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    Skyrim Switch E3 trailer - Amiibo support, Master Sword/Hylian Shield, motion controls

    in Nintendo Discussion on 12 June 2017

    Hopefully they don't charge more than $20 for this ancient game....

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    Official EA Play 2017 Thread: Live Now!

    in Gaming Discussion on 10 June 2017

    Complete snooze fest. Fortunately, I was not home to watch it live, but I feel bad for those that did....

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    Predict How Many Switch Games Will Be Announced at E3!

    in Nintendo Discussion on 10 June 2017

    3 more new nintendo exclusives apart from what has already been announced, and a bunch of 3rd party support....

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    Japan Goes Switch Crazy; Supply Starved Consumers Line Up For Lottery Chance To Buy A Switch.

    in Nintendo Discussion on 05 June 2017

    After waiting months to get a Switch I called a local Best Buy and they told me they were getting a small shipment in on Sunday. So I went 5 minutes before the store opened at 8 am, and was in line to pick one up, and the lady in front of me bought two of them. They sold out before I could get my hands on one. I was so close! Fortunately, I bought a bundle from Gamestop that includes Mario Kart,...

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    Now that Switch is selling, it needs to evolve...

    in Nintendo Discussion on 28 May 2017

    Cloudman said: Chrizum said: The bar is where you buy the snacks and the drinks. Pretty sure you've seen it before. Would you rather go to a theatre where you are unable to buy snacks and drinks? Ooh, so those are called bars? I haven't heard of this before, myself.I'd be fine with that, since I don't buy snacks when I see movies, though I don't think this makes for a...

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    Vote to Impeach Barrack Obama or George Bush- Vgchartz votes!

    in Politics Discussion on 07 August 2014

    Unfortunately the President isn't the one calling the shots anymore. He's just a puppet....

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    Super Official Anime Discussion Thread - Summer 2019!

    in Movies Discussion on 06 August 2014

    I haven't caught up on to many animes other then Dragon Ball Z, Yu Yu Hakusho, Attack on Titan, and Bleach. But what does anyone think about the latest Bleach chapters? They are getting interesting! Also can someone suggest any animes like Yu Yu Hakusho? That is by far my favorite of the ones I have seen, with Attack on Titan a close second....

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    Which gaming system do you regret buying?

    in Gaming Discussion on 05 August 2014

    I don't regret buying my Ps4 because I know their will eventually be some awesome games to play on it, but I haven't turned it on since January. I should have bought an Xbox One first instead, but it was a $100 more at the time and I thought I was making the right choice. I really want to play Sunset Overdrive and Halo MCC....

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    Your Pre-Orders For the Upcoming Months?

    in Gaming Discussion on 04 August 2014

    -Destiny Ps4 -The Evil Within Ps4 -Aliens Ps4 -Dragon Age 3 Xbox One -NHL 2015 Xbox One -Halo MCC ...

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    What is the GOLDEN AGE of Gaming?

    in Gaming Discussion on 20 June 2014

    Snes. That's all that needs to be said....

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    Halo: Masterchief Collection Will outsell Everything Sony This Holiday

    in Microsoft Discussion on 13 June 2014

    I will be buying an xbox one very soon just for this game....

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    Bloodborne leaked gameplay trailer

    in Sony Discussion on 13 June 2014

    This game just needs to...Get in my belly!!!!...

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    LINK IS A GIRL? - The Legend of Zelda U

    in Nintendo Discussion on 11 June 2014

    Link better not be a girl, that's just changing the whole universe of Zelda. If they want to go with a lead female character that's fine but just don't call her Link lol....

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    Zelda U Discussion

    in Nintendo Discussion on 10 June 2014

    I want it! But aside from this I was really hoping to have a Metroid announcement. Preferably a 2d game like it used to be....

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    Halo: Master Chief Collection already Number 1 on Amazon

    in Gaming Discussion on 10 June 2014

    Want it! Want it! Want it! Buying an Xbox One for this game. Halo 2's multiplayer the exact same as it was before in 1080p with dedicated servers is the selling point...

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    RUMOR: PlayStation All Stars Round 2 Leaked?!!

    in Sony Discussion on 09 June 2014

    I didn't care for the first one. So I'm hoping Sony uses their resources on something else. Preferably a new IP....

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    Shiness - Hoooray! PS4 & Xbox One!

    in Gaming Discussion on 07 June 2014

    This game looks awesome! I will back this later tonight. Hopefully it's at $139,980 so I can be the difference maker haha....

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    Conker.com Updated by Microsoft.

    in Microsoft Discussion on 05 June 2014

    This would be huge! Need a new Banjo as well, but a classic Banjo not Nuts & Bolts....

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    So ... That big third party rumoured exclusive for Xbox1.

    in Microsoft Discussion on 02 June 2014

    The suspense is killing me! Hahaha I need to freeze myself until next week....

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    Forza Horizon 2 Announced - Cross-gen coming this fall

    in Microsoft Discussion on 02 June 2014

    The fact that they announced this pre E3 tells me they have a lot to show us at E3. I'm very excited for this year's event. I feel like the last 3 or 4 E3s were rather lackluster in terms of game announcements. I think all 3 will have a bunch to show....

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