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    < KingCherry posted something on Daisuke72's wall:

    Hey, I just saw that 11 month old message you posted on 'my wall', calling me a "racist piece of shit"?! What a total cunt you are, seriously, who the fuck are you and what are you babbling on about?


    on 21 January 2016

    < Daisuke72 updated his status:

    Lol @ Selnor pretending to not be a microsoft fanboy here: http://www.gamersyde.com/news_gc_journey_gameplay-15733_en.html

    < Kaizar posted something on Daisuke72's wall:

    Best Movies of 2014 Thread:


    Trailers are in the 4th & 5th OP.

    And please sign my Petition:


    < fatslob-:O posted something on Daisuke72's wall:

    This is your last chance dude ...


    on 31 March 2014

    To stay on this site ...

    on 31 March 2014

    < MoHasanie posted something on Daisuke72's wall:

    Yikes, that's a looooong ban! :O

    < minecraft23 posted something on Daisuke72's wall:

    i upload better videos then boogie. stop saying there crap. here is proof there not crap.



    < Anfebious posted something on Daisuke72's wall:

    Wow you are back! That sure was a long ban man :/

    Oddly enough it didn't feel very long, guess I was enjoying the holidays a bit too much.

    on 06 January 2014

    Banned for 45 days.. Damn.

    on 12 February 2014

    This is some hardcore ban...

    on 12 February 2014

    This is some well deserved ban.

    on 12 February 2014

    Dude needs to stop with the attacks.

    on 12 February 2014

    < Proxy-Pie posted something on Daisuke72's wall:

    wow, a 2013 user already this close to a permaban :P

    < BHR-3 posted something on Daisuke72's wall:


    < think-man posted something on Daisuke72's wall:

    Cheers for the request :)

    NP, I couldn't help but laugh at your post on Zero's wall.

    on 23 November 2013

    Hahaha yeh on going arguments xD

    on 23 November 2013

    < Daisuke72 updated his status:

    The Weeknd - Devil May Cry

    < replica_store posted something on Daisuke72's wall:

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    < fatslob-:O posted something on Daisuke72's wall:



    Let it go dude.

    Is there anyway to block him? He doesn't even have the appeal Ninjablade or Zero99 has for me.

    on 11 November 2013

    Better idea. Just wait for the permaban to happen. His posting style and attitude towards almost everyone makes me doubt that he'll be here in this site 6 months from now.

    on 11 November 2013

    < Daisuke72 updated his status:

    The Weeknd - Wanderlust.

    < Hynad posted something on Daisuke72's wall:

    Don't do that. Although I agree with you to a certain extent, I think users like Fallen, Selnor, and Zero999 are much worse.

    < RCTjunkie posted something on Daisuke72's wall:

    That's my favorite Spongebob episode!


    on 23 June 2013

    < Kaizar posted something on Daisuke72's wall:

    Vote for your favorite Comic Book Movie of 2013, and check out the OP, and also check out page 13 for info on the upcoming new batman movie installment:


    Top 18 Movies of Summer 2013 Thread:


    Star Wars episode 7,8,9 & sides Thread:


    < Dodece posted something on Daisuke72's wall:

    Calling other posters trolls is a fast, and easy way to get banned even if you say it in jest. You might want to edit that post. Before he reports you, or a mod sees it, and takes the initiative.

    < HesAPooka posted something on Daisuke72's wall:

    video link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HQ1KaYEBe5U

    < Daisuke72 updated his status:

    Okay, so after lurking through these forums for awhile, I've finally decided to make an account here, and share my thoughts on the PC vs Console argument. While also addressing some of the stupidity I've seen in this thread.

    First and foremost, the whole, "PS4 is nothing but a PC" argument is one of the worst constructed stances I've ever seen. Even among gamers. PC = Personal Computer. Let that sink in for a moment, while the PC is a computer, it's not the only kid of computer there is. The fact that someone's argument was that, "PS4 uses X86 architecture." means nothing. If the PS4 had an arm processor would you call it a tablet/smartphone? Consoles are a type of computer, just as smartphones, tablets, supercomputers, and PC's are all similar to one another in core needs, such as processors, RAM, graphical processing unit, etc. Also, every console has used a GPU created from one of the big PC GPU player's. Last generation was powered by Nvidia, and the PS3's cpu was made by IBM, two PC computer manufactures. But that didn't make the PS3 anything like a PC, the problem is you people fail to realize that consoles are infact computers, but they're console computers, not personal computers.

    Now, when it comes to gaming I prefer consoles. I have a few friends who're PC Gamers, and one of my friends recently convinced me to build a gaming PC. He was pretty much begging me to join the "Master Race", and despite my worries in investing in a PC, I ended up spending $980 for one. It was an i5, 7870(wasn't willing to pay an extra $100 for the 7950 performance increase), 8GB Samsung RAM setup. I was able to run just about every game at 40FPS or higher, at ultra settings I may add in. After using my Gaming PC to play games such as Dragon's Nest, Skyrim, and BF3, I do agree that the games are overall prettier. Especially when you compare them to the visuals my PS3 is pumping out on my 1080P TV, the upscaling to 1080P makes most games lack of AA really stand out. But the graphics are from for unbearable.

