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    Imagine If

    in Nintendo Discussion on 06 October 2013

    You randomly browse Metacritic in December and see this:   I apologize for the awful photoshop...didn't put much time in lolol...

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    Woman buys wooden iPad

    in General Discussion on 02 October 2013


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    Will there be a $199 Wii U bundle on black friday?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 28 September 2013

    This site is full of such idiotic discussions. Stop thinking like a retard. Moderated, -Mr Khan...

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    If console sales are about software, then........

    in Nintendo Discussion on 28 September 2013

    This thread is beyond retarded...

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    Dancing Bear is real...just not as real as it seems

    in NSFW Discussion on 27 September 2013

    Unrelated topic, I know. I've been watching the dancing bear videos for a while now..and yeah, it seems like an awesome bachelorette party. Lots of random girls sucking cocks. Seems a little too good to be true...so why do people think it's fake? Well first, all the females know, before arriving, what kind of bachelorette party it is..and that it's run by DancingBear. These parties are...

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    2013 is an incredible year for classic material

    in Gaming Discussion on 27 September 2013

    When a film or game is released, you know if it's considered a classic or not. It seems that this year is chock full of that type of material. When I say classic, I mean something that is going to have a long-term impact on people for a LONG time..years..maybe decades....for example: GTA 4, Super Mario 64, Super Smash Bros Melee, LOZ: Ocarina of time, etc. etc.   Films: -Man of Steel -...

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    User attitudes that turn you off and those that turn you on

    in General Discussion on 26 September 2013

    anus ~ Mod Edit ~ This user was warned by TruckOSaurus for this post....

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    Should Nintendo have made the Wii U WEAKER?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 25 September 2013

    A retard created this thread   Moderated - Kresnik....

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    Do you think Super Mario 3D World was originally called Super Mario HD world?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 24 September 2013

    We all know the title of the game made no sense due to the Wii U not supporting the same 3D tech as the 3DS..but yeah it's a sequel. Mario saves Peach in the end of 3D land..Luigi can be played afterwards too..and Toad is always everywhere. So in 3D World..all of them come together to do something.. SPOILER ALERT: It might be something against Bowser...not entirely sure..it's always...

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    Nintendo is the most successful gamin

    in Nintendo Discussion on 23 September 2013

    Wii U will be a success by 2015. It'll have some incredible software. Nintendo's next handheld and console(hybrid or not) will be top of the line stuff. It'll be released by 2018. PS5 and Xbox 3 won't be out until 2023 at the earliest. Nintendo will have new hardware and games on the market. The most powerful system for a few years until new competition from Sony and MS. Super Mario...

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    NEWS Sony Promising The News We've "Been Waiting For" Tomorrow

    in Sony Discussion on 08 September 2013

    GTA 5 for PS4 confirmed...

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    Why PC Gaming is Surging

    in PC Discussion on 04 September 2013

    I hate using the keyboard for control input...but I love PC gaming with an Xbox 360 controller. Saints Row IV has had me occupied for a while on the PC. ...

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    Nintendo comments on PS4/X1 launch lineups - MEH

    in Gaming Discussion on 28 August 2013

    His Anus is Ready...

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    The 2DS is aim at Kids not you!!!

    in Nintendo Discussion on 28 August 2013

    cowsandsheeps said: pokoko said:I was interested in one myself until I saw how tiny the screen is. I think it's a good idea. It's the same size... unless you're talking about the XL http://img.gawkerassets.com/img/18yfingsqoy7bpng/ku-xlarge.png my 3DS XL came with a power adapter...wtf is this?...

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    The 2DS is aim at Kids not you!!!

    in Nintendo Discussion on 28 August 2013

    It'll be $99 next year...hence making the 3DS the best-selling handheld gaming system of all time before 2016....

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    Why They Are Excited For Knack?

    in Sony Discussion on 26 August 2013

    It seems rather generic...I see it as more of a tech demo. Not too much graphically, but more of a physics demo....

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    What is your Favourite Next Gen Feature?

    in Gaming Discussion on 25 August 2013

    HD Mario lol...

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    GTA V has gone gold.

    in Gaming Discussion on 24 August 2013

    Mr Puggsly said:Very impressive. I bet that game is gonna sell like a million copies. LOL...a lot more than that...

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    PS4's one million plus pre-orders are "way over" that of PS2 and PS3

    in Sony Discussion on 21 August 2013

    It's getting these high pre-orders because a) Sony is finally doing something right with this b) They haven't shifted their message like Microsoft c) They aren't repeating the PS3 launch mistakes such as: -Spiderman font(TOPLEL) -Barely any games at launch ...

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    New Ouya Ad (lol, pathetic, terrible?, hmm not sure)

    in Gaming Discussion on 21 August 2013

    ouya is done. It's been done. It's a failed concept. Move along....

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