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    How important is VR (Games) to you in the future? + The Inpatient - Launch Trailer

    in Gaming Discussion on 10 March 2018

    Im interested in it being into new tech, I have tried it at a friends house, and had a really fun time with it but couldn't see myself spending hours with it like a normal game. Maybe AR will be the thing to take it to the next level? who knows...

    Write 20

    Xbox Cross-Platform Play Coming to Fortnite!

    in Microsoft Discussion on 10 March 2018

    I wish I could get into Fortnite, I rather watch a mixer stream of a good player for a few minutes personally, that can be entertaining. Sounds great though. ...

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    Difference between Switch and the other platforms...

    in Nintendo Discussion on 10 March 2018

    Much easier than a 4k port. Which works well for the switch and I like the quick releases after the announcement. ...

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    RUMOR: COD Marketing Coming Back To Xbox This Year With Black Ops IIII

    in Microsoft Discussion on 10 March 2018

    Meh, I could see this as someone who plays the DLC on COD games, that this would be good news for an xb owner. But doesnt really sway which console i would buy it for when it comes out. Personally, I play a few rounds online, get destroyed and over a week or so finish the campaign, if its good run through it on veteran difficulty and be done with it. I am impressed they are still updating...

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    *POLL* Why Dont You Have An Xbox Console?

    in Microsoft Discussion on 10 March 2018

    Alara317 said: And to further shut you up: Here's my gaming setup. Hooked up to my TV right now I have a Switch, PS4, PS3, WiiU, Xbox One, and Super Nintendo. Oh the NES games!! I love the old classics! Your alright! :)  ...

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    How do you feel about certain games coming to 3DS that are not also coming to Nintendo Switch?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 10 March 2018

    Buy it now here, and in a year buy it again there... ...

    Write 19

    Gabe: "Hooray! Valve's going to start shipping games again."

    in Gaming Discussion on 10 March 2018

    It will be fascinating to see the reaction to DOTA3... and it will look like Overwatch.... Just thinking of one of the things I would least want to see... we will see... ...

    Write 45

    Any gun nuts in here?

    in Politics Discussion on 04 March 2018

    Well. Im not a "gun-nut" but will not stand to have any of mine confiscated because someone thinks I shouldn't have them, its non of their business. The background check system needs improvement as we have seen from the recent shooting here in Florida. The cops were called on this maniac several times as well as people trying to tell federal officials he wanted to shoot up the school and...

    Write 138

    Can Sony afford to make PS5 more expensive than PS4 launch price?

    in Sony Discussion on 04 March 2018

    The economy has changed, and people have more money, and.... well the consoles need some serious CPU attention. That will cost $$. Still with that said, $400 is the sweet spot. But I see a $500 price point more realistic in the time of 4k and 60fps as a next gen requirement. And I would not be surprised by that time 8K was the new standard making its way through the industry and another...

    Write 42

    Ex-COD players, why did you lose interest?

    in Gaming Discussion on 04 March 2018

    I still buy and play them all, but not the DLC since blops3. ...

    Write 86

    How do you cope with knowing you will die?

    in General Discussion on 04 March 2018

    When AI takes over we will all be consumed into drones like Borg. Honestly, just enjoy life as much as possible as it is short. and personally, I strongly believe in Reincarnation, a religious subject I rather not get into here, but its just me. I have been around death alot in my life and lost many beloved people through the years. I believe in the afterlife and finding peace as you leave...

    Write 98

    Microsoft are finally showing the Power of the Cloud

    in Microsoft Discussion on 04 March 2018

    lol i dont know if we will see that term said again... they got burned so bad that year. good if so, it just seems it took until the near end of life for the console generation for that to even be mentioned again.   But as far as Sea of Thieves go, I have loved it so far in beta, and cant wait to see the full game with or without the cloud....

    Write 97

    Trump Wants To Be President For Life

    in Politics Discussion on 04 March 2018

    Hey OP let me know when you find a real site to get real facts, Trump says shit like this to make the lefts head explode and he does so well living in the lefts head rent free. I love the man. Nothing on a video game forum can or will ever change that. ...

    Write 66

    Secret message in Metal Gear Survive says 'KJP Forever', calls director a bastard and producer cunning

    in Gaming Discussion on 28 February 2018

    That is some salty shit. Konami is the shitbird of the video game world. ...

    Write 159

    leaving MS consoles after ten+ years

    in Microsoft Discussion on 28 February 2018

    LiquorandGunFun said: I find myself in the same boat, a majority of my games have been on x360 and i loved the original xbox. it just sucks, but i will not bend on this. one main reason is where i live, its hurricane season, the generator doesnt make the internet work. might lose power tonight from the tropical storm, the grounds wet, trees will be falling allover the place, so if power...

    Write 69

    Do you believe that sites who build platforms for others should allow free speech.

    in General Discussion on 26 February 2018

    I say no censorship. But people are too weak for words and melt on impact. But at the same time, if you own and run the site, you should be able to dictate what is allowed, and if people don't like it to start their own or find another site. But in a time of I am a Victim mentality most cant take other views, so they want to silence them so they can "feel better". sigh.. ...

    Write 17

    New State of Decay 2 Screenshots Showcase Refined Graphics Since Last Outing!

    in Microsoft Discussion on 26 February 2018

    I am really looking forward to the co-op as well. this is one of my most anticipated games for this year so far. ...

    Write 91

    Metal Gear Survive charging $10 for additional character saves

    in Gaming Discussion on 26 February 2018

    well i have seen it in free to play games, not that I was going to buy this game but I will look to avoid anything from Konami period. At best for me, they will be some of the used games in the bargain bin buy, well that is if the servers are working to actually play the game. I remember the days of video games, and not game services. That was a nice time and didnt even know it then. ...

    Write 422

    Delaware students can now choose their own race (Yes, RACE!) under new regulations.

    in Politics Discussion on 19 February 2018

    I am a Dolphin man.. in Delaware...

    Write 63

    After Playing Nintendo Switch I think Microsoft should Make 2 consoles in 2021-2022

    in Microsoft Discussion on 19 February 2018

    No way, Sony cant get a portable down right and MS doesn't need to waste the money or resources for that. Let Nintendo have it. ...

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