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< Smeags posted something on fireburn95's wall:

Bad puns? That earns you a ban-repellant card! :P

Great BANter

on 09 September 2014

One one ban free card a day mister!

on 09 September 2014

< Wright posted something on fireburn95's wall:

Reading your disclaimer made me realize, the time I said "You called me stupid?!" I was joking :P I didn't take offense by it.

No not you lol, the mod took offence. He could clearly see the 'stupid' wasnt directed at anyone and was used to emphasise the point i was getting at. But I got banned & mod pretty much told me he took offence at the word when I pointed out I apologised in a jokingly way.
No worries bro.

on 16 August 2014

< KylieDog posted something on fireburn95's wall:

Not a ban worthy post.

Thanks :) Mods were hungry and I was their meal

on 09 August 2014

< OfficerRaichu15 posted something on fireburn95's wall:

I'm wondering why you got banned for it doesnt make sense to me

I agree, I pretty much said the same thing everyone said, 'cept i used the word 'stupid' just to get my point across. The mod was out on a hunt for someone to ban and I was the most applicable target.

on 09 August 2014

target confirmed :P

on 09 August 2014

< deskpro2k3 posted something on fireburn95's wall:

I can't believe you got banned for that. That is such bullshit. Man I'm upset because of it. Fucking mods in this forum are jackasses.

Your comment might be a little too much... Fatslob got banned once for insulting someone in a wall post...

on 06 August 2014

Its not against the forum rules to express your displeasure. If they take offense from this then its a personal matter, and they should not be a mod in the first place.

on 06 August 2014

Moral of the story. Dont call people stupid. Youre allowed to have your opinion but always be respectful

on 06 August 2014

@deskpro2k3 You know... you are actually right. If you make a thread about your displeasure with a mod you are going to get banned though. Those kind of things have to be spoken with the head moderator, or they have to go in the website issues sections.

But I think Jay is right in the end, the moral of the story is not to call people stupid, because that will get you banned!

on 06 August 2014

Thanks. Some of them are jackasses who go onto forum threads not to participate in discussion but rather to look for the slightest of displeasure they can ban, and over the word stupid, which wasnt directed at anyone specifically.
Its funny as im allowed to say the f word in forum posts but 'stupid' is bannable :/

on 09 August 2014

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This must be exciting for sony, going from like ~1 million to 7.9 million subs in a year. On the other hand, xbox live already had a ton of subscribers, so there's would be a less drastic increase, albeit an increase...

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preorder littlebigplanet 3 Or buy a laptop and pom...

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Smaller, cheaper, cooler Xbox One processor in development

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