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    < Azzanation Battle Toads announced for 2019.. I am extremely excited.
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    < Kerotan posted something on Azzanation's wall:

    Fantastic post in the thread about epic and steam. Great way to wrap up that discussion. And I couldn't agree more.

    I am just pointing out my opinion but it seems some can be too defensive about platforms, and than throw it on others. Heck I just want Steam to be competitive.
    Thanks, as you know I am quite opinionated and I get into heated debates all the time. I could say I am use to them.

    on 03 February 2019

    < Kerotan posted something on Azzanation's wall:


    An old classic.

    I dont get it.

    on 28 January 2019

    It's just #GOLD

    on 28 January 2019


    on 28 January 2019

    < caffeinade posted something on Azzanation's wall:

    That's a lovely avatar you've got there.

    Thanks, one of my all time favourite games iv ever played

    on 03 January 2019

    Well that makes sense, it is one of the best games ever made after all.

    Have you heard the rumors about a Half-Life VR game, and HMD in the works?
    I so want them to be true, and I'm absolutely willing to throw down the money to play it.

    on 04 January 2019

    Apologies, i never got a modification on your reply. Iv heard many rumours especially the VR game however i believe it might be a Portal game, i think it makes more sense anyway haha.
    I heard rumours of Crowbar Collective to be making Half Life 2 Episode 3.. that would be awesome.
    Black Mesa Xen is due this year, i cannot wait.
    Definitely agree that Half Life is one of the best video games ever made.. and they still hold up today.

    on 19 January 2019

    It's cool.
    Hey, I'd be perfectly cool with playing a Portal game in VR.
    But think of all the cool stuff that could be done in VR with the Half-Life IP.
    I just hope that whatever we get is:
    A, great.
    B, inventive.
    C, not limited to teleportation based locomotion.

    I haven't heard anything about the Crowbar Collective working on an Ep 3 project.
    Given how good Black Mesa seems, I can't wait to see whatever that team goes on to do next.
    Be that an official/fan-project HL2: Episode 3, or a new IP entirely.
    Have you seen Atomic Heart?
    Apparently they have thirty people on their team, so maybe CC could have enough funding to pull something like that off, maybe with support from someone like Valve (perhaps even on Source 2).

    I'm so excited to finally getting a chance to properly play Black Mesa.

    on 21 January 2019

    I would definitely look forward to a Half Life VR if true, I would actually go out and buy a VR unit just to play it haha.

    CC are very talented. Black Mesa I had no interests in as I thought it was just another HL Mod, until I found out it was a remake and it is just as good as the original game. Black Mesa Xen I cannot wait to play.

    Hopefully we will get something soon. A Portal and Half Life VR game would be fitting for it. Using the Gravity Gun or Portal Gun in VR would be insane.

    on 21 January 2019

    < Azuren posted something on Azzanation's wall:

    If you want to argue actual points being made, I'm ready anytime you're feeling up to doing so without strawmanning and reporting when the discussion doesn't go your way.

    Reporting? I didnt report you nor did i strawman you. If you want to discuss than lets discuss, however to see people jump a thread because of there assumptions doesnt make it factual.

    on 19 August 2018

    Keep telling yourself that, but constantly moving your opponent's argument to better suit your narrative is indeed strawmanning. Your response alone says you're not ready for an actual conversation, so enjoy your echo chamber for one.

    on 19 August 2018

    So you come to my wall to debate than you back pedal away. I think you have looked too much into this. There has been no No strawmanning, no goal posts moved. I think i made myself pretty clear in my thread. We both agree to disagree with eachother. Nothing new really.

    on 20 August 2018

    No, I came to your wall to invite you to a strawman-less debate, and you confirmed for me that you just don't know how to do that.

    on 20 August 2018

    Well I am here, waiting for what you want to discuss? Tell me what you think because I did disagree with you in my thread but I am happy to continue this debate here "With no strawmanning"

    on 20 August 2018


    on 04 September 2018

    < CaptainExplosion posted something on Azzanation's wall:

    So, you excited about the new BattleToads announced for 2019? :)

    Very excited, i loved the Toads and its such a great franchise with so much protential. Seeing Rash in KI and seeing the 3 in Shovel Knight really has me excited for another torturous adventure beat-em up.
    Have you played the old games?

    on 06 July 2018

    Yes, and they're really fucking hard. XD

    on 06 July 2018

    They are brutal yet somehow amazing at the same time. Very colourful universe.

    on 06 July 2018

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    Rumor: MS to release Xbox Gamepass and Published titles on Switch

    in Nintendo Discussion 5 hours ago

    Kerotan said: I wonder would Nintendo require you to buy their online pass in order to play gamepass. Could be a worthwhile trade off. If they do this I believe the xbox will sell less as the exclusives will be available on Switch and pc. That wouldnt bother a corparation like MS. Buiness is about where the money is, and the money is in the services/software not the...

    Write 84

    Rumor: MS to release Xbox Gamepass and Published titles on Switch

    in Nintendo Discussion 5 hours ago

    Megaton for Switch owners. Maybe now they can play Rares Replay. Hope for the gamers this is true....

    Write 364

    Crackdown 3 Review Thread - MC: 60 OC: 62

    in Microsoft Discussion 1 day ago

    Runa216 said: So yeah, that's the bottom line. Microsoft's exclusives suck lately. They have for years. Even if you go back to 2017 to add Cuphead, Forza 7, and Halo Wars 2, it still pales in comparison to the output of either PS4 or Switch. Xbox One, spread between 2017, 2018, and 2019 doesn't compare to a single year of either PS4 or Switch. Nintendo, in less than 2 full years, has...


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