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    Xbox Empire - Double Fine Joins XGS | Gears 5 Launches September 10th | Ori and the WotW Launches February 11th | Bleeding Edge Announced | Flight Simulator Announced |

    in Microsoft Discussion 12 hours ago by Ryuu96

    We’ve pared down the past week’s news into one easy-to-digest article for all things #Xbox. Catch up here with This Week on Xbox! https://t.co/EFuoWriRxq — Xbox Wire (@XboxWire) October 18, 2019 ...

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    The NFL Thread 2019, Week 6: Texans Knock Off Chiefs, Vikings Trounce Eagles, Cowboys Lose Third Straight

    in Sports Discussion 16 hours ago by MTZehvor

    RolStoppable said: MTZehvor said: Here are the converted responses for Week 7. Everyone else submitted on either the 9th or 10th (Wednesday or Thursday of that week). According to Google, anyway, your response was submitted on October 13th (Sunday), at 9:47 Eastern, well beyond what any time zone discrepancy could explain if you submitted them on Thursday. That's week 6,...

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    Football Thread 19/20 Doods kicked a ball (probably)

    in Sports Discussion on 10 October 2019 by kirby007

    Fuck me i went despair to feelsamazingman within 10 mins ...

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    Favourite Gears of War Game?

    in Gaming Discussion on 07 October 2019 by curl-6

    Shiken said: The only thing this poll tells me is that Gears games are quality games outside of 4 and judgement...and that does not mean they are bad so much as not on par with the rest. Between 1,2, 3, and 5 the fan base seems pretty divided, which is good as far as a long running franchise goes. I'd say Judgement is definitely a "quality game". It may lack the huge setpieces of 1-3...

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    But I have a girlfriend

    in NSFW Discussion on 05 October 2019 by Snesboy


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    Will Ash finally win a Pokemon League? *UPDATED OP: Finals over, the conclusion is...!!!

    in Nintendo Discussion on 16 September 2019 by method114

    OTBWY said: The madman did it!!! But what did he actually win? He lost valuable time chasing something with no real meaning. What has victory brought him? He lost friends. Contact with his family. All for chasing this dream, that has brought him nothing. He will be celebrated for a day. A week. But they will forget him very soon. Just another poor soul who stands on a lonely...

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    CGI's Class Of 2019 ~ Best Graphics & Tech

    in Gaming Discussion on 16 September 2019 by Chazore

    Azzanation said: Thats fair enough. I didnt even know Gears 5 had MTs until recently as i am half way through the Champaign and played afew MP matches. Found out that its all cosmetic with no pay to win system which i throught is good news. Gears 5 is also a free game on GamePass so i guess they have to make there money somehow. Deep Rock Galactic is a great game. I trailed it out when...

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    VGShare: Post your screenshots, gameplay videos, and more!

    in Gaming Discussion on 15 September 2019 by EricHiggin

    GOW PS4 ...

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    How physical are you?

    in Gaming Discussion on 06 September 2019 by Chazore

    Years ago I was around the 50% mark, but now I'm all the way down to 0.5%. Digital is just perfect for me these days than it was back in the days of me carrying an external HDD. Even on Switch I choose to purchase digital over physical, mostly due to convenience and saving space. ...

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    "Newcomer's Introduction Thread"- What brought you here?

    in General Discussion on 02 September 2019 by Polyludic

    spurgeonryan said: Polyludic said: I am back after being gone for years. I had a number of life changes, no longer have access to my old email address since I imposed ban on myself being on this site. I had my old username suspended and moved on.I was on here years go, but I left for a number of reasons. I am back, because I am looking to do stuff in the area of competitive game...

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    What's your Norwood scale?

    in General Discussion on 31 August 2019 by Immersiveunreality

    Most likely 1 till the end. ...

