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    Star wars prequel haters hit a new level of low.

    in Movies Discussion on 24 September 2016 by Slimebeast

    Porcupine_I said: Have you ever watched the 70 minutes Phantom Menace review? Where is this review?...

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    Let's stop kidding ourselves.

    in Gaming Discussion on 22 November 2015 by DonFerrari

    RolStoppable said: DonFerrari said: Owwwww so what are the rules now? PM mod, head mod or we can openly complain about the mods? The rules are the same as before. Since the thread got locked, PMs are all that's left. And how to make people know we don't like that the mods don't ban you every day?...

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    Which one will make it to 10m first, Wii U or Xbox One?

    in Sales Discussion on 07 May 2015 by darkenergy

    Conegamer said: darkenergy said:I really don't know what to say here. There's not a whole lot to say. The X1 was selling poorly (this is pre-Kinectless and pre-price drop, remember) and the Wii U had a good lead; with the expectation that the Wii U would perform well with MK8 and Smash coming that year leading to a sizable holiday boost. A perfectly logical train of thought...

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    Destiny GOTY (12 Awards; Nominated to BAFTA Best Game)

    in Gaming Discussion on 10 February 2015 by ethomaz

    Destiny nominated to the best game at BAFTA Game Awards. Best Game ALIEN: ISOLATION Development Team - Creative Assembly/SEGA DESTINY Development Team – Bungie/Activision DRAGON AGE: INQUISITION Development Team – BioWare/Electronic Arts MARIO KART 8 Development Team – Nintendo/Nintendo MIDDLE-EARTH: SHADOW OF MORDOR Development Team - Monolith Productions/Warner Bros....

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    What is wrong with Nintendo's online?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 27 December 2014 by outlawauron

    Super_Boom said: outlawauron said:On top of d21lewis said, the lack of unified account system, archaic digital game recovery, poor online stores, and not all games are treated equally for competitive multiplayer. Mind elaborating on this? Most of my favorite PS3 games were single player games that didn't attempt to shoehorn competitive multiplayer into the game, and they were...

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    Can everyone agree that White American police officers are above the law? - No indictment in Garner case......

    in Politics Discussion on 24 December 2014 by Aeolus451

    Mr Khan said: Aeolus451 said:I believe the media is race baiting and antagonizing everyone for the sake of ratings. I'm sure there's a lot more serious things going on that affect a lot more people. I'm sure plenty of people that only care about this stuff to save face in front of everyone. Personally, I'm fresh out of sympathy for "cops are being mean to us" cause. Why? Because by...

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    Rate the Wii U games you own /10.

    in Nintendo Discussion on 29 October 2014 by curl-6

    JazzB1987 said: The only correct score for WindWaker HD would be BLOOM/10  because its fucking disgusting to look at.   Just like the original, then. ;)...

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    Is this it for WiiU in 2015?? Already bigger than 2014??

    in Nintendo Discussion on 27 October 2014 by Pavolink

    So, I guess we need to factor the delays in our calendars: January: Captain Toad (JP/EU) - The Delay: the game (with Nintendo's quality seal) (US) February: Yoshi Wolly World March: The Delay: the game (with Nintendo's quality seal) April: The Delay: the game (with Nintendo's quality seal) May: Splatoon June: The Delay: the game (with Nintendo's quality seal) July: Mario Maker (JP) - The...

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    What are your (main) reasons why you bought the Wii U?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 23 October 2014 by Experimental42

    http://n4g.com/news/1608490/fanatical-five-five-reasons-to-buy-a-wii-u-in-2014 Figure that's somewhat relevant. I got a Wii U because no matter what happens, Nintendo puts out quality games. If I wanted super high powered graphics, we have PCs for that and besides, a lot of Nintendo stuff puts the other current gen consoles to shame because they combine form and function with their rock...

