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< hershel_layton posted something on spemanig's wall:

If Nintendo makes a handheld( or should I say when they do), what are your expectations for it?

personally, I want a 720p screen badly.


Only, I don't think the top screen will be 720p anymore like I did when I made that thread. I think it will be between 480p and 544p. Probably 544p. There are more benefits, graphically, to having a lower resolution screen.

6 days ago

Really? How so?

Better frame rates?

6 days ago

Better fidelity all around. Like if the Wii was as powerful as the PS360, but could only output in 480p, all those games would look and perform way better, with the trade off being that the image would be blurry. On a handheld, that doesn't matter as much because the screen is so small.

6 days ago

< the_dengle posted something on spemanig's wall:

The Tantalus plot is pretty thick. I've heard people say that Twilight Princess HD was rushed out to fill the gap left by Zelda Wii U. But Tantalus first reported they were working on the port last year, before the Game Awards footage. And at the beginning of this year, they said it would release at the end of 2015. What's going on here? At some point Nintendo planned to release Twilight Princess HD and Zelda Wii U in extremely close proximity, or did they know all along Zelda Wii U would be "delayed"?

Screw it, this shit is thread worthy.

on 20 November 2015

I do think you're on to something.

on 20 November 2015

I think so too. You know, maybe there is some second game. Maybe they really were porting Minecraft or something all along, and that was the game they were referring to, and it comes out by surprise in the next few months. I hope so, this is one time I don't want to be right.

on 20 November 2015

I unfortunately am not as optimistic. What I think happened is that TPHD was delayed behind the scenes massively. I don't think the title was mean to take anywhere near as long as it ended up taking, and the the timing is more of a coincidence than anything sinister.

I don't think it was made as an apology for the delay. I think it was probably meant to come out earlier this year - like late Q1, with Zelda coming out at the end of the year. Then everything was moved around. Remember, MM3D was done for months and was delayed to launch with the N3DS in the west, so we would have had no other Zelda during that period.

5 days ago

It would be an awfully "convenient" coincidence for both TPHD and Zelda Wii U to be delayed by the same amount of time independently of one another. It's funny how you see coincidence and real delays as "optimistic" compared to the alternative I've presented?

5 days ago

A planned early 2015 release also would have put TPHD right on top of MM3D. Which, while not unprecedented (WWHD & LBW), still would have been weird. Late 2014 release would have been weird too due to Hyrule Warriors.

5 days ago

< Paatar posted something on spemanig's wall:

Just curious, I'd actually like to hear your criticisms against Splatoon that do not include the obvious bad choices of map/mode rotation and no voice chat. Also, don't tell me about how the launch was incomplete, I'm asking for criticisms based on how it is as of right now.

No pro controller support.
Terrible local multiplayer.
No split screen local multiplayer versions of online modes.
Only four online modes.
Poor friend invite system.
No pro controller support.
Can't switch load out mid match or during match making.
Can't view teammates' load outs during match making.
Can't adjust aim sensitivity mid match.
The aiming reticule isn't stationary.
Callie and Marie unskippable updates.
Weapons, armor, and single player content hidden behind Amiibo paywall.
Still criminally overpriced for the content provided. Splatoon doesn't need more weapons - It needs more maps and modes.
No pro controller support.
No pro controller support.

on 19 November 2015

TBH all of those are just petty complaints. You're just looking for things to be mad at. Pro controller support is not an issue, adjusting sensitivity mid match? Seriously? That's why there is a practice mode where you can adjust it to your liking before you join a match.

Callie and Marie are not a big deal at all and if you can't stand 15 seconds, then wow... Like not even going to go there.

It's not overpriced. The amount of content in it is much more complete than it was and is most definitely worth $60. Ask anyone who owns and has played it, they will agree.

No split screen for online? Oh well. There's a shit ton of games that don't have that, but all of a sudden since its Nintendo it's this huge deal? Sure it would be nice but come on, be real here, it's not that big of a deal.

