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    i am gonna start a rpg thread to talk about my favorite genre.

    in Gaming Discussion on 19 April 2019 by Dulfite

    I just beat FF9 for the first time (also my first FF game ever). Surprisingly good game. Mediocre start, story-wise, but it really picked up towards the end and that ending was super emotional!...

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    Nintendo Wii U, 3DS Lifetime Sales Predictions

    in Nintendo Discussion on 01 November 2017 by Mnementh

    Can't find an earlier prediction-thread. Seemingly I haven't posted in this one, but I remember saying WiiU would reach 50M before launch (so a year earlier than this thread). I can't remember ever giving an opinion to 3DS. But my WiiU-prediction deserves some crow. Yummy. Can someone pass me the salt please?...

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    Post your 3DS stats - Official Super Smash Bros. WiiU/3DS Thread

    in Nintendo Discussion on 09 July 2015 by t3mporary_126

    ExplodingBlock said:Was Shulk the last non-dlc character revealed? ...

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    Potentially an amazing upcoming game cancelled for WiiU

    in Nintendo Discussion on 14 October 2014 by Ganoncrotch

    I know walking dead is back on but the necro'ing around here lately is OTT....

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    UPDATED: Who has the best exclusives? According to metacritic it's...

    in Gaming Discussion on 12 October 2014 by bouboumorveu

    the_dengle said: bouboumorveu said:Nearly one year for PS4 and Xbone, time for this topic for PS4 vs one exclusives? You could include the Wii U, and simply disregard its exclusives from the past year (so you'd only be looking at its first year). Anyway, this thread wasn't started until 2013, 7 years after the 360 launched, so.... no, it's still a bit early for this topic to...

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    Does the Wii U have more better graphics then the PS4?

    in Gaming Discussion on 08 May 2014 by Yunta

    Kaizar said: Yunta said:if true I want to see results. Come on Nintendo bring us the gamez! Batman Arkham City armored edition was a Launch Title and "X" should show off the results when it gets release in 2015. I played it, great game! I loved the added armored mode, but technically it was not that impressive, I mean, is not a clearly superior version compared to...

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    I Believe PS4/Xbone GAP After Japan Release Will Be Over 3 Million. And You? (Over 500k in US before Titanfall Launch) - Results Out

    in Sales Discussion on 25 March 2014 by ethomaz

    I think it is time to see how accurate my prediction was... NPD February released and some big adjustments are made again... the only week missing with official data will be the first week of March for the US prediction but I will use the VGC estimation for that. 1) Over 500k in US Before Titanfall Launch Month: PS4 - Xbone = GAP November: 1,138k - 909k =  229kDecember: 863k - 908k =...

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    Are XBONE graphics closer to Wii U than PS4?

    in Gaming Discussion on 03 March 2014 by Devil_Survivor

    TheLegendaryWolf said: PikminDude123 said: Cartoon graphics can look just as good as realistic graphics. Take Pikmin 3 for example. It almost seems like they just want photorealism on every game possible for some odd reason. I don't mind if people just like realistic looking graphics in their games, but I they really don't need to shit on people who like cartoon...

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    Should Nintendo offer an optional WiiU SKU without the Gamepad?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 23 February 2014 by Soundwave

    At this stage, I think Wii U is not appealing to hardcore players or casuals (they're gone to iOS/Android for 99 cents a pop and were getting bored of Wii Sports/Fit anyway). I think Nintendo's best buy is to try and sell to cheapo Nintendo fans and kids. How? Drop the gamepad, but replace it with a new cheap Pro Controller that has a NFC chip built-in. Reposition the system and try to sell as...

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    NES REMIX 1+2 Box Art ! I want it too :/

    in Nintendo Discussion on 22 February 2014 by fedfed

    I would love a cheap physical ...

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    Xbox One Disc Drive Issues are Real

    in Gaming Discussion on 21 February 2014 by Nevermind

    I'm sick of x1 problems I'm having.... about week after I had it it wouldn't install a game 100 percent which also prevented me playing anything else, so I rang support and they informed me to connect it wired and do hard reset. After all that it worked so thought oh well just a bug. Didn't play machine again for a while until Titanfall Beta which I must add is awesome imo . Now just today I...

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    Which company's future looks more dim? Nintendo or Sony?

    in Gaming Discussion on 21 February 2014 by Asdrendeluxe

    DialgaMarine said:Sony just needs to cut down support for Vita, sell off their TV division, and continue putting a shit ton of emphasis on supporting PS4 and their smartphone division and they'll be golden. If they do that, they should start turning a good company wide profit immediately. As for Nintendo , since all they are is a video games, they can only hope the 3DS remains and pray...

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    Gamespot gives a 6/10 to DKC: Tropical Freeze

    in Nintendo Discussion on 20 February 2014 by tbone51

    Somini said:Told you the meta for this game wouldn't be higher than 70, after the first reviews came in. I think this game is rushed, hence the bad scores. If not for the game draught on the WiiU, this game could've afforded to launch later and be better received. Wow looks like you were right........ Oh Wait? Great job not taking my bet, i would have EASILY WON :-) Edit : Beaten...

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    There's No Way This Generation Will Sell Better than Last Gen.

    in Sales Discussion on 20 February 2014 by Miguel_Zorro

    NintendoPie said:  In a recent thread (http://gamrconnect.vgchartz.com/thread.php?id=178124&page=1#) quite a bit of people seem to be expecting this generation to out perform last generation. I'm here to say that this is not only wrong, but not possible. Last generation the three home consoles sold ~262 Million consoles cumulatively, according to VGC. PS3/360 sold ~80 Million and...

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    What can Nintendo do?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 19 February 2014 by Pavolink

    Move to the next console Develop games that can generate real hype No more mainstream games Focus on get third party games to cover droughts...

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    Capcom registered a new trademark for Devil May Cry... are you scared?

    in Gaming Discussion on 18 February 2014 by JOKA_

    Dr.EisDrachenJaeger said: JOKA_ said:The newest DMC from Ninja Theory was fantastic. I don't understand why people shit on it. I would love a sequel to that game! <snip> What Team Ninja did was make a casually fun game </snip> I'm glad we agree...

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    Seriously, PS4 sold out again! Why is the hype so crazy??

    in Sony Discussion on 17 February 2014 by Wonktonodi

    Dr.EisDrachenJaeger said: You guys really dont pay attention do you? I guess not since I really don't know why you are saying this and not something about how the ps4 didn't really drop off a cliff like you first said. you made a claim that was wrong. I showed you in detail how you are wrong and was hoping you would pay attention to it....

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    Famitsu review scores - PS4 launch blowout

    in Gaming Discussion on 16 February 2014 by Justagamer

    jacks81x said: Justagamer said: pezus said: Lol at all the Knack hate. And people complained about the Knack UK sales threads... I know, why is that game such a hate magnet? It's really not a bad game...... Probably because people expected it to be the next Crash Bandicoot.  Public perception is always relative to hype and expectations. True,...

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    Should Publishers follow the movie industry and force one platform per gen?

    in Gaming Discussion on 16 February 2014 by shikamaru317

    No, a monopoly is never a good thing....

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    Why can't console fans accept the PS4 is the most powerful console?

    in Gaming Discussion on 15 February 2014 by Dr.EisDrachenJaeger

    I mean that Peak performance estimations are about as usefull as a bullshot. And yes you got resolutions and lovely things over there :> Meanwhile Killzone runs at a solid framerate of 28 fps >_>...

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