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    Predict how long PS4 and XBox One will need to outsell WiiU - 14 weeks PS4, 52 X1

    in Sales Discussion on 02 April 2013

    1-10 weeks depending on the cost....

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    Global HW 23rd march up. USA & EU SW

    in Latest Charts on 28 March 2013

    wow lego sold more than i thought it would. but those wii u numbers in NA look a little to high. the numbers for lego and mh dont add up correctly. plus the numbers for vita sales in japan are wrong. famistu and media create said vita sold 41k in japan this week so vita still outsold wii u this week...

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    The WiiU is having a lot of trouble lately, what can nintendo do to turn things around?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 28 March 2013

    they need to release more first party titles and create a new ip or two. people are getting tired of the same old mario game. they also neex to tell us when the new smash bros and mario kart is coming out. airing better tv commercials and a price drop can also help....

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    Japan sales: Famitsu & Media create - week 12 ( march 18-24)

    in Sales Discussion on 27 March 2013

    wow vita actually rose and outsold both individual 3ds models. Looks like Luigi's mansion isn't really a system seller. Wii u still getting slaughtered by handhelds, no surprise there....

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    Put a fork in the Wii U, it is done. [Sensible discussion only, no flaming]

    in Nintendo Discussion on 26 March 2013

    The Wii u won't be done unless its upcoming titles don't move a large amount of units. If it doesn't outsell the vita lifetime that would just be sad....

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    Do you think MS will eventually give out "free" games to compete with PS PLUS?

    in Gaming Discussion on 26 March 2013

    Nah Microsoft is way to greedy to give stuff out for free. Why do you think they make you pay for Xbox live when Sony doesn't make you pay for psn? ...

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    Prediction: Wii U will outsell Vita this week.

    in Sales Discussion on 26 March 2013

    probably but I doubt it. the only real system seller out right now is monter hunter but that wont be enough for wii u to outsell vita. lego games arent exactly known to sell systems....

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    Poll - Lifetime sales of WiiU will most likely be around....

    in Sales Discussion on 23 March 2013

    somewhere between 20-60m but it may be higher than that....

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    Wii U price cut hasn't improved sales enough, says retailer

    in Sales Discussion on 23 March 2013

    In order for a price drop to work, you need to release games for it that people will want to play. Look at the vita for example. With a price cut and new games like Senran Kagura Shinovi Versus and Soul Sacrifice not only were sales 6 times the week before, it even outsold the 3ds in Japan. The same will most likely happen to the Wii u when Nintendo releases 1st party titles....

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    Breaking news! MS loses all 3rd party support after announcement of no DRM...

    in Microsoft Discussion on 27 June 2013

    So this thread isn't supported by any facts but instead based on what happened to others which may not even be the reason why they aren't getting 3rd party support. Call me when you find an article that says this and has actual facts. ...

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    PLAYSTATION Nation -The Legend

    in Sony Discussion on 02 June 2013

    lol nice one....

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    Describe wiiu in 3 words

    in Nintendo Discussion on 02 June 2013

    When was there a thread for this?...

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    Describe wiiu in 3 words

    in Nintendo Discussion on 02 June 2013

    I saw all the "Describe ps4/xboxone in 3 words" threads so I thought there should be one for wiiu. With that being said what 3 words do you think describe wiiu the best....

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    Nintendo: Gamers growing tired of same experiences

    in Nintendo Discussion on 30 April 2013

    I wonder if they will actually create new ips instead of making 100 Mario, Pokemon, and Zelda games a year. If not then they will be complete hypocrites....

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    PLAYSTATION Nation -The Legend

    in Sony Discussion on 23 April 2013

    This could turn out well if it isn't rushed and is under the right hands. But seeing how it isn't coming out till 2015, I don't think they will rush it....

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    PLAYSTATION Nation -The Legend

    in Sony Discussion on 20 April 2013

    I voted for a new IP from naught dog because I don't want Sony milking their IPS like Nintendo does. Also, how do you add stuff to your sig?...

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    PLAYSTATION Nation -The Legend

    in Sony Discussion on 09 April 2013

    i wish to be apart of this nation. How do I join?...

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    Sony Fans up To Massive Disapointment as Xbox will Destroy them Next Gen (Selling Own Buildings is Not Enough)

    in Gaming Discussion on 06 April 2013

    wow this guy is such an xbox fanboy its not even funny. i bet he has no idea about the 720 always connected rumors that will turn away many fans if true.   >User was moderated for this post [RH]...

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