More maps? It's getting a steady steam of them and now has what I believe 16 in total with the two new ones? (Or 18 with the new ones)

4 online modes is kinda low but not enough to bitch about and make it a buying or skipping out on factor.

Pretty much all of your complains, people who own the game don't even care about. It's really not a huge deal.

Also, the aiming reticule moving? It helps with aiming so it can't make it more difficult.

Not seeing your opponents load out during match making? Really? Now I've heard if all ladies and gentlemen.

IMO, your only valid complaint is crappy local multiplayer.

on 19 November 2015

Absolutely none of them are petty. The Pro Controller is the de facto standard for shooters and the gamepad is already an ergonomic nightmare. Not including support for it when its already programmed into the game and when the game already has support for no motion controls is a major issue and a moronic design decision.

Yes, adjusting sensitivity mid match. A feature that is a standard in literally every other shooter. Adjusting aim sensitivity in a controlled environment where you aren't being attacked or aiming at constantly moving enemies is not the same as adjusting during a match where all those things are happening. Major issue.

15 seconds of constant and regular unskippable interruptions that NO OTHER SHOOTER HAS. Like Otero said in his review, it borderlines on criminal.

It is absolutely overpriced. It's not even close to being worth $60. The 18 map statistic is 100% irrelevant when you can only play two, selected at random, every two hours. The only time I've ever considered buying the game is when it was reduced to $40 for test fire participants, and I didn't because it's a bad game with many more problems than just being overpriced.

It's absolutely low enough to bitch about. It makes the game repetitive and stale, especially in tandem with the terrible rotation system.

Frankly, I don't even remotely respect the standards of people who buy a game like that for a price like that, especially when most of those people bought it when it only had 4 maps and two modes. The fact that "most people who own the game don't care" is a massive slight on them, not a point towards the inevident quality of the game.

In absolutely no shooter game is a constantly moving, unpredictable reticule an AID towards aiming. The entire reason reticules don't move is so you always are sure where your bullets will go, which is impossible when the reticule is disorientatingly bouncing around all over the place. Major issue.

I didn't say your opponents. I said your teammates. Which is important for coordination and team balance. If I'm on a team where two teammates are snipers, it's terrible balance for me to also have one, but in Splatoon, you don't know this until it's too late, which can cost a match unnecessarily. That's a major issue.

All of my criticisms are valid.

on 19 November 2015

The majority of your criticisms are invalid and you are just looking for something to bitch at. Nit picking every little thing to make your opinion and stance look justified when in fact it does the exact opposite. You're reaching now bud. Oh well, I don't really care though because no one will miss you being on it. We will all have a great time while you waste your time and effort away complaining about a game that you have never even tried.

on 19 November 2015

Oh yeah and if all those criticisms were valid, you wouldn't be the only one bitching about them.

on 19 November 2015

I'm far from the only person not buying Splatoon because of these things. I'd love to see Splatoon try to survive as it is on a platform that actually has software competition when it comes to the shooter genre, because it would get absolutely slaughtered when not in a bubble of people who don't have any alternatives.

on 19 November 2015

< Darwinianevolution posted something on spemanig's wall:

Spemanig, in your ZeldaU time capsule thread, will it be possible to post information that has nothing to do with the gameplay or the story? If there are new rumours of the game coming to the NX or getting amiio support, will it be posted there?

It won't. For example, I'll still be on the lookout to see if the game will be voice acted, but when I find out, I wont post anything about it in that thread.

But thank you for asking. I'll clarify that in the OP.

on 15 November 2015

Oh, wait. I see what you're asking. If it is confirmed to come to the NX, that is okay to post in the thread. Any details of the Amiibo support outside of what we already know is not though.

on 15 November 2015

< hershel_layton posted something on spemanig's wall:

I just realized that your height is 0' 0" in your biography.

XD Seems legit

Yeah, I never payed attention to it. I'm 6'1, if anyone is really that curious.

on 13 November 2015

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The Order 1886 at $10 in PSN for a limited amount of time

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