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    What to do about Xbox One

    in Gaming Discussion on 19 June 2013 by Wii_R2_Hardcore

    MCPOxxxAAG said:holy fucking shit, this thread is irrelevant So why do you bother?...

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    Miyamoto: PS4/Xbox One "easily $100 more if they came with Gamepad"

    in Sales Discussion on 19 June 2013 by zumnupy10

    globalisateur said: Well myamoto forgets the price of a dualshock 4 which isn't free (around 60$). I won't believe the gamepad is worth 160$. No way. I would even dare say that a high technology SONY dualshock 4 might even be more expensive that a 10 years old tech gamepad. Wishful thinking or honest belief ? Where is the high tecnology of DS4 ?...

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    Sega Xbox Live game sale

    in Microsoft Discussion on 19 June 2013 by brendude13

    Sonic 4: Episode II for me....

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    How is the 360 still leading almost weekly in the U.S?

    in Microsoft Discussion on 19 June 2013 by green_sky

    aikohualda said: lol bunch of my nephew's friend said nintendo are for kids and they are 10 LOL they want to play COD..... i remember when i was 12 everyone is going gaga for Half life...... while im in the corner playing pokemon :P That's hilarious :-D...

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    Xbox One headset revealed

    in Microsoft Discussion on 19 June 2013 by walsufnir

    superchunk said: I'd say I would prefer MS headset design over PS4s. However, MS usage of AA batteries or buy another accessory by far destroys any advantage the headset gives them. I can't believe they didn't include built-in batteries... hell even Nintendo did that.   Also, Nintendo's approach is best... use any damn headset you want. Absolutely. Using and building a...

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    I hate PS Plus

    in Sony Discussion on 19 June 2013 by RareglovE

    bonkers555 said:I hate PS+ because I can't keep my free games if I cancel my subscription. But you can't complain about the quality of games is provided for free. You wont have to worry on the X1 you get to keep your games according to Major Nelson....

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    Forza 5 Interview: Xbox One Hardware, Building Tracks, Drivatar Explained

    in Microsoft Discussion on 18 June 2013 by tuscaniman99

    I'm not even that big of a fan of racers but I feel compelled to buy this day 1. ...

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    Xbox One will NOT Feature.....a Power Button?!?!?

    in Microsoft Discussion on 18 June 2013 by morenoingrato

    enditall727 said: This would have been a stupid move Lol some people were ready to defend it not having a power button XD Anybody who would've thought different would have been an absolute hater lol And others were really happy when they thought it didn't have a Power Button. Am I wrong?...

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    25 Minutes of 'Dead Rising 3' plus Kinect Details

    in Microsoft Discussion on 18 June 2013 by oldschoolfool

    I might get this down the line,but that's along ways off....

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    Jimmy Fallon kicks off Video Game Week with Xbox One's Forza Motorsport

    in Gaming Discussion on 18 June 2013 by ironmanDX

    Just_Rocco said:Killer Instinct is being demoed also! I wonder if they'll show the games running from the X1 or not? Forza 5 was running at E3 with an Xbox ONE. :-)...

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    The tale of Jane Consumer, Cliff Xbox and Bob Playstation.

    in Gaming Discussion on 17 June 2013 by PeterSilenced

    So she is getting a baby xbox.... raised by Bob Playstation .... i will skip this generation confirmed?...

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    Opinion: XBO, A Generation Behind PS4 in Terms of Production Value.

    in Gaming Discussion on 23 June 2016 by CGI-Quality

    Nothing wrong with an opinion, but this thread takes it to places the site doesn't need to go....

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    Hard Fact: 1080p requires over double the performance of 720p

    in Gaming Discussion on 01 November 2013 by Subie_Greg

    It's sad reading through this thread. Saying you can't notice or hardly notice the difference between 720p and 1080p is an outright lie. If you don't care, that's fine. Your entitled to your opinion. But the difference between 720p and 1080p is real. It's there and it is a fact. And no matter how many times you say otherwise, you are flat out wrong Go tell the master race that. Next time...

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    in Gaming Discussion on 16 September 2013 by Mr Khan


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    Rumor: The reason you will want a windows phone

    in Microsoft Discussion on 12 September 2013 by Mr Khan


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    EDGE Cover story: why PS4 is your next console – and the titanic errors on Xbox One’s road to ruin

    in Gaming Discussion on 02 July 2013 by PeterSilenced

    The titanic mistake of edge that alienated their xbox fans interest in their magazine purchase for a month. On a side note let's hype Titanfall since it's clearly on "The only console of choice right now" ...

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    VGC needs to pull a XB1

    in Website Topics on 26 June 2013 by BasilZero

    Kinda hard to bring up your posting history when you dont have one and kinda hard to call you out when we dont know you and yes I know who made this topic - just saying ;p...

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