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    The Outer Worlds - Thoughts on the game?

    in Gaming Discussion 17 hours ago

    It's a really good game, probably one of the best game to come out in 2019. Everyone should give it a try since it's so cheap to play on gamepass. It's hard not to call this game Sci-fi Fallout. But, what you really need to know is if you don't enjoy the style of Fallout game then Outer Worlds is probably not for you either. Wow 2019 was not a good year for video game, Outer Worlds is my...

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    Phil Spencer: VR Is Not Our Focus Because Our Customers Aren't Asking for It

    in Gaming Discussion 3 days ago

    Hopefully Microsoft learned from their Kinect mistake don't force a product that your customer doesn't want. In this case VR is still a niche product, regardless of the high interest from users on this website. You can tell with current Sales of VR units that it's not anywhere near mainstream and wont get there for a while. "Nearly three years after consumer virtual reality became a real...

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    Should Halo Infinite drop Xbox One and go Scarlet exclusive?

    in Microsoft Discussion on 08 July 2019

    I just don't understand what you guys still don't understand. Microsoft doesn't make much money by selling hardware. Most of the revenues comes from Subscription services and software sales. The future is in Cross platform, cross play and subscription model services. You will probably not see a true PS5 and Scarlet exclusive that doesn't get ported to the older hardware at the start of next...

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    How should Microsoft approach first party development going forward?

    in Microsoft Discussion on 08 July 2019

    Why do this thread keep popping up like Microsoft hasnt been doing anything. Microsoft in order to better compete next gen needed more studios. They shouldnt get rid of their current IP, they need to reinvest like what they are doing with the next Halo. Microsoft need Halo, gear and Forza but what they needed was other studios to make other games to supplement what they have already. They...

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    How would you rate Microsoft's E3 conference out of ten?

    in Gaming Discussion on 09 June 2019

    6/10 We need some new games and gameplay.... we got no gameplay for Gears 5 & Halo Infinite. Got no big annoucement. No hype. ...

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    When was the last time the graphics of a game surprised you?

    in Gaming Discussion on 14 May 2019

    Different era of gaming:The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening on gameboySMB3 on NES Donkey kong on SNESChrono Trigger on SNESLegend of Zelda: Orcarina of Time N64World of Warcraft on PCMario 64 when it first came out.Xenoblade on Wii.Tomb Raider Remastered -Xbox oneSea of thieves really wowed.Breath of the wild is current my favorite game of all times so that's #1 right now. Really enjoy the...

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    When was the last time the graphics of a game surprised you?

    in Gaming Discussion on 14 May 2019

    TranceformerFX said: CaptainExplosion said: I think it was either with Super Mario Odyssey or Breath of The Wild. I couldn't believe the Switch was capable of rendering all that. Huh? Breath of the Wild and Super Mario Odyssey? Not Red Dead 2? Not Horizon Zero Dawn? Not GTAV? Not Witcher 3? Not Fallout 4? C'mon man... Take off your Nintendo glasses... Breath of the...

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    Microsoft Employs Trash Talk Gestapo

    in Microsoft Discussion on 02 May 2019

    Microsoft need to start a support group for offensive Trash talking players that need to clean up their act if they going to crack down on them so hard. Some game have a real toxic community and if I was a developer, I would want to get rid of them. Toxic gamer doesn't equal a hardcore dedicated gamer. ...

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    Days Gone Opencritic 72 Metacritic 72

    in Sony Discussion on 25 April 2019

    DakonBlackblade said: I fear this might kill Sony Bend, they invested over 5 years in this. A 72 on this day an age is almost a death sentence, no one buys, even tough 72 is decent. Bad reviews is what really hurt game sales. Days gone is actually getting good reviews. 49 positive reviews out of 79 reviews.  51% of critics recommend the game on opencritic. It was never expected...

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    Days Gone Opencritic 72 Metacritic 72

    in Sony Discussion on 25 April 2019

    DonFerrari said: LuccaCardoso1 said: Stop trying to damage control. Play the game before saying what score it deserves. Not doing any damage control. Will you deny that 50 on metacritic is reserved to garbage level game? I didn't complain on the reasons IGN took out the points. Have you read the review? Or better yet have you played the game to give your opinion since...

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    I'm confused which Devices is Google Stadia appearing ?

    in Gaming Discussion on 20 March 2019

    https://store.google.com/magazine/stadia Game where you want, when you want. Play across multiple devices, including laptops, desktops, and selected phones and tablets. It will probably never appear on Xbox and Sony consoles since they are direct competitor....

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    Google GDC Keynote Official Thread

    in Gaming Discussion on 19 March 2019

    Remember this day in gaming history March 19th, 2019. Official start of stream gaming....

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    How much $ do you spend on gaming?

    in Gaming Discussion on 14 March 2019

    Madword said: BasilZero said:   derail? I've pretty much answered the OP in detail lol.   Also post could have been longer to be honest - its a incredibly short post compared to what it could have been. I think a generalised short list of cost per year would have been more helpful... no offence no one cares the names of the games in a big list... means...

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    How much $ do you spend on gaming?

    in Gaming Discussion on 13 March 2019

    My main spending is Xbox live + Xbox Gamepass = $120 I pick up a few $100 gift card when they are on special during Xmas that last me quite a while. $300 or so. I normally don't buy a game when it release I wait for the price to drop. Wait for sales combined with Gamepass can save you alot of money. Always jump on the Gamepass deal... I current got 6 months of gamepass for only $35 CAD. I would...

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    Your biggest wow moment of each gen you've lived through

    in Gaming Discussion on 12 March 2019

    It's not often that you play a game and it can content for your top 10 games of all time. But it's even more amazing when after only a few hours you know your playing one of the best game ever made. Nothing even come close to what Legend of Zelda: Breath of the wild did for the switch or gaming in general. I've been playing since the NES era, I never imagine that Nintendo could outdo them...

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    Another JRPG Canceled on Xbox One, RPG Maker MV

    in Gaming Discussion on 12 March 2019

    iceland said: A NISA game skipping Xbox, truly a sign of the end times Sarcasm? :) ...

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    Why bother buying consoles next gen?

    in Gaming Discussion on 11 March 2019

    Burning Typhoon said: With the Nintendo Switch, going from pocket to tv, so easily with no big drop in performance, and good battery life, I feel like the hardware itself is good enough to justify owning it, regardless of the games.  I feel like the PS4 is lacking because in much the same way the xbox one is.  The only thing saving the PS4 from being exactly like the xbox is...

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    Horizon Zero Dawn has sold well over 10 million!

    in Sony Discussion on 28 February 2019

    I bought a PS4 for Horizon Zero Dawn, sadly It did not live up to the hype. Still a game everyone should play. ...

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    PS Plus March Lineup - Modern Warfare Remastered & The Witness

    in Sony Discussion on 27 February 2019

    I really though they were going to add PSVR. ...

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    Rumor: MS to release Xbox Gamepass and Published titles on Switch

    in Nintendo Discussion on 22 February 2019

    Mar1217 said: jason1637 said: As long as my sub on xbox transfers to my switch im down. Pretty sure it will if it requires you to own Xbox Live in the first place. I think you will need to pay for Nintendo online service to make the Xbox App work. Add an extra $20 a years to play on Switch....

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