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    Far Cry 2 to feature smoother graphics on PS3?

    in Sony Discussion on 29 August 2008

    I have a feeling that in the end the difference will not be noticeable....

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    Microsoft: 'Stealing Playstation franchises is very important to us'

    in Microsoft Discussion on 17 July 2008

    Steal......there are som many idiots on this forum it boggles the mind. How can you say they steal if the 3rd party makes an ass load of money off of the ports/multi plats they sell. By the way Sony "stole" Bioshock, Vampire Reign and Left 4 Dead from XBOX, yet no one on these forums complain.....If you want to be mad at anyone be mad at the game companies that are looking out for their top...

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    Mysterious OFFICIAL SONY Page---Countdown to 30 min...indicates RAIN!!OMG

    in Sony Discussion on 16 April 2008

    *Crosses fingers* Please be vampire reign 2!...

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    Sex Workers/Porn Studies

    in General Discussion on 06 March 2008

    This is a really long read, and I watch porn all the time. Is that good or bad for me?...

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    Ds back on top in japan - Suck for PSp

    in Nintendo Discussion on 20 February 2008

    PSP sales are fine....they still have 1/3 of the market. The software sales on the other hand are a big problem....

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    Fox Sucks Petition

    in General Discussion on 17 February 2008

    A la carte Cable will never be a reality. The cable companies would likely go under if it were the case. Few people I know want more than 10 cable channels....

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    The Playstation 3 isn't dead

    in Sales Discussion on 29 December 2007

    If you think the Wii is for kids and PS3/XBOX is for adults you are kidding yourself. Though I dont know any people that own or want a PS3, but my friends are between the ages of 18-30. On the other hand I know people that have XBOXes and Wiis(all in the 18-30 age range) and the majority that have a system have a Wii. Now the fact that I have to deal with preteens shouting the N word all the time...

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    can i borrow 20 grand

    in General Discussion on 29 November 2007

    I'm not sure if any girl is worth 20k but she certainly aint....

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    Which system should I get this holiday 2007?

    in Gaming Discussion on 26 November 2007

    FF13 wont be out till 2009 at least, so if thats your selling point, you might as well wait cause the PS3 price will drop again in the next year. PS3 has a few good games out and has more coming down the pipe. Theres a lot of PS3 games that will be on XBOX and vice versa. Then again PS3 does have good exclusives. It has blu ray movies which are useless if you dont have an HDTV, which would...

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    Sigh stupid fanboys...

    in General Discussion on 08 November 2007

    Its times like this when I realize the vgchartz forum is way behind the others out there. Theres not nearly enough physical and legal threats around here....

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    I have lost all faith with the Sony brand

    in Sony Discussion on 06 November 2007

    Listen dont give up.......within a year from now PS3 will be $300 and more affordable. Maybe then you can reconsider. The price will continue to plummet until it is affordable. When it is affordable a lot of games my come out for it. ...

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