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    Hello dear

    my name is Margaret Cudal am 28 years old and i am single, i am a USA Military / NATO, from United State Of America,

    please contact me on my email address for more details about me okay


    Whoa. An actual socialist slayer.

    The problem with socialism is that you run out of other people's money, so go for it!

    You're pretty much the opposite of me. I am extremely socialist, basically an anarcho-communist.

    So a capitalist slayer eh?

    on 20 September 2015

    < Munchies posted something on SocialistSlayer's wall:

    You have the best username ever. Keep slaying those socialists!

    Will do! I will strike them down wherever I find them

    on 09 July 2015

    ARe you a pilot?

    no... crewchief. on the v22

    on 17 August 2014

    You won't be able to slay Socialist, you'd get caught way too easily.

    So you have a Glock, AK 47, AK 74, Scar-H, P90, and a ruger 10/22 ?

    Ak-47, Saiga-12, VEPR-12 (both based on AK design, but both are shotguns, not a 74, though my brother does own ak-74), glock-19, SCAR-17S and PS90 (semi auto variants of the guns you said), and yes ruger 10/22

    on 03 July 2014

    It looks like I didn't pay attention to the shells. LOL

    on 03 July 2014

    now i just need a sub compact pistol... maybe the LCP?

    on 04 July 2014

    Wow, that's a nice collection of guns you've got there!

    on 13 August 2014

    why thank you good sir. and in fact i did get the Ruger LCP (from my cousin for $200)

    on 13 August 2014

    < Mr Khan posted something on SocialistSlayer's wall:

    You're going to hate me for this one, but the sig GIF you were talking about is too large (not in terms of page real-estate, which i can fix as i said, but in terms of file-size. The limit is 1.5 MB, yours was approx 3 MB). That one's a bit harder to fix. Talk to JizzBeardThePirate if you'd like to make the sig work, he's a whiz at fixing GIFs. Sorry about that!

    dang, okay. i started a thread to ask people to help with it. lol.

    on 27 June 2014

    < SocialistSlayer updated his status:

    I've got the whizz

    < Kaizar posted something on SocialistSlayer's wall:

    Are you a White Nationalist?

    what is that?

    on 09 December 2013

    < kowenicki posted something on SocialistSlayer's wall:

    why do you keep sending me friend requests?

    i send most people friend requests. i thought it was an error on the site because some people it says request sent, others (like yours) says "add as friend". i thought the request wasnt working.
    sorry about that, didnt realize you were getting spammed with friend requests.
    well will you accept the request.

    on 25 November 2013

    how are you liking your xbox so far, im tempted to get one sooner rather than later, but i think i might hold off until titanfall.

    on 25 November 2013

    Μολων Λαβε huh?


    on 21 November 2013

    I like dat

    on 22 November 2013

    why did you create this account

    i like it better. than the stupid KillerzX name

    on 19 November 2013

    You should ask the mods to perma your other account

    on 19 November 2013

    i did

    on 19 November 2013

    < SocialistSlayer updated his status:

    im killerzX

    Better name.

    on 19 November 2013

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