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< VXIII posted something on Wright's wall:

I knew about most of the elements that were shown, it is really nice to actually see FF XV rather than reading about it for once.

I'll try to focus on the gameplay. First, the animations are varied and very well made, some need more polishing, but that is expected at this point of development. Even the walking animation changes depending on the situation ( running around or walking toward an enemy) I was really amazed by the details and the soft animation of the clothes.

The combat system, the fantasy theme of the game really benefits the combat. The swords keep disappearing and reappearing in a way that keeps the player hooked, and also adds to the battle a wide variety of moves and attacks on the fly. What I loved about it is the ability to interact with the environment while you are in middle of all that, the way you can warp away from attacks to a certain elements in the environment, them warp back to attack in such a cool way. It really adds a strategic depth to the system, as you have to precisely pick your position. In addition to that you also have to keep an eye on the real-time command menu to manage your magic, items, summons. That is a system requires a skill and awareness of your surroundings. All of that make the battle system much more dynamic and engaging in comparison to other aRPGs like the Witcher or even RPGs in general.

I don't really need to talk about the scale, graphics, draw distance, dynamic weather as they speak for themselves.

I usually avoid talking about the protagonists and the story because that subject is full of stupidity and immaturity that I don't want to deal with ever time the games is mentioned.

I don't know what to think about the combat system, really. Don't have enough data to criticize or praise it (so far it has elements that could fit in both categories xD), though it is certainly a departure from traditional (and even modern) FF gameplay systems.

What's your problem with the characters? :P

1 day ago

I actually like the characters, the have some really interesting back stories. I meant that I avoid the arguing withe opposite stupid and immature side :p

1 day ago

< the-pi-guy posted something on Wright's wall:

Shhhhh, just let it happen, just penetrating your wall. Don't mind me.

:( I'd rather have you penetrating something else.

1 day ago

Is that an invitation?

1 day ago

You're always welcomed, you know :)

1 day ago

Oh I see. :)

1 day ago

So, what's up!

1 day ago

I thought you already knew. ;)

Nothing much, getting ready for working stuff. :P
What about you?

1 day ago

Meh, Uni tomorrow. Me no like :(

1 day ago

Rough dear. :(

1 day ago

Come penetrate me so I am more relaxed for tomorrow.

1 day ago

I'm ready!

1 day ago

But your body is?

1 day ago


20 hours ago

< Wright updated his status:

For you my people :3

what is it?

4 days ago

LOL @ picture posting fail.

4 days ago

< Slarvax posted something on Wright's wall:

Heeeeeey, I'm home! On my way to make my profile for T.E.C.H. Since the story already started, I was wondering if there's anything specific I need to do?

Don't worry. Just create the profile, then simply join! (Just post that you were already in the jungle like Spurge did or something xD)

4 days ago

I am a horrible person... I never did my profile. Sorry Wright... I am the laziest person on earth.

2 days ago

Yes... You are.

2 days ago

< MohammadBadir posted something on Wright's wall:

You've either read my previous wall posts or somehow recognized the character.

Either way, that "UGH" does not sound promising ):

I kinda guessed it since you had her 3D avatar before xD

5 days ago

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Starcraft Mafia - Game Thread - Day 3

in Gaming Discussion 2 hours ago

theprof00 said: Wright said: I doubt I'm in orbit or something of the sort.  I can be killed. by the nuke? I guess? Why wouldn't I?...

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Starcraft Mafia - Game Thread - Day 3

in Gaming Discussion 2 hours ago

theprof00 said: Theoryhammer time. If there are terrans who can survive the nuke...would there also be zerg and toss somewhere up there too? I would find it really unfair to allow town to simply coast to victory after the nuke goes off. I doubt I'm in orbit or something of the sort.  I can be killed....

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Starcraft Mafia - Game Thread - Day 3

in Gaming Discussion 2 hours ago

theprof00 said:I'll go with eric, since I'd hate to upset spurge. We should both scan spurge tonight, in case one of us is blocked. I'll just put this here for now [b] vote: ericfabian [/b] You still haven't replied to me prof! Just tell who you are, and everything will be clarified!   FoS Prof...


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