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    yvanjean's Wall

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    < CGI-Quality posted something on yvanjean's wall:

    Btw, the link you quoted me with in that Quantum Break thread does not confirm what you're saying (actually, I read a few previews in that source that talk GOOD about the game). I remain on that stance, I've yet to see the title getting any abundance of negativity (certainly, nowhere close to The Order).

    All of the previews so far have taken a cautious optimism that this game might be good. All of these media have had hands on experience with almost finish product of the game and none of them were blown away and claim that this game will be great.

    Mediocre in my book is anywhere 6-7.5 out of 10.

    Gamereactor: Quantum Break is going to be an extremely interesting game. The mix of our time spent hands-on with the game and the live-action left us with a good feeling. The long wait and the delay from last year had cooled our expectations, but the preview event rekindled our hopes.

    IGN: Quantum Break represents a bold step for Remedy Entertainment and a high profile console exclusive for Microsoft. Having spent several hours playing and re-playing the opening four acts of the game, I’m certainly more encouraged than I had expected to be. It may have suffered numerous delays during its development but Quantum Break could yet turn out to be worth the long wait.

    Gamespot: Quantum Break seeks to marry the interactivity of games with the passive storytelling of TV shows. It’s the culmination of an idea Remedy first flirted with in Max Payne, then again in Alan Wake. Smartly, the Finnish studio has anchored its wild narrative ambitions on third-person shooting that feels empowering and thrilling. Will it be able to pull the whole thing off though? Time will tell.

    on 19 February 2016

    Cautious optimism (especially, here and there) doesn't really mean they think it will be bad. That's entirely different to what happened to The Order, which saw 95% of its previews bashing the game.

    on 19 February 2016

    Ready at Dawn never made a bad game before Order 1886, same is said about Quantum Break should be good because it's remedy. Quantum Break taking a bold approach of merging TV show and gaming. This can make or break the final review. Quantum Break is a marquee Microsoft (PC&Xbox) exclusive any review under 8/10 will be seen as a failure by the Vgchartz community.

    on 19 February 2016

    That's the VGC community, not a dictatorship. :)

    on 19 February 2016

    It would also suck if this game turned to be just mediocre, as a Xbox one owner :)

    on 19 February 2016

    < yvanjean updated his status:

    playing Rise of the Tomb Raider

    < yvanjean updated his status:

    Working on Xbox One backlog

    < WoodenPints posted something on yvanjean's wall:

    You still updating the X1 2014 vs 2015 numbers? All the numbers from 25h April onwards have been adjusted up + an extra week :)


    on 26 August 2015

    < cpg716 posted something on yvanjean's wall:

    Update your X1 numbers.. its almost 3 months behind now :- lol

    < Dr.Vita posted something on yvanjean's wall:

    Nice avatar dude!

    nothing to hide :P how's gaming life in Germany?

    on 01 May 2015

    Nice, game prices are equitable here. ^^
    I always wanted to visit Canada, how is the ilfe there?

    on 01 May 2015

    much colder then Germany in the winters... but overall I think you would found the people in Canada, nice and welcoming.

    on 01 May 2015

    Cold winters? This sounds very nice because I love cold winter days. :D

    on 01 May 2015

    yup great for staying inside and playing games or playing hockey

    on 01 May 2015

    < yvanjean updated his status:

    Pre-ordered Witcher 3 already downloaded on my XOne, never played a witcher before but the game looks amazing.

    < Ryng posted something on yvanjean's wall:

    Is you in the avatar?

    that's me

    on 01 May 2015

    coll photo. :)

    on 01 May 2015

    < yvanjean updated his status:

    Having a blast with Halo MCC. PS> Wolf among us is amazing.

    < yvanjean updated his status:

    Been playing too much Xbox One.... WiiU been neglected somehow last night the WiiU booted up by itself and just after that my girlfriend brought me my copy of Bayonetta 2 and ask when will I play it.

    < yvanjean updated his status:

    DEAD RISING 3 - 35 Hours and counting.

    < yvanjean updated his status:

    Hype for Xenoblade X!

    < yvanjean updated his status:

    Halo MCC finally working like it should ....

    < yvanjean updated his status:

    Finally Halo MCC working like it should

    < LemonSlice posted something on yvanjean's wall:

    Congrats on 500 posts

    Nice thanks, din't even notice the milestone.

    on 14 November 2014

    < Proxy-Pie posted something on yvanjean's wall:

    Dat Xenoblade X...

    < PhantomLink posted something on yvanjean's wall:

    Thank you so much for the code :D

    < Kaizar posted something on yvanjean's wall:

    Check out the awesomeness of 2014:


    what 2k14? don't see any movie like that on youtube???

    on 01 December 2013

    It's all the different 3D Movies premiering in 2014.

    There's around 100 of them.

    I even have embedded videos in one of the 5 OPs. (I got more then 1 OP in the Thread).

    Have you watch any of the trailers in the 4th OP in that thread?

    There's gotta be some movie listed in the first OP that you are looking forward to.

    on 01 December 2013

    < curl-6 posted something on yvanjean's wall:

    I love your avatar! Aya Ueto is awesome, loved her in the 3D World ads and in the movie Azumi. :)

    Welcome to VGChartz!

    Japan sure knows how to get their fans attention. At least she as a more wide appeal then the target audience commercial here in America.

    on 25 November 2013

    Very true! They need to try this in the west with Penelope Cruz or someone, like they did with 3DS

    on 25 November 2013

    Ah man!! Brilliant saying Penelope Cruz! Totally agree!

    on 25 November 2013

    < yvanjean updated his status:

    3DS XL Zelda bundle pre-ordered

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