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< spemanig Quote from Miyamoto that basically confirms that Nintendo's unified platform will be a digital one:
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< Darwinianevolution posted something on spemanig's wall:

Does SMT IV have a mechanic that makes the demons currently in the party consume MAG with every step the party takes?

...Like lose MP? No lol.

on 05 October 2015

Soul Hackers makes you loose MAG, the currency you get after defeating demons, while you are walking. Every step costs me as much as three or four points of it. It makes walking and grinding in SH a terribly slow thing. If that mechanic isn't in SMT IV, I'll probably get it.

on 05 October 2015

SMT4 is the most anti-grind game I've ever played. There was not one time that I got stuck because I was under leveled, and I was way underleveled throughout since I hate grinding. If you understand the battle system, every fight is manageable even if the opponent is like 20 levels above you. It's great.

on 05 October 2015

Phew, that's a relief. I'll get it this week then, it's only 9,99‚ā¨ in the eShop.

on 05 October 2015

I genuinely like the game so much, that I regret paying so little for it lol

on 05 October 2015

< Darwinianevolution posted something on spemanig's wall:

Spemanig, have you played SMT Soul Hackers?

I've only played IV so far. New to the franchise.

on 05 October 2015

< Cloudman posted something on spemanig's wall:

Heya, so I finished Mother 3. That makes all the Mother games done until Mother 4 x )

I enjoyed 3, but I still have to give it to Mother 2. I prefer the relate able modern city feel and quirkiness of 2. 3 felt weird and the enemies didn't quite do it for me. I do like the button timing mechanic in the battle system, though.

I'm so glad you beat it! Now I can vent about all the things I didn't like about that game. I'm super excited about M4, though. I really wish Nintendo would endorse it. I'm sure that's what Itoi would want.

on 01 October 2015

Sweet! Yeah, I would love to gush about the Mother games. I'm still following M4 like a hawk. I'm hoping it comes out in one piece some time soon.

on 01 October 2015

It's so aggravating that it isn't out. It was my most anticipated game of the summer, and is definitely my most anticipated game of the year if it even comes out. That's how much I want this fan game.

But yeah. Mother 3. Didn't really like it. 3 was definitely missing the quirkiness. There's a Mother feel that is absent in the writing. I used to think it was the fan translation, but it's actually not well received in Japan for that reason, so it seams like it's just the writing. I don't like how it's divided into chapters. I don't like how it takes half the game to actually play as the main character. I don't mind it not taking place in a city, but I hate how it doesn't expand in scale the way EB did. I really didn't like the music either lol. It was very melodic and not irregular at all like EB's was. EB's soundtrack made me feel uneasy. M3's didn't. It wasn't bad, just wasn't what I want to hear when playing a game like EB. I didn't like the button timing either. I think that also ruined a lot of the music, because they had to make themes that worked with a rhythm based gameplay, as opposed to music that made you feel something uneasy. I'm quite disappointed it's returning in M4. Also, I didn't like how... vulgar the fan translation was. Even worlds like "crap" don't belong in a Mother game. If just came off as juvenile writing to sound edgy.

Also, Mr. Saturn. There is literally no reason for them to be in this game. Like, I get that they're iconic, but they literally add nothing to the game, and if anything, it detracts from their appearance in the OG EB.

So yeah, a few of my thoughts lol.

on 01 October 2015

I actually really liked the music in 3. A lot of them became favorites of mine, like Monkey's Delivery Service, Alec's Log House, and the Love Theme, I also liked Porky's theme, though it was a bit over used in the game,but I can see where you're coming from with the music. I liked some of the battle tunes too, but sometimes they just didn't work, at all. Timing was impossible to get for some.

Perhaps the translator literally translated the text into English, which is why there is mild curse. I do wish he changed it up a bit to make it a little more silly. I think I have an idea of how Kumatora spoke from the English text, which would be pretty rough...

Personally it really annoyed me how once your full team assembled, character development pretty much went away. The characters didn't really do much of interacting once your team was set. I felt minor characters were more alive than your party, and that really annoyed me. Even the rope snake felt he got more development than the team, and he's an item! I felt like I wasn't really enjoying the game and was just going from point A to B until the end. It also annoyed me that the dad was away most of the game because he was looking for Claus. Why would he spend years going to the same mountains looking for him! It just felt like a poor excuse to keep him away. Also, I just don't really like the Magypsies. They felt too weird to the point of not being good... though I do like the twist with Fassad though, and New Pork City was cool to see. But it felt like too much to trudge to the end of the game...

