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    < Seece posted something on Zod95's wall:



    on 11 February 2015

    < seiya19 posted something on Zod95's wall:

    Another martial artist... Neat ! ^_^ Can I ask which one was it ?

    Karate Shotokan

    I've also kept in my mind that kata Hitomi performs on DOA 3 trailer ;) I did that myself many times.

    on 06 March 2014

    Nice... Do you still practice it today ? I got to be 2nd kyu, but then I dropped it, over a decade ago... I still remember most of the kata, but I would have to check them again if I wanted to perform them properly...

    on 07 March 2014

    No, I only did it for 2 years and only got to be 5th kyu. I remember most of the moves but very little about the katas. With some training, I believe I would rapidly remember everything again. However, my legs don't have the same elasticity as when I was younger. That would definitely be a problem :(

    on 07 March 2014

    Yeah, my body is definitely not the same either... But I don't think the kata are that demanding, to the point of being unable to perform them, that is. The legs might not go as far as they used to, but the movements are there. I remember back in the days seeing people in their 40s and 50s being able to perform them...

    In any case, as I was saying to Viper1 before, I think there's a part of it that stays with you... Like when learning how to ride a bike, the body doesn't forget some things. I doubt I ever get fully into it again though...

    on 07 March 2014

    You're right, although people in their 40s and 50s do it most probably because they have never stopped practicing (at least, practicing elasticity).

    And you're also right about the tacit knowledge. It stays with us forever.

    on 07 March 2014

    < Blistex posted something on Zod95's wall:









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    < Seece posted something on Zod95's wall:

    Oh dear, we've upset JL! - http://gamrconnect.vgchartz.com/post.php?id=5902076

    Squirtle squad movement? Bahaha oh tads

    on 17 December 2013

    LOL I wanna know who keeps posting it?!!

    on 17 December 2013

    Oh somebody erased it all. No matter, I have it all here :P

    on 17 December 2013

    yeah, that guy is a shame to this site

    on 18 December 2013

    Lol, those were good times.

    on 15 June 2017

    < Seece posted something on Zod95's wall:

    Thanks for FR ^^

    < Kaizar posted something on Zod95's wall:

    Check out the best of 2014:


    < johnlucas posted something on Zod95's wall:

    Zod95, your rebuttal is posted.


    Tired of debating with Final-Fan?
    Try this on for size.

    on 16 November 2013

    < spurgeonryan posted something on Zod95's wall:

    Welcome to the site!

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