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    Can someone explain to me Gamespot's Nintendo hate?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 19 February 2015

    I either missed someone saying it already or it got glanced over, but Gamespot also gave Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon a 6/10 and I think everyone agreed that it was at worst a 7.5 or 8/10 game. That review was just another example of trash, just like the DK review and Kirby review....

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    THEORY: Ubisoft is resisting the truth of Supporting Wii u with Mature Content

    in Gaming Discussion on 30 November 2014

    I don't buy any of Ubisoft's excuses. Yes, I was fond of them and appreciative for 'supporting' the Wii U when others did not, but even as far back as Rayman goes, that's when they sealed their fate on Wii U. Do you have any idea how much Rayman would have sold in February with no competition and hyped marketing? It had momentum right up until they delayed it. Historically, Rayman sold the best...

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    Ubisoft: Wii U Owners Don’t Buy Assassin’s Creed; More Interested in Just Dance

    in Nintendo Discussion on 19 August 2014

    The problem with 3rd parties on Wii U is that because Nintendo systems offer unique interfaces, the graphics/power of the system aren't the focus and when you throw that into the mix, everybody loses their minds. Of course I'm going to get Unity on my PC, because it plays more smoothly on the computer. Why would I buy an inferior port? I'm sorry, but if you don't market the fact that your game...

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    Any Information on How Hyrule Warriors is doing in Japan?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 15 August 2014

    Pre-orders mean next to nothing in Japan as a measure of a game's potential success. It's just a different culture....

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    Publishers DO NOT CARE how much the WiiU sells

    in Gaming Discussion on 11 August 2014

    If 3rd parties ever release anything of quality, I'd buy it on Wii U. I have Need for Speed, Blacklist, Arkham Origins, and Sonic Racing. Why would I want to buy Assassin's Creed when it runs at 30fps and drops constantly? And if I don't get the special content other consoles do? Instead, I drop maybe $30 to get it on PC and play close to 60fps with latest patches and somewhat decent support....

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    The Last of Us Remastered REVIEW THREAD, IGN / Gameinformer 10!!!!

    in Gaming Discussion on 31 July 2014

    Yeah, I'm always frustrated when I can't find the things that happen to me in videos online, haha. But it's true, I'm just frustrated when the experience gets jarred....

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    Do FFXV and KH3 really make more sense on the XBO than the Wii U?

    in Gaming Discussion on 31 July 2014

    The portable audience does matter, at least with Nintendo fans. That's because the install base for portables is much, much higher than home consoles... currently. The DS had 155 million units sold, and most of those people at least know about the KH games out for the platform, and the games sold very well. Same thing with 3DS, KH 3D did very good business; who's to say that there aren't people...

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    The Last of Us Remastered REVIEW THREAD, IGN / Gameinformer 10!!!!

    in Gaming Discussion on 31 July 2014

    Ah, let me clarify. It's moments where obvious things should be obvious to the AI, but she screws it up. Case in point: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TFN8bpuL1Bs She runs into things constantly; fails to properly defend me; when supposed to avoid death traps, she runs right into them. Things like that drew me out of the experience....

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    The Last of Us Remastered REVIEW THREAD, IGN / Gameinformer 10!!!!

    in Gaming Discussion on 31 July 2014

    Also, guys and gals, Carolyn Petit is a transgender woman (man, to woman) and she has been bullied constantly for most of her life after she decided to go with the change. Please recognize that she is human and made a choice. Don't shame her for it....

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    The Last of Us Remastered REVIEW THREAD, IGN / Gameinformer 10!!!!

    in Gaming Discussion on 31 July 2014

    Look, I wanted to like TLOU, but I can't when my AI partner decides to run full speed ahead and get me killed. A supposed "Game of the Generation" can't have those basic AI flaws. The people who keep saying 'masterpiece' have the right to their opinion, but myself and four other friends have all had that happen multiple times. And there are several sections where pacing just doesn't feel right....