    Anyways, gaming on a PC just doesn't give me that intense feeling I get from gaming on my PS3. On my computer I often find myself getting bored very quickly, I mean it's nice to look at, but other than that I'd rather sit down and enjoy gaming on my dedicated gaming system, even tho it's outdated by today's standards. PC Gaming has no "feels" to it in my opinion, when my friends are over we play multiplayer games like there's no tomorrow, you simply cannot have those fun, bonding, and epic gaming moments with friends on a PC. It feels much better to trash talk someone in real life, than over the computer. I mean you can feel the intensity when playing a close game of madden, over PC....I just feel nothing. Not to mention the PC Community is very abrasive for some reason. On my PS3 people rarely talk on Online play, and when they do it's more friendly than any other community. I mean, let's face it, I hate playing CoD on Xbox 360 there's far too many kids and assholes there for me to enjoy the online experience. While I do talk over PSN in games, I find myself having actual conversations with the players, and not just shit talking them to death. I guess what I'm trying to say is, there's thing PC gaming can offer(better visuals, better frame rates) that consoles cannot, but at the same time consoles can offer more a PC cannot(more exclusives, better exclusives, better local and online multiplayer, cheaper, backed by all AAA devs).

    Nowadays I don't even use my gaming PC, I do everything from my 2009 laptop, while my gaming PC is gathering dust. I hate when people always say, "PC's are cheaper in the long run!" when that's not the case for the vast majority. I've spent well over $1,200 on my gaming PC and its games, While I've spent around $800 for my PS3 and my massive amount of games, thanks to cheap used games, and free games on PSN. Also, when PC gamers say things like, "you don't have to update your comp every five years, only the GPU." is a blatant lie. Five years ago Core2Duo's were hot shit, and now a Core2Duo can't run any acceptable game at a decent frame rate. You need to update your CPU to a more expensive one, which'll cost around $180 for a decent one, and then update your GPU which'll cost $180 for a mid-high end discrete GPU. Also add RAM into the figure as well, and new power supplies, cooling, etc. PC Gamers have to worry about shitty drivers, bad optimization, and shitty ports such as Max Payne 3(they had so many glitches and no patches, almost as if the devs didn't care for the PC community). Let's face it, if PC gaming was as superior as to how most elitist made it out to be, it would be where the consumers are.

    Also. The PS4 GPU is a current gen card, it's rumored to be a 7850/7870 or a 8850/8870, both are mid-high end GPUs. It's humorous to me how PC gamers are now calling the 7850 a low end card, when in fact it's one of the best GPU's on the market for the price per performance, and it was clearly mid-high before the PS4 was rumored to have it, now it's a low end card. Also, more flops doesn't necessarily mean better performance. Just as more GHZ doesn't mean better performance. Let's be honest here, you guys can flame Sony for their choice of components, but really think to yourselves for a moment. Do you really believe that you know more about computer engineering, than the guys who created the PS4? Also, remember that the 7850 grade card is "enhanced" which'll prolly put it up there with an overclocked 7850 which can run Battlefield 3 on ultra at 50FPS and above, benchmarks show this. Now imagine an OC 7850/7870 with optimization, and complimentary parts, and with a HUGE bandwidth. Sony President confirmed that the standards for games on the PS4 is 1080P 60FPS, and after seeing the Killzone; Shadow Fall trailer, I have no reason not to believe him.

    Someone posted in here that it was upscaled 1080P, and it was pre-rendered. But they're wrong. Know how? Maybe because the very next day Jimmy Fallon played the exact same Demo on Late Night. Also, may I add in that Shadow Fall is visually stunning. If you believe that Shadow Fall isn't a step-up from last gen graphics, you're lying to yourselves. It's right up there with Crysis 3 in terms of visuals, and to be honest the art style in Killzone: Shadow Fall makes it overall prettier than Crysis 3 in my opinion. At the end of the day the PS4 is sporting a GPU capable of running the most taxing games for PC at 50FPS and above. So I don't really see how PC elitists can brag about their builds for the next few months, or years perhaps. I mean, the difference between even 30FPS and 60FPS is very hard to perceive in the first place. I clocked my emulator to 30FPS and 60FPS before on my gaming PC and I hardly noticed a difference.

    Also, the PS3 isn't even capable of doing 200GLOPS, the PS4 can do 1.84TFLOPS with a GPU that's more than twenty times better in everything the PS3's gpu has to offer, if not more. Have you see God Of War 3? Have you seen Uncharted 3? Have you seen KZ 2? Even when Upscaled on my 1080P TV they look stunning, and they're running on 256MB VRAM. When Naughty Dog and Santa Montica present their PS4 games, I'm willing to bet that it'll look better than Crysis 3 in every aspect. Seeing as they have 20 times the raw power they had and created PS3 games that looked better than most PC games. Also, PS+ gives good discounts and free games, just as Steam does, y'know, excluding the free games part.

    In my opinion Playstation is the best computer for gaming needs, especially when the PS4 launches.

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