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    The Animal Crossing: New Leaf thread

    in Nintendo Discussion on 24 November 2016 by piggychan

    sethnintendo said: Wow didn't know there were sets within those 2 mini games. I haven't tried them out yet but will do so this weekend. I finally have 4 days off work (been working us 6-7 days a week for the past few weeks). Time to relax and play some video games. the puzzle league tho... That is really HARD!!! So far I've managed to beat 5 opponents.. Each opponent takes 3...

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    "Your" Top 5 Third Party "Franchises" of All Time?

    in Gaming Discussion on 17 February 2014 by kupomogli

    Castlevania Final Fantasy Shin Megami Tensei YakuzaTales of series. Number five is kind of hard to choose.  Every series I chose the series have been going down hill.  Breath of Fire.  Amazing, but the series is dead aside from a cell phone game no one wants.  Mega Man.  I can't remember when the last truly great Mega Man games was released, and yes Mega Man 9/10 are...

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    Forza 5 vs Gran Turismo 6: What will Score higher this year?

    in Gaming Discussion on 17 December 2013 by adriane23

    bananaking21 said: adriane23 said: Aldro said:If there is anything Forza shows is that GT6 will be lucky to land on 80. Anyone thinking GT6 will get above 80 is probably fooling themselves. MARK MY WORDS! Aldro. Care to explain this? he is to busy fapping to celebrity look alike porn stars. Ah, he'll be all night then....

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    cool dead rising 3 outfit unlock spolier

    in Microsoft Discussion on 14 November 2013 by Ronster316

    Well, this gen pretty much ends in 3 minutes time (in the UK anyway. So unless a game falls down from the sky right now and blows me away in 3 minutes, Dead Rising 1 will remain my fave game of this entire generation. What does the ONE get on launch day? only the third installment of this incredible franchise. And yes, can't wait to cause carnage once again in a Mega Man costume...!!!!!...

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    What's a game you wish more developers ripped off?

    in Gaming Discussion on 14 September 2013 by Alby_da_Wolf

    Glad to see many people still considering the first Deus Ex an example to follow even now....

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    The most atmospheric games you've played

    in Gaming Discussion on 31 August 2013 by shakarak

    Metroid Prime, Metro, Max Payne...

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    Nintendo Reveals the Newest Addition to the 3DS Family: Nintendo 2DS

    in Nintendo Discussion on 31 August 2013 by Snesboy

    noname2200 said: Snesboy said:I'll buy it. It's cheap. Don't you already have a system? I didn't get the 3DS when it launched :( I couldn't see the 3D anyway....

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    What Will Vita's Sales Be With The Official Price Cut In The US?(Week Ending Aug 24th)

    in Sony Discussion on 29 August 2013 by Farsala

    JWeinCom said:... If the weekly sales numbers are accurate, the price drop had almost no effect +33% or so to 8K. Dunno why people were predicting 30K and up. The Vita's price it fine. It needs games. I do not think it is accurate, but it should not be to far off. My guess is something like 10k-15k. Still horrid....

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    The 2DS is aim at Kids not you!!!

    in Nintendo Discussion on 29 August 2013 by the2real4mafol

    After all this time, why is there still no second analog stick? They had an attachment before so why not just include it now, some games would really benefit from it and have so already. ...

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    RockStar Developer Sale on right now. On Xbox Live Market Place

    in Microsoft Discussion on 29 August 2013 by Ganoncrotch

    TheSting said:When's this sale over with? Can anyone gimme a rundown on what Bully is? http://www.metacritic.com/game/playstation-2/bully http://www.metacritic.com/game/xbox-360/bully-scholarship-edition   If you have never heard of the game it could be because you're in Europe it was called something else here while it was on the ps2 latin name for "Dog eat Dog" can't for...

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    Activision defends yearly Call of Duty releases

    in Gaming Discussion on 28 August 2013 by crissindahouse

    there is nothing to defend, i think around 20m people buy every new cod which means people want a new game every year. sure, not those who complain about it but they are probably not really cod fans. why should they release it only every second year? to sell maybe 25m with one game instead of 40m with two games in two years? those who think a new game every year is too much should just buy only...

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    Ni no Kuni has sold 1.4 Million Units on DS and PS3

    in Sales Discussion on 26 August 2013 by tiffac

    Kresnik said: Wright said: So I assume 500k is a success? 50k can be a success for someone like Compile Heart. The 'Tales of' series was a massive success at ~600k domestic sales; but still seems to be doing alright at ~400k.  I'm assuming this would be in the same ballpark as those kind of figures. Yup, as long as there is right expectation that leads to the...

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    Watch_Dogs, Who's hyped?

    in Gaming Discussion on 26 August 2013 by archbrix

    MohammadBadir said: archbrix said:I am; it looks great. I just wish they'd hurry up and show WiiU footage and Gamepad functionality already. didn't they show footage at the end of that "3rd party releases" video? Yes, but that was back in June and it was really brief. I'm curious to see how it has shaped up since then....

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    What new releases do you intend to get in the near future?

    in Gaming Discussion on 25 August 2013 by Areym

    KH 1.5, Beyond: Two Souls, GTAV, FFX HD, FFXIII Lighting Returns, Pokemon X....

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    Wii U, PS4, One exclusive sales

    in Sales Discussion on 23 August 2013 by PDF

    PS4: Knack - 1m c'mon little buddy. I believe in you....

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    Are You Buying GTA5?

    in Gaming Discussion on 15 August 2013 by SnowPrince

    Yeah I'll be buying the GTAV ps3 Bundle for 279$ !!...

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    Best console duo

    in Gaming Discussion on 13 August 2013 by BHR-3

    360+PS3 or PC+PS3 i dont like none of the Nintendo franchises, havent since the mid to late 90s and alot of the 80s and 90s games that were on Nintendo arent around anymore period ...

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    Should I buy a PS4 or games for the current generation?

    in Gaming Discussion on 10 August 2013 by deskpro2k3

    I'd go with PS4...

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    Xbox One Unboxing Vid w/ Major Nelson - Headset Now Included

    in Microsoft Discussion on 08 August 2013 by oldschoolfool

    all these comments,for a simple unboxing video. lol!!!! I find all unboxing video's boring. Why can't there be a hot chick in an unboxing video,then that would get my attention. ...

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    What do you think would happen if PS4 secured GTA 6 exclusive!

    in Gaming Discussion on 04 August 2013 by Zekkyou

    Jared19 said: Haha i know microsoft would be eaten up from it! The sales of the ps4 would probably be 8:1! One thing is sure though, They are quite a few games that will make xbox one bite the dust! If the PS2 can only pull of a 6:1 victory against an un-established brand, the PS4 has shit all chance of beating the Xbone 8:1. I do think the PS4 will outsell the Xbone, but let's be...

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