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    Do FFXV and KH3 really make more sense on the XBO than the Wii U?

    in Gaming Discussion on 27 July 2014

    Kingdom Hearts III has always made sense to be on Wii U, considering the existence of a Nintendo audience for the game (DS and 3DS games). It's lazy and a sign of short-term thinking to just put it on XBONE. Yes, the port is easier. But it will not sell on that platform. You're telling me that with how long it already takes to come out with these games they can't afford time? I think it's obvious...

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    This new found certainty of Nintendo fans that the Wii U will end up 2. is kinda unfounded

    in Sales Discussion on 23 July 2014

    Splatoon is going to kill it next year for Nintendo. I have three friends who have avoided the Wii U because of no games that appeal to them, and they've all been raving about it and how they'll be getting the system/game day 1. It's going to be a hit, and with everything else coming out at the tail end this year, and what's announced for next year, Wii U is in a good spot....

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    My PS4 Impressions / Wii U Comparison

    in Gaming Discussion on 05 July 2014

    This is the worst time to trade in the Wii U. We have SO MANY GAMES coming for this fall and early next year. PS4 has almost nothing until 2015, and even then, we haven't seen enough gameplay to justify pre-ordering/purchasing what's coming. Personally, I like the PS4 but it's just a $399 pretty machine at the moment. I grew up with a PS2 as my main console, and I'm still waiting for KH III to...

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    As a Wii U owner from launch, I feel ripped off by Nintendo...

    in Gaming Discussion on 26 June 2014

    I've actually been looking everywhere for this high capacity battery. I don't see it on Nintendo's online store anymore (USA). Does anybody know where I could pick one up?...

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    Ubisoft CEO: “Nintendo has to perform this year, otherwise they will have less games”

    in Nintendo Discussion on 18 June 2014

    I don't buy third party games on Wii U because the games they put out are crap compared to the level of polish and playability Nintendo gives me. Assassin's Creed has a terrible frame rate compared to my PC. Need for Speed was awesome, Rayman was awesome, Mass Effect, Deus Ex, even Sonic are pretty good games. But other than those, everything has been gimped or treated like a second class...

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    What is the greatest soundtrack in the history of gaming?

    in Gaming Discussion on 08 June 2014

    I don't think anybody has mentioned this one: Kid Icarus: Uprising. They put SO MUCH EFFORT into that 3DS game's sound. It's unbelievable. A huge chunk of it is fully orchestrated with live music and the themes are phenomenal....

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    Game Delays: Are Games Being Announced Too Early?

    in Gaming Discussion on 30 May 2014

    DerpSandwich said:I'm a Nintendo gamer. Waiting two years after a game is announced is the norm. Even if the announcement trailer makes the game seem close to done. And what's interesting about the Nintendo games is that all of them I can remember end up looking just as good graphically, if not better than they did at the reveal/announcement; the gameplay is never broken; the core...

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    PS4 and Wii cross streams: Wii now ahead of PS4 at the same point in time

    in Sales Discussion on 30 May 2014

    PS4 won't outsell Wii. It will be lucky to outsell PS3, if games keep getting delayed and downgraded. It's had one must-have title, Infamous. By this point in the lifecycle, even Wii U had multiple games worth playing as exclusives (LEGO City, NSMBU, ZombiU). Can I be so bold? I think I will. Wii U will take the lead over PS4 after this holiday season....

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    More bad news for sony

    in Sony Discussion on 14 May 2014

    Asian firms plan for long-term solutions, sometimes up to 20(!) years of business waypoints. That's why firing the top guy isn't always something worth doing for the good of the company, especially with a dynamic company like Nintendo or Sony. The CEO is fully immersed in the 'long-term' plan, doing his/her best to get the ball rolling and keep it on the track. Compare this to American companies...

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    Wii U hardware no longer sold at loss, apparently

    in Nintendo Discussion on 11 May 2014

    I'm just going to say this again because the people who make the 'hardware costs too much for low-specs' argument need to use their brains and research instead of spreading ignorance. The Wii U is very powerful, and since the design eschews blu-ray, media capabilities, and other bells and whistles that Xbox and PS focus on, the budget is dedicated to the controller and gaming performance. For the...

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