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< Wright JCVD is a truly great movie! I was pleasantly surprised by it.
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< ktay95 posted something on Wright's wall:

Hold up, why is this guy your avatar at the top but below next to your wall posts its Erica??


9 hours ago

Up the top of this page your profile picture is this
But your response to me has this picture next to it


1 hour ago

< MRKs posted something on Wright's wall:

Great avatar! Gumshoe rocks!

Awww yeah mister! I completely agree :P

Have you played Investigations 2?

12 hours ago

Not yet, altough i heard the fan translation is done! Does the story follows the events in Investigations 1? If so, i need to replay it because I forgot almost everything

9 hours ago

Yup, it follow the events. But don't worry, you're reminded of everything at the start so you're all good.

The reason I'm recommending Investigation 2 is because Gumshoe really shines in that game!

8 hours ago

Need to play that ASAP. Can't have enough Di- I mean Gumshoe

8 hours ago


8 hours ago

< Conegamer posted something on Wright's wall:

I remember the days when you'd get like 5-6 new wall posts per day, if not more.

What happened?

Summer Wars!

17 hours ago

They have claimed another victim? Many sadnesses I have

16 hours ago

< Hynad posted something on Wright's wall:

People don't understand him. The poor thing.

Who, Gumshoe or Jean Claude Van-Damme?

3 days ago

< Smeags posted something on Wright's wall:

Nice avatar. :)

I'll finally play the AA series once the trilogy comes out for 3DS. ^_^

You mean you haven't yet?
Shame... shame!

6 days ago

I thought "If they bring the trilogy state-side, then I have no excuses" and a week later they announce the trilogy for Western release.

I'll be getting that and shortly after I'll be buying Dual Destinies!

6 days ago

You'll still be missing Apollo Justice and Investigations, which are just as good as the original trilogy.

6 days ago


6 days ago

If you're going to amazon, I'd suggest purchasing the whole franchise physically then. Outside Trials and Tribulations, it's bound to be pretty cheap now ^_-

And Ace Attorney definitively deserves all the love it can get. One of the best franchises out there, although I'm very biased with it (I just love them). I agree with morenoingrato, the original trilogy doesn't include Apollo Justice or the Investigations games, which are pretty good (don't fall for the Apollo hate, people bash it for the same reason the bashed MGS2, but the game is very good in itself), so you gotta get them too!

And if you like the Ace Attorney saga, I might suggest playing Ghost Trick. As a whole, I prefer Ace Attorney much more, but Ghost Trick is, I dare to say, one of the greatest things to ever grace the Nintendo DS.

5 days ago

I've bought Dual Destinies at the end of May. I've got so obsessed with it I bought AA:Trilogy HD on my iPhone. So, if you have an iPhone or iPod that's one more possible platform to play the game in.

It impresses me how at first we see Phoenix Wright as a rookie and then in DD you see him the same way you see Mia in the first game. That's some really nice character development.

"What I do know is that you'll never be half the lawyer she was!".

5 days ago

Yeah, Ghost Trick is pure awesome. I really enjoyed it on the iPad as well. The graphics are exactly the same, just in higher rez. It looks beautiful and plays just as well.

2 days ago

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The three types of remaster/remake.

in Gaming Discussion 7 hours ago

The Fury said: A trick I tells ya, where's the surrealism? Huh? Hmm...then how is it an example of a remaster when you reversed it? Well, what I wanted was to show the improvements, doesn't matter whether the second image used was actually the original or not ;)...

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LBP3 on PS3 - When will listwars be more progressive?

in Gaming Discussion 8 hours ago

platformmaster918 said:"Only on Playstation" is on the box not "only on PS4" There are games that have "Only on Xbox 360 & Windows" though.  ...

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Vita deserves so much better!

in Sony Discussion 8 hours ago

soulfly666 said:   90% of the people who claim Sony doesn't have the best exclusives are people who have not played said exclusives or don't own Sony products. Who are the other 10%?...


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