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< Carl2291 posted something on Kongfucius's wall:

Hey Kongfucius, I had to cut down the quote tree you had going in the Final Fantasy XV thread. It was getting out of hand. Please try to keep quote trees down to a maximum of 3 posts per tree in the future. Thanks!

Sorry, wasn't aware

on 07 April 2014

Yeah, not many people are because it isnt in the official rule page. You can find it here though - http://gamrconnect.vgchartz.com/thread.php?id=160420&page=1

I was supposed to post that thread with this wall post but I forgot, sorry :P

on 07 April 2014

< badgenome posted something on Kongfucius's wall:

Kongming rules!

Thanks, have you seen Red Cliff? I loved it, sure it played around with historical accuracy but it had that blockbuster feel without getting silly. I'm struggling to think of a better film i saw last year actually

on 01 January 2014

Yeah, it's incredible. I actually just started rewatching it yesterday.

on 01 January 2014

Nice, seems there's a couple of people on this board who like it, I think MUGEN mentioned my avatar once as well. Shouldn't be surprised though with it being such a great film...

on 01 January 2014

< Kongfucius updated his status:

And Kongfucius he say: "Man who stand on toilet seat, high on pot"

< Kongfucius updated his status:

What's going on?

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Digimon All-Star Rumble announced for PS360! Coming to NA and EU Nov 11th. Developed by PROPE

in Gaming Discussion 21 hours ago

I look forwards to Cyber Slueth not coming over to the west and Bamco wheeling this bomba out as an excuse :( It's not even Rumble Arena 3 - I loved the original, actually went on a quick nostalgia trip on youtube when I saw the news. Good times, I remember borrowing it from a local library for months on end until I found my own copy. Thinking about it that would've been a 50Hz PAL copy, I...

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Official Playstation Vita Thread! Great Edo Blacksmith announced! Judas Code! (Tri Ace) Hotaru no Nikki! in Fall! Oreshika 2 Opening! New Digimon Screens! Baby in September! Child of Light Vita!

in Sony Discussion on 20 July 2014

SnowPrince said: At first, Freedom Wars had some balance issues. So what's wrong now with Oreshika ?!! I don't see any legs with such reviews. Beware - Amazon reviewers are super-trolls in Japan it seems, I really wouldn't pay a huge amount of attention - I remember Monster Hunter 4 got dozens of 1-star reviews before it was out from angry fanboys who upset in wasn't on Vita...

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Top subscription based MMOs

in Gaming Discussion on 19 July 2014

I wonder how FFXIV is doing relative to all these titles - of course it wouldn't be a fair comparison because it wasn't out most of the year, but it's probably the other big name sticking to subs other than TESO, guess will have to wait for next year's list. XI was supposed to be the most profitable FF Squenix ever made I think, hopefully it'll show them big games can still make money outside of...


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