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    Spider-Man no longer in the MCU after disagreement between Sony and Disney (UPDATE #2): Sony releases statement

    in Movies Discussion on 30 August 2019 by ClassicGamingWizzz

    KManX89 said: ClassicGamingWizzz said: At this point i hope its true and Marvel never sees Spiderman again for movies just to shut the fuck up the Marvel Fanboys. Marvel Fanboys are the fucking worst.  Oh yeah, sure, let's leave Sony to their own devices without Marvel's help. Because it worked so well for Spider-Man 3, Ghost Rider, Ghost Rider: Spirit of...

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    Best snow/ice/winter levels

    in Gaming Discussion on 29 August 2019 by Shadow1980

    Assault on the Control Room and Two Betrayals from Halo CE World 6 from Super Mario Bros. 3 World 4 from New Super Mario Bros. U ...

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    Microsoft Has No Further Plans To Bring First-Party Games to Other Platforms

    in Nintendo Discussion on 28 August 2019 by LudicrousSpeed

    I donít think Nintendo and Xbox fans would be having a field day. Not here, anyway. Here thereís a stark difference in video game discussion between PlayStation enthusiasts and other consoles. And the amount of people who would be streaming Scarlett content is a big minority. It makes sense for Microsoft to talk big about upcoming initiatives like GamePass and xCloud, but they always go out...

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    I have a dilemma...

    in General Discussion on 26 August 2019 by CrazyGamer2017

    Oh man when I hear about these human issues (that are more common than people would admit) I am glad I'm not in a relationship. Too many complications, issues of all kinds, emotional drama and financial strain. I totally can do without it all. As for you, I wish you the best but I cannot give you advice because my strategy is to avoid all these problems because I wouldn't really know what to do...

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    In 3 gens, why has Microsoft still not created reliable hardware?

    in Microsoft Discussion on 23 August 2019 by Pemalite

    My Original Crystal Xbox is still going strong at 15~ years. My Launch Xbox 360 Pro died. - Microsoft replaced it 5 times in that devices lifetime free of charge, eventually sold it. Halo 4 Edition Xbox 360 S is still going strong at 7~ years. Launch Xbox One with Kinect is still going strong at 6~ years. Xbox One X is still perfect after a couple years. All anecdotal, all equally...

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    GoT season 8 final episode 6 tonight. (spoiler discussion) Fin. The end... for ever.

    in General Discussion on 22 August 2019 by pastro243

    Just remembered how badly this ended, seriously, the last 2 episodes I was laughing at how bad it was going, I even read the spoilers for the last one since I didn't care and just wanted to confirm it was going to end so bad I feel like any interview I see from the writers they seem so dumb ...

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    Ori and the Blind Forest Definitive Edition announced for the Nintendo Switch!

    in Nintendo Discussion on 20 August 2019 by siebensus4

    I played and completed it some years ago on PC. The soundtrack and visuals are absolutely splendid, but the enemy design is weak and it also has some difficulty spikes which lead to frustration. One of the best Metroidvanias of the past 10 years, though. Gameplay, ability system, puzzles and map are great. I really can recommend it and I will buy the Switch version again to play it on TV....

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    Are you buying Borderlands 3?

    in Gaming Discussion on 18 August 2019 by Keiji

    KManX89 said: vivster said: No need to focus on this story in particular. There are plenty of reasons already to not buy the game. Randy Pitchford alone is a reason to boycott and so is the fact that it's published by Take Two. I already mentioned Randy Pitchford in my reasons for boycotting the game. Angelus said: If I was gonna not buy a game every time the publisher...

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    Will Spider-Man: Far From Home break $1B worldwide box office?

    in Movies Discussion on 15 August 2019 by Chris Hu

    elazz said: Also will probably become Sony's highest grossing movie ever surpassing Skyfall. Still has a shot to surpass Captain Marvel Needs less then 10 million to pass Skyfall.  Also Skyfall is less of a Sony picture then Spiderman-Man: Far From Home since numerous other production companies where involved in Skyfall and Sony doesn't even own the home video rights to the Bond...

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