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    The Nintendo Switch is generation...

    in Nintendo Discussion on 23 December 2018

    I think at this point Nintendo consoles are mid gen consoles 8.5 not a true 9th generation console but also not a true 8th generation console ...

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    Zelda Breath of the Wild is dominating GOTY awards

    in Gaming Discussion on 29 December 2017

    Personally feel like Persona 5 should've gotten more Game of the Year Awards than 4 ...

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    History of your username?

    in Website Topics on 31 March 2017

    Waltz it came from my psn name killa-wAltZ which I created in refrence to doc brown from back to the future but back when I created it I thought he doc brown said waltz instead of watts and the killa part just seemed cool to me at the time...

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    Nintendo Switch Presentation - Rating and your impressions?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 13 January 2017

    It was A solid 5/10 nothing shocking revealed besides paid online which is a negative, I'm a bit worried about the $300 price tag $250 or $200 would've been preferable ...

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    This was the best Nintendo Conference I have ever seen

    in Nintendo Discussion on 13 January 2017

    It was a solid conference nothing mind blowing ...

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    PS Vita 2, Or PSP 2, Must Happen..... Sony Vs Nintendo?!

    in Gaming Discussion on 26 December 2016

    As much as I'd like for something like this to happen i highly doubt sony will attempt to release another handheld console again after the poor sales of the ps vita comapred to its competitor and predecessor. The only thing i can possibly see happening is sony upgrading the ps vita like the new 3ds and then trying to market it as a ps4 pro like upgrade to the vita ...

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    NX reveal date prediction

    in Nintendo Discussion on 05 September 2016

    Lately I've been seeing some NX reveal date threads with all the rumors of the NX being revealed this month I believe Nintendo is planning to reveal the NX sometime within the last two weeks of september I personaly think it'll be on the 30th. The reason why i think it'll be within the last two weeks of september is because logically they need at least a week or two for them to reveal that...

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    The future of videogame movies prediction

    in Movies Discussion on 16 May 2016

    With warcraft releasing in less than a month and assassin's creed later this year I think this is finally the year in which video game movies will not only be critically acclaimed but also a box office success.Both movies seem to be in very safe hands duncan jones(warcraft) and Justin kurtzel(assassin's creed) now my prediction is if both are to beat the video game movie curse and be both a...

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    Would you buy a digital only console?

    in Gaming Discussion on 14 May 2016

    As someone who enjoys collecting the physical boxes of games I'd say no and also for every collector out there going full digital is a nightmare not only that but we'd need at least 10tb hard drives ...

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    Pokemon Sun and Moon new information predictions thread

    in Nintendo Discussion on 09 May 2016

    My hopes for sun and moon are -New region based off a middle eastern country hoping for Egypt(it'll be interesting to see how gamefreke handles the art style myths and legends architectural and environment desgin that's based off middle eastern culture) -Return of Hilbert/Hilda that went searching for n in black and white to a far away region(on a personal sidenote I played as Hilbert the male...

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    Predict NX leaks for E3 2016

    in Nintendo Discussion on 07 May 2016

    My predictions are that multiple leakers claiming that they have legit sources will say that there's - a new 3d/galaxy mario game in development -splatoon nx remaster or splatoon 2 being showed behind close doors - mainline pokemon game for nx -pikmin 4 -animal crossing nx -pokken fighters nx remaster or pokken fighters 2 -smash bros wii u nx remaster -mario kart 9 or mk8 nx...

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    Can the PS4 keep its 50% Market Share even if the NX is included?

    in Gaming Discussion on 07 May 2016

    Even with the PS4s popularity it'll be hard to keep 50% especially with all the attention and probable sales a new console gets and with said console being Nintendo and it's suppose to be as or even more powerful than the PS4 it'll be hard for it to keep 50% of the market share but it is highly possible for the PS4 to keep 50% of the market share it already has...

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    Pokemon sun and moon legendary prediction

    in Nintendo Discussion on 07 May 2016

    Majora said: Maybe a new element? Like light for the sun? And moon will be dark/ ghost or fairy because of the Clefairy connection? I'm excited anyway I can't wait!! Yeah I personally would like a light type to be introduced too but you see the fairy type is basically light type just with gamefrekes twist in it ...

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    Pokemon sun and moon legendary prediction

    in Nintendo Discussion on 07 May 2016

    With official sun and moon news coming may 10 I have a few predictions about what pokemon to expect for example judging by the sub titles of both versions it's a safe bet we'll be getting a lot of space themed pokemon with each flagship pokemon representing the sun and moon and presumably the third representing earth my prediction is that the lesser important legendary pokemon will each represent...

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    Nintendo N.X name possibilities?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 29 January 2016

    Let's say Nintendo decides to stick with the NX name what would you have each letter stand for personally i hope nintendo sticks with NX and NX becomes what PS(PlayStation) is to sony...

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    Will any of the 2015&2016 blockbusters come to NX

    in Nintendo Discussion on 27 June 2015

    So I've been reading many posts about how the nx is set to release fall 2016 I'm just here wondering and thinking of all the great games released this year or that are gonna be released this year and next before fall 2016 aka Batman AK,The witcher 3,MGS V, star wars battlefront,rainbow six siege,the division, kingdom hearts 3,mass efecr andromeda and the big daddy of them all fallout 4. Not only...

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    Rumor: Nintendo started talking with third-parties about NX at E3, positive reception; NX more than a year away

    in Nintendo Discussion on 27 June 2015

    the nx has to have these important pillars in order to succeed: 1. Great online service aka nintendo network needs to be more like xbl and psn 2. Hardware that's as easy to program for like the ps4 and xbone but at the same time be more powerful than both the ps4 and xboner at least 3-6 times more 3.No more gimmicks like the tablet just make something for the core gamer kinda how sony did...

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    your Game of the Decade, for each one

    in Gaming Discussion on 19 May 2015

    80s- Super mario bros 90s- the legend of zelda orcarina of time 2000S-Shadow of the colossus 2010s-Tie between Nino kuni wrath of the white witch and Batman arkham asylum ...

    Write 18

    9th gen console hopes

    in Gaming Discussion on 25 December 2014

    garretslarrity said: waltz said: 1. Native 1080p resolution and solid 60 fps or higher   Didn't we expect that from the eight gen consoles? Yeah and the ps4 and xbox one can't do both there really aren't that many game running at 1080p native resolution and rock solid 60 fps...

    Write 18

    9th gen console hopes

    in Gaming Discussion on 24 December 2014

    So although the first year of the 8th generation of consoles is over here are my top 3 hopes/expections of next gen hardware aka PS5,  xbox two, and next nintendo home console.   1. Native 1080p resolution and solid 60 fps or higher 2. No more unfinished/broken game releases. I'm looking at you ubisoft and EA 3. Evey console(PS5,XBOX TWO, Next Gen Nintendo) to bundle a stereo...

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