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    Do you like the Wii U Gamepad?

    in Gaming Discussion on 16 October 2014 by super_etecoon

    I think it's one of the coolest advances in controller design. It truly is comfortable. I hope Nintendo doesn't see the sales of the WiiU as a reflection on the controller (although I know many on this forum hope for the opposite). There's no denying that it isn't being utilized to its fullest, but that's on the developers, not on the design....

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    Why 2015 will the best year yet for the Wii U

    in Nintendo Discussion on 14 October 2014 by WhiteEaglePL

    I can guarantee it actually. AT least 1+ game a month will keep some sort of momentum, and the two biggest sellers of this year will continue to sell....

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    RUMOR: The Wii U will be getting a big 'Remastered' game in 2015

    in Gaming Discussion on 14 October 2014 by piete

    Has this been decided? Or can we still hope it could be Rogue Squadron? :)...

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    Dragon Age 3: Inquisition Will Run at 1080p on PS4, 900p on Xbox One

    in Gaming Discussion on 12 October 2014 by biglittlesps

    ICStats said: TheAdjustmentBureau said: Well then people should buy pc multiplatform games as they are far superior to ps4 and Xbox one muliplats. Everyone I know chooses consoles based on exclusives. Some can't live without uncharted. Some can't live without halo or gears. A slight graphical difference has never been a choice. We aren't talking Wii to 360 level.difference here. We...

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    How to make the Perfect Review

    in Gaming Discussion on 10 October 2014 by amp316

    I have some suggestions for making perfectly unbiased reviews. First, you find someone highly skilled in writing. Next, you give them a lobotomy. After that, you lock them in a bomb shelter for a few months with no electronics of any kind. Only enough peanut butter and celery sticks to live on. Then, and only then, you send in a gaming system and the game that they are to review. Rinse,...

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    Do you like Destiny or are you just conditioned to?

    in Gaming Discussion on 09 October 2014 by FragilE^

    ethomaz said: FragilE^ said:No matter what you feel about the game, it shouldn't have such crazy sales day one and the first week. We are quickly approaching a video game crash again... Budgets are flying through the roof, but are justified by day one sales. One day, such a game will flop. People will get burnt, for real, and ACTUALLY learn a lesson. At that point, the gaming...

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    I am not getting into 'Game of Thrones' TV series - WHY?

    in Movies Discussion on 04 October 2014 by spurgeonryan

    I like it, but I decided to post because the lannisters finally just became too much for me to deal with. I had to let my frustration out, and I know I have a long time of dealing with them all. Sadly I have not seen Tyrian since he escaped the prison....

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    Destiny: Scrapped Story, Held Back Content, and On Disc DLC

    in Gaming Discussion on 29 September 2014 by roborad

    I'm just going to stay away from Activision from here on out, tbt. I'd rather give my $60 to a developer and publisher that actually give a damn about their end-product and their consumers.  ...

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    Yoshida Explains Struggles of Piracy & Why Japanese Donít Care For New Consoles

    in Sony Discussion on 27 September 2014 by Captain_Yuri

    LemonSlice said: MoHasanie said: The main reason behind the PS4 and PS Vita’s successful games sales is simply because, as stated above, piracy isn’t easy on the machines. The PS Vita’s proprietary memory cards have so far not been hacked and neither has the PS4, allowing Sony to take in the steady stream of revenue from software sales, rather than see a river of...

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    Why isn't Nintendo playing a stronger Virtual Console card?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 25 September 2014 by Cobretti2

    archer9234 said: Cobretti2 said: archer9234 said: Cobretti2 said:I am glad they dont have them on VC. Those games are meant to be played on the original system lol. Really dumb comment. a lot of people don't bother with that. It's free money for companies. Well they should. I have tried some N64 VC games on the Wii and they just don't feel the same...

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    Do You Still Think Wii U is Going to Outsell the Xbox One this Holiday?

    in Sales Discussion on 24 September 2014 by gabzjmm23

    Wii U would sell more than XBOX One globally. Smash Bros would certainly help that on that holiday. We don't know the exact date but most would say Black Friday and if it is a bundle, that would be great too. MK8 bundle would be a great idea too. ...

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