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    PlayMatt's Wall

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    < naruball posted something on PlayMatt's wall:

    Have you seen Slumber Party?! It may just be my favourite ever.

    < The_Sony_Girl1 posted something on PlayMatt's wall:

    Who is that?

    Hey there! Thanks for the add..

    It's Courtney Gears ;)

    on 18 September 2015

    < FentonCrackshell posted something on PlayMatt's wall:

    LOVE the sig! I see Dark Cloud in there. Can't believe it's been 10 years since part 2. I'm still anticipating part 3.

    Hey there, it looks cute don't it? ;) Haha I really miss the time when we had MANY releases during the year which were not only about shooting... Have you seen this rumor from Tidux? https://twitter.com/Tidux/status/575302651564400641

    I have no idea how good is he on predicting stuff but I'm so damn wishing it to be Level-5 bringing us Dark Cloud 3 even one HD Remaster of the previous 2 games would make me so freaking excited :P

    on 11 March 2015

    I have a wife and 2 kids. If my wife thinks Dragon Age Inquistion is taking up much of my time now. She's not seen a thing yet if we get Dark Cloud 3 or a Dark Cloud remaster.

    on 11 March 2015

    < TruckOSaurus posted something on PlayMatt's wall:

    Hey there! I've removed the lower part of your signature since with it, the signature was over the maximum height of 270 pixels.

    So sad :'(

    on 22 July 2014

    < veritaz posted something on PlayMatt's wall:

    Courtney Gears as your profile pic.I was just playing Ratchet & Clank 3 too.

    Cool! I love that game... Hope you had fun

    The time is now, we robots must be free! Now shout with me: Let's exterminate ALL ORGANIC LIFE!!!

    on 20 July 2014

    It was great. I platinumed it and it's in my top 3 favorite R&C games. It's up there with a crack in time and tools of destruction.

    on 20 July 2014

    Haha I agree with you, mainly for having Courtney Gears and Dr. Nefarious together on the game made it one of the best games to me... (They are the best villains in the series for me)

    But I can't deny Crack in Time is the most amazing and perfect game in the series (gameplay and content wise)

    on 20 July 2014

    < LemonSlice posted something on PlayMatt's wall:

    The Adventures of Lomax looks beautiful. Ah that old sprite-based charm.

    Oh, and your sig is too big.

    OMG! Can't believe someone else enjoyed that game on PS1... Really hope SONY would give a chance to the adventured Lemmings game a return... Could look amazing on the Vita and not be that much of expensive...

    on 05 July 2014

    < outlawauron posted something on PlayMatt's wall:

    Your sig is too long.


    on 05 July 2014

    < Conegamer posted something on PlayMatt's wall:

    Courtney Gears.

    I approve.

    Yeeeey will send you an Autograph if you show me a pic naked with your PS4 :P

    on 08 June 2014


    I'll take a rain check on that thanks :)

    on 08 June 2014

    < Mr Khan posted something on PlayMatt's wall:

    The combined limit on GIF files in sigs is 1.5 MB. I've modified your signature.


    on 19 March 2014

    < KingWithNoKrown posted something on PlayMatt's wall:

    I read your sig. A Gaga fan?

    I really like GAGA! And OMG! I really love her songs! I'm totally addicted to VENUS...

    Have and oyster baby it's aphrodisiac, and squeazy

    on 15 February 2014

    Lol. Love that song. Her new album is great. Been playing it a lot since it was released. G.U.Y is my favorite.

    on 15 February 2014

    < Zappykins posted something on PlayMatt's wall:

    Thanks for the friend add!

    You're welcome!! Add me on PSN! :D MattHirt

    on 15 February 2014

    < Kresnik posted something on PlayMatt's wall:

    Your signature was way, way too big. I resized it.

    Oh ok didn't know you would resized it and changed it...

    on 10 February 2014

    I didn't change the picture. At least, I didn't think I did...

    on 10 February 2014

    < pezus posted something on PlayMatt's wall:

    The Playstation Nation GOTYs are a go! Pick your nominees here: http://gamrconnect.vgchartz.com/thread.php?id=156117&page=1

    *This automated message was sent to you because you are a member of the Playstation Nation

    < PSwii60 posted something on PlayMatt's wall:

    Thanks for the list (Vita games)! Looks like I may need to get Persona 4 being that that's highly recommended by everybody

    I am surprised it's not more popular tbh. Pretty low in the PS Vita top seller list (on PSN)

    on 16 October 2013

    haha hope I could help you! Love that Vita, Are you enjoying it? ;)

    on 19 October 2013

    Thanks for the add! :)
    I actually enjoy the Vita; it is a thing of beauty.
    I haven't played it much, because I'm waiting for a bigger memory card I ordered online

    on 22 October 2013

    Oh man I'm starting a long trip to USA, just bought the power grip to be able to play on the plane, also bought Killzone Mercenary and Uncharted Golden Abyss and still need to finish Soul Sacrifice!... Am gonna stop playing it *-*

    on 22 October 2013

    Am not gonna stop**

    on 22 October 2013

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