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    Worst director of all time?

    in Movies Discussion 49 minutes ago by mZuzek

    Mandalore76 said: mZuzek said: Gonna go with Roland Emmerich as I consider Godzilla 1998 to be probably the worst movie I've ever seen, and it's not exactly his only bad flick either. I think that movie would not have gotten the bad rep it has if they had not mutated a salamander and then called it Godzilla.  It's definitely not Godzilla, but I wouldn't call it the worst...

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    Super Official Anime Discussion Thread - Summer 2019!

    in Movies Discussion 1 hour ago by Mar1217

    Cerebralbore101 said: Worst news all year. Over 20 people are dead. They have a GoFundMe. https://www.gofundme.com/help-kyoani-heal You can also buy HD digital pictures directly from Kyoani website. There are guides you can find on social media to know which steps to take since their site is obviously in Japanese. ...

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    Rate the song above you !

    in Music Discussion 3 hours ago by Bristow9091

    I'd have to go with a 3/10, it's just not for me but I could imagine it being played in the background of a club or something somewhere, maybe after a few drinks I'd enjoy it more, but it doesn't really have anything going for it either so probably not... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ZkI3ASz8Lg ...

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    Spider-Man: Homecoming vs Spider-Man: Far From Home... Which is better?

    in Movies Discussion on 08 July 2019 by The Fury

    Far from Home was a lot better than Homecoming. (are they all going to have the word 'Home' in the titles?). Just don't like the Iron Man Jr thing going on, Peter Parker is 18 times the hero Tony will ever be. When Iron Lad is introduced into the MCU things are going to get confusing too. Into the Spider-verse is the best Spider-man film ever made. ...

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    Best year for a Nintendo system?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 29 June 2019 by curl-6

    2008 and 2009 were incredible years for sales, but for me they were kinda average in terms of their game lineup. In terms of good games, for Wii's 2008 I'd nominate Mario Kart Wii, COD World at War, de Blob, No More Heroes, Shaun White Snowboarding, World of Goo. For 2009, Silent Hill Shattered Memories, Wii Sports Resort, NSMBWii, COD Modern Warfare, Dead Space Extraction, Muramasa. I don't...

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    Toy Story 4 - 84MC - 100% RT

    in Movies Discussion on 23 June 2019 by Metallox

    CuCabeludo said: Can Pixar ever release a bomb? Cars 2 did pretty mediocre and The Good Dinosaur was a disappointment in the box office. So it took a while, but it's starting to happen more and more.  Just watched TS4. It was pretty good, actually. Gabby Gabby totally stole the show for me, I liked the character a lot and it was a nice change of pace in what we had been seeing...

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    Unpopular Gaming Opinions

    in Gaming Discussion on 10 June 2019 by Amnesia

    Well, you asked for it... Secret of Mana remake and Castelvania 64 (both) are actually good games. Pokemon is shit, Sword and Shield will sell more than 25 million even if it is technically a scandal in 2019. The boss of Pokemon, the one we see at the start of the trailer, is so sure about his power and success whatever he does, that he could even show in a reveal trailer his own shit (yes,...

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    Donkey Kong Country vs Yoshi's Island

    in Nintendo Discussion on 02 April 2019 by curl-6

    globalisateur said: I mostly agree with you. On paper Yoshi's Island is better than DKC. But now I think DKC aged better (graphics and music) and is more enjoyable to play than Yoshi's Island. I bought both games the day they were released so it's not because of nostalgia. And I thought for years Yoshi's island was the best game but it's much less fun to (re) play today. But DKC ? It's a...

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    System Shock 3 Teaser from GDC Unity Keynote

    in Gaming Discussion on 18 March 2019 by FloatingWaffles

    GIVE IT TO ME ...

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    Subspace Emissary or World of Light?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 27 February 2019 by FarleyMcFirefly

    Tied for me. I loved Subspace mainly for the cutscenes/character interactions. I loved World of Light for the unique fights and overworld. ...

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    Best motion controls on Wii

    in Nintendo Discussion on 13 February 2019 by 00Xander00

      Elebits (US) or Eledees (UK) - This is a really underappreciated game. Red Steel 2 Zelda: Skyward Sword Wii Sports Resort Metroid Prime Trilogy Resident Evil 4 Okami Zelda: Twilight Princess - I know Twilight Princess's sword controls was not on the same level as the sword controls in Skyward Sword, but swinging the sword freely while running felt fun. Also the archery & shield...

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    Worst decision you can/did make in a game?

    in Gaming Discussion on 09 February 2019 by Alby_da_Wolf

    melbye said: I released Cthulhu into the world like 45 minutes ago. This is an excellent decision, IMVHO!!!   :-D  ...

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    I watched M. Night's Glass last night. My thoughts... *SPOILERS*

    in Movies Discussion on 04 February 2019 by Ultravolt

    The_Liquid_Laser said:  I know I am going to own this movie when it gets a Blue-Ray release.  I still might see it again sooner though.  It was a lot to take in, and I bet I'll get more out of the movie on a second viewing. Glad to see another fan on the site! I'll also be buying the movie on Blu-Ray when it comes out. I'd love it if they released a boxed set that...

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    Who is your Smash main? What is your favorite ruleset?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 22 January 2019 by TruckOSaurus

    Playing Peach and Yoshi mainly. Then I also go to R.O.B, Bowser, Young Link, Pikachu (I suck with him now somehow). I wanna try Palutena since she's been buffed a lot from Smash 4. Favorite ruleset for quick play is 3 stocks, 7 minutes, no items, battlefield stages...

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    Banjo-Kazooie Level in Super Mario Odyssey

    in Nintendo Discussion on 13 January 2019 by NightlyPoe

    Azzanation said: Angry much? Annoyed with myself for bothering for so long....

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    SSB Ultimate: Lackluster Single Player Modes?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 10 January 2019 by peachbuggy

    Have to respectfully disagree. Personally i love spirits board and the adventure mode. Multiplayer is fantastic as always....

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    Mario Kart which one is your favourite and thoughts on future

    in Nintendo Discussion on 19 December 2018 by Platina

    Cobretti2 said: Platina said: The DS only has a d-pad so it won't fall off :p But for the 3DS, I never had that issue, though I didn't play it as much as I did with MKDS Ah yes i assumed yo mean 3DS.  3DS scared me after playing resident evil with the amount of quick joystick movements needed to kill enemies haha Think it's more of an issue with games like...

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    Almost in the 2020's, What's Your Game of the Decade So Far?

    in Gaming Discussion on 15 December 2018 by tripenfall

    Breath of the Wild.... ...

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    What big games expect to be ported to Nintendo Switch in the future?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 14 December 2018 by zygote

    I still expect to see GTA V soonish....

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    Countdown To Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

    in Nintendo Discussion on 09 December 2018 by CaptainExplosion

    So, what to do with this thread now that Smash Bros. Ultimate has finally been released....

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