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    < Proxy-Pie posted something on Ultravolt's wall:

    I'm enjoying AM2R. I jumped in at hard mode and some bosses kicked my ass, but I'm still progressing!

    I've reached the point where one of the Metroids evolved into a Gamma Metroid. Now there's 1 Metroid left in the area and I can't find it!

    Gotta keep looking though! What do you think of it?

    It's amazing! The music, exploration, and the added features are all great! Also, it's probably the closest we'll get to a traditional Metroid game for the time being.

    I got 93% on my first run through, and trying to find the last few pickups that I missed. I'm also gonna attempt hard mode! Are you planning on picking up Fed Force when it comes out?

    on 12 August 2016

    I prefer challenges so I started with hard mode from the beginning. As for Fed Force, not for the time being. I'm going to wait and see what people think about it, and I'm not expecting anything amazing lol.

    on 12 August 2016

    Yeah, I also want to see how it does in terms of reviews, but I might still pick it up when it comes out. Though, that may be just desperation for a new Metroid game :P

    on 13 August 2016

    < Proxy-Pie posted something on Ultravolt's wall:



    Yeah, I wish they showed us some Metroid! Fed Force is releasing soon, so it would have been nice to give us some gameplay or something. On the other hand, Zelda looked great!

    on 15 June 2016

    Yeah. I wish they'd put as much effort with Metroid as they do with Zelda! :p

    on 16 June 2016

    I agree. If only they'd give Metroid the attention it deserves :(

    on 17 June 2016

    Shame. Even I can get tired of playing Fusion over and over again :p

    on 17 June 2016

    Yeah, same here. We need a new main Metroid game! Maybe for NX??

    on 18 June 2016

    Hopefully. I just want something good, We haven't had a competent Metroid since Prime 3 in 2007!

    on 18 June 2016


    on 18 June 2016

    < Proxy-Pie posted something on Ultravolt's wall:


    I dunno.. gameplay looks okay. But still not entirely sold. There's still something missing..

    on 06 March 2016

    That's what I'm feeling too.

    on 07 March 2016

    Let's just hope they'll give us at least ONE throwback mission where we can play as Samus!

    on 07 March 2016

    Heck yea!

    on 08 March 2016

    < Cloudman posted something on Ultravolt's wall:

    We may not chat much, but happy early Canada Day : )

    Thanks, Cloudman! Just got back from watching a parade! It's pretty great :D

    on 01 July 2015

    : ) Glad to hear. Sounds like it was fun.

    on 01 July 2015

    < jetforcejiminy posted something on Ultravolt's wall:

    nice to meet a fellow stafi fan (?)

    Haha cool! But, do you mean Starfy, by any chance?

    on 29 January 2015

    yes i do, the japanese name is stafi.

    on 29 January 2015

    Oh, okay! The only game I've played is the DS one, which I really liked. But I really want to play the older Japanese games, too!

    on 29 January 2015

    one of the more unique platforming concepts: make everything a water level. but stafi 3 on gba is definitely the best, that's a masterpiece, if you can get your hands on it *cough* or a rom *cough*. not much "story" so no real language barrier.

    on 29 January 2015

    Yeah, i'm definitely planning on playing those games! I'd most likely use a *cough* rom *cough*, though.

    on 29 January 2015

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    Donkey Kong Country vs Yoshi's Island

    in Nintendo Discussion on 26 March 2019

    DK Country without a doubt. The visuals, music, and gameplay are all fantastic. Yoshi's Island is a very well-made and polished game, but it never quite clicked for me. Oh... and I absolutely HATE crying Baby Mario with a passion....

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    System Shock 3 Teaser from GDC Unity Keynote

    in Gaming Discussion on 18 March 2019

    Sweet! Visually, it's looking good. Hopefully we'll see some actual gameplay soon, though!...

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    Subspace Emissary or World of Light?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 25 February 2019

    I personally prefer Subspace a tad more for its story and platforming gameplay. However, I REALLY enjoyed World of Light, especially the second half. I love that they're both very different, which makes them special in their own ways. For me, there's certain things one does better than the other. For instance, Subspace had a much better story, and the character interactions were the best!...


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