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    The Japan is Games?

    in Sales Discussion on 10 May 2019 by Dulfite

    psychicscubadiver said: Dulfite said: The op, the thread, or Pence/Kanye 2024? Shit, I'd vote for that ticket solely for the memes. This thread got necrobumped and I read this forgetting I wrote it haha ...

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    The Football Thread - 17/18 Season

    in Sports Discussion on 19 July 2018 by The Fury

    KiigelHeart said:  I wouldn't mind if we signed another centreback, defensive midfielder and a winger but it's not likely Emery will get everything in one transfer window.  Mertesacker retire? Getting replacements for good centre backs seems hard nowadays. Especially ones that lead because the new one might not....

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    Prediction: Xbox One will outsell PS4 WW by Q1 2016

    in Gaming Discussion on 24 December 2017 by CGI-Quality

    FattyDingDong said: Looking back I realize how wrong I was with my prediction. Everyone thought I was just kidding around but I was indeed being serious, I was still under the impression that Microsoft was the same aggressive company as they were during the Xbox 360 era. I was wrong. Even if they had been as aggressive, they wouldn't be ahead WW. ...

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    The 13th polygon supercell Theory

    in Gaming Discussion on 11 October 2017 by Dulfite

    This was possibly the greatest idea I ever had... beautiful!...

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    Popularity of E3, using Youtube

    in Gaming Discussion on 13 July 2015 by BraLoD

    TLG > Halo Dat Trico doe....

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    U.S. Supreme Court Votes Gay Marriage Constitutional and Legal

    in Politics Discussion on 30 June 2015 by sc94597

    Wonktonodi said: All things come with a price, being a citizen and getting married are no exceptions. You might disagree but that's the reality that in many cases people agree with. While there is no draft now, men still register with selective service should we need it. I think they should expand jury service to more than just registered voters, though I also think...

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    PS4 got a media player today

    in Sony Discussion on 24 June 2015 by archer9234

    Ruler said:So what does it do can it play music while playing a game? Yes it can. But the instructions are annoying how to setup. You gotta put music in a music folder on the card or HDD. But videos can be in a generic unnamed folder. But both requre the files to be IN a folder. Basically they didn't incorporate the PS3's show all function....

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    Is MS' Heart Just Not Into It This Gen?

    in Gaming Discussion on 17 June 2015 by Protendo

    jlmurph2 said: Protendo said: These are ports. This is why when I put the disc in I have to download a different version of the game. This is why it can't just play the disc. If it was emulation, I could put the disc in and load it without needing to download a different version of the game. You have to download the disc because you're running a digital Xbox 360. None of...

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    Kerbal Space program coming to PS4

    in Sony Discussion on 17 June 2015 by HoloDust

    generic-user-1 said: HoloDust said: Yeah, I'm guessing they'll have to either re-code a lot of stuff or make cuts - even with vanilla you can make some insanely big inteplanetary ships, specially if you're assembling in orbit. they cant re-code the stuff that need the cpu, and they cant make it work on ps4 like on pc. amd makes ust to bad cpus... Considering how...

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    PlayStation @E3 2015 We got FFVII remake, Shenmue III & The Last Guardian, E3's Over Go Home

    in Sony Discussion on 17 June 2015 by KazumaKiryu

    dreams was good too. my favourites are Shenmue 3, FF 7 Remake, Last Guardian Release 2016 !! I'm very happy, that why - i love videogaming! the E3 was perfect : ) here my favourites with pictures and with poll http://gamrconnect.vgchartz.com/thread.php?id=204567&page=1#...

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    Konami Should learn From Shenmue kickstarter for Their Silent Hill

    in Gaming Discussion on 16 June 2015 by Ultrashroomz

    I don't think it works like that. Konami clearly showed that they don't give a crap about Silent Hills, so we're not gonna see it anytime soon, I'm afraid....

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    Waaaay under the radar: World of FINAL FANTASY sounds a lot like POKEMON. Expanding on 13-2 Monster system?

    in Sony Discussion on 16 June 2015 by badgenome

    pokoko said: Well ... okay, yeah, if your opponent is willing to land directly on his head for you. Both moves should be used in more games, though only on bosses. That's the great thing about the ganso bomb: he lands on his head whether or not he's willing!...

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    Phil Spencer - Virtual Reality Not Yet 'A Thing'

    in Microsoft Discussion on 13 June 2015 by JRPGfan

    Its not a now thing.... its a month from now thing :P (we need to get a agreement in order with oculus rift first)   "I’m not saying it’s five years from now, but it’s not really a now now thing." - Phil Spencer. Suuuuuuure... not quite 5years away, but there abouts aye? basically 1month lateron.... look guys we have a VR demo of a game streamed into a virtual liveing...

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    The Guardian has it on “good authority” that The Last Guardian will be at E3

    in Sony Discussion on 12 June 2015 by ReimTime

    I heard it was actually changed into a slick racing game called The Fast Guardian. Michael Pachter told me over a nice steaming hot cup of Mountain Dew,...

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    Who has the best exclusives in 2015? X1 or PS4

    in Gaming Discussion on 08 June 2015 by Sharpryno

    Mike_L said: Sharpryno said: Just humorous, that ps4 list. Compared to Steam, same quality, Steam has 10x that amount coming for 2015.   And get a better list, N++? Game is like a decade old and its on your exclusives list zzz.   AAA exclusives are the only ones that sell (usually) therefor the only ones that matter. This site is vastly Sony favored x10, why even bother...

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    Hall of Repeated Conquest: Beat a game? Beat it more than once (maybe 15 times)? Claim your title now!

    in Gaming Discussion on 05 June 2015 by Dulfite

    Wagram said: The Witcher 2 (PC) - 5 times now. What is wrong with meeee? Well you just dethroned Hynad for that game!...

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    Rime is playable, Sony has a master plan for it !

    in Gaming Discussion on 03 June 2015 by MoHasanie

    Aerys said: MoHasanie said:I completely forgot about this game. It certainly looked really good when they showed it at Gamescom. That shows the problem of a lot of PS4 games, not enough marketing, thats why a lot think there is no game Sony always had that problem. Their consoles have the most exclusives but only the big ones get enough marketing. ...

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    Let's end the bickering and just predict, The Order 1886 sales and meta, how high will they be?

    in Sony Discussion on 01 June 2015 by mymuro

    mymuro said:72 meta 650k FW 1.8 ~ 2M 2015 Seems like my 2015 sales prediction was way off!...

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    I've come to realize that the "Souls" games and Bloodborne are terrible games...

    in Gaming Discussion on 30 May 2015 by gamingpotato7

    estebxx said: gamingpotato7 said: Thank you. I had the platinum and only been doing pvp, but I want more of this. This design, this look and feel, the story, the darkness. This game looks and plays so good. Anyone can see that those who played it and enjoy this design style really adored this game and want more and more and more. People are actually greatly looking forward for a...

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    Why do you think the Earth is a Ball ?

    in General Discussion on 05 May 2015 by Porcupine_I

    Because shadows have different lenghts at the same time on different places on earth. Because on the ocean before you see a ship you can already see its sails. Because the moon is too...

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