Those are my feelings overall with M3. O:

on 02 October 2015

Like I said, I didn't think the music was bad, just that it was un-EB. I don't like it because it completely goes against the tone set by the prior two games. Which makes sense, since it's a new composer. Same with the button timing. It's not the mechanic itself I don't like, but how it flies in the face of the flow and atmosphere Mother gameplay used to have.

I don't really blame them too much. It's not like it's their job to translate it. It's just unfortunate that the excellent treehouse team never got their hands on it. They're in a league all their own.

I feel the opposite lol. I feel like the game didn't pick up until the team assembled. I hated the beginning so much because I didn't like the way they set up the characters and I felt like I was playing an extremely drawn out prologue. I do wish the dad was the companion instead of the dog.

I didn't like the Magypsies at first, but I think they grew on me. I just was surprised they were such a large part of the game. They didn't seem like they would be at first. The game has such disjointed pacing. I liked Fassad's twist too. And New Pork City.

Minor gripe, but I hate how they call him Porky. Like I get that that was his Japanese name, but he's Pokey here. I originally thought Porky was just an alias.

I'm glad we can agree that EB is the best. Also, that section where they all get high on shrooms is amazing.

on 02 October 2015

Tone seems to be reason why M3 feels so off compared to the previous 2, as they had more of a light hearted exterior but secret darker undertones, and M3 just feels kind of too happy. The switch comes too late for that dark tone, although I think it is pretty good. Though to be fair, Mother didn't really have a style set, as EB is more of a re-imagining of M1. At least, that's how it seemed like to me.

And I really liked having the dog on the team. He had some really funny moments, especially when he had wear a disguise to get into the club x ) I think I'd switch out the thief instead of the dog. I found him to be a little uninteresting.

I suppose they had to go with Porky since his theme were pigs, so having it be Pokey would seem a little odd. If Nintendo translated M3, they would have been in a bit of a bind with Pokey since it seems rather obvious his name was Porky, and not Pokey, but I figure they would keep it the same and no one would sweat over it.

The part with the shrooms was pretty funny, especially when you realize the hotspring you enter was actually disgusting goo. And the magypsy and its servant was a real laugh too x )

on 02 October 2015

< spemanig updated his status:

Quote from Miyamoto that basically confirms that Nintendo's unified platform will be a digital one:

"So, particularly with digital downloads now and the idea that you're downloading the right to play a game, that opens up the ability to have multiple platform digital downloads where you can download on one and download on another. Certainly from a development standpoint there is some challenge to it, because if you have two devices that have different specs and you're being told to design in a way that the game runs on both devices, then that can be challenging for the developeróbut if you have a more unified development environment and you're able to make one game that runs on both systems instead of having to make a game for each system, that's an area of opportunity for us."

But please go on to tell me how you'll be playing one game on two systems via carts instead.

Maybe they will make it like what the XB1 was planned to be, with a physical copy that you can use to install the game and transfer it to other consoles.

4 days ago

I don't think so. Outside of the patent, it just doesn't make sense for a platform like this to support digital media when the entire structure is built around it. For example, the membership program is dependent on digital purchases. You can't reap the benefits of the program like flexible pricing for games without buying digitally.

4 days ago

< Teeqoz posted something on spemanig's wall:

Y'know, I have a bet proposal for ya. Now, granted, we won't know the answer in like 4 years, but we should have a bet about what the PS5 will be.

You're saying it will be a streaming/PSNow box, righto? I say it'll be able to play games natively (aka running on its own hardware). You up for that? Winner gets, uhm, let's say 1 months avy and sig control.

I'm not a betting man. The satisfaction of being right is enough for me.

on 22 September 2015

We will see...

on 22 September 2015

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Famitsu gives The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes a 9/9/8/8 [34/40] So probably a meta of around 85 eventually?

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Worst in the series. Burn it alive. Poor reception since reveal. /s...

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Whats going on with Retro???

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Whats going on with Retro???

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Miyamotoo said: Diddy Kong Racing certainly would sell much much better than those and similar games, games like you mentioned doesn't sell very well on Nintendo platforms and thats fact, but Kart game with Nintendo characters are always one of the best selling game on any Nintendo platform. Games like that don't sell very well on Nintendo consoles solely because they aren't...


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