hardware, and I can't wait to see games like...

    Write 75

    Why Bernie Sanders wouldn't have won against Donald Trump in the election.

    in Politics Discussion on 30 November 2016

    Trump did not even win the popular votes, id the dems would have presented any compelling candidate, they would have won the electoral vote by a larger margin as well as the all important electoral college. But hey, we are all only playing the "what if" game, we don't really know... however what we know is that both Hillary and Donald, were largely unpopular to most people (contrarily to a...

    Write 89

    "Really True 4K"

    in Microsoft Discussion on 27 November 2016

    This is funny how these exact same people will argue that you cannot make the difference between 720p or 900p compared to 1080p, because nobody can "see it" unless they sit at a few inches from their set, yet they talk about the 4K capabilities of their next console as if resolution was the most important aspect of graphics ONLY AFTER SCORPIO IS RELEASED. Oh well... PR has to sell the products...

    Write 269

    Why is Xbox One Now Outselling The PS4?

    in Gaming Discussion on 20 November 2016

    Has anyone looked at the bundles offered with the xbox one s (get it almost free with a 4K TV)? or the firesale of the og xbox one (bundled with so many games that the cost of the console comes down to something like 50$)... I mean, I really like my PS4, and am about to get a PS4 Pro, but I can see people picking these consoles for their kids, or as an easy uprade coming from the 360, with it...

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