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< BraLoD posted something on Wright's wall:

Only good thing on Talos Principle.

1 day ago

You mean the alternate ending where you actually take the cat outside isn't a good thing too?

14 hours ago

I mean the cats, it's the only good thing.
The cat pictures as well.

14 hours ago

What about the Leprechaun?

13 hours ago

It isn't a cat.

13 hours ago

Even the game you love knows they are the superior beings, just accept you cat love already.

13 hours ago

The game I love acknowledges that frogs are people too!

13 hours ago

I told you the only good thing there are the cats.

11 hours ago

< Ka-pi96 posted something on Wright's wall:

How's the writing going mr Wright?

Almost there to finish some things, though this postgrade thing is eating almost all my writing time.

3 days ago

ah, that sucks! Oh well, if you've got some things nearly finished that should be good :)

3 days ago

< BraLoD posted something on Wright's wall:

I think I'll be getting The Evil Within.

I would get it for the PS3, but boy the screen tearing and shadow miscalculating are atroceous, that thing didn't pass on QA... I don't really care about the graphical superiority of the PS4 version (which is why I would get it for the PS3), but the PS3 version is completely off putting.

I beat the thing several times on the 360 which was reportedly the worst version to play on, and I really didn't mind at any point. :P

5 days ago


Go to 35 seconds and tell me all that screen tearing and shadows dancing on his neck... xP

5 days ago

That you didn't notice it xP

5 days ago

I don't say that I didn't noticed it. I saw the flaws. I say I didn't mind them at any point. xD

5 days ago

That seriously bothers me, I wanted the PS3 version because the download size is 5x smaller, but I can't just ignore things like that, it takes my focus out of the scene, it's an actual issue.
The PS4 version seems good enough, also have a lot more detail and way better effects, but the fact I can keep interested in what's going on there is the major benefit, so I think I'll get it for the PS4...

Almos 35GBs tho... will have to download it by pieces during several days, and it'll use too much of my PS4 HDD... it better be good Wright, seriously... e.e

5 days ago

Well if it makes you feel better I bought The Last of Us digitally for PS4 and it was like 55GBs, and with my potato internet it took like three days with the console on for it to finally take all that space from my HDD.

5 days ago

Downloading 22GBs on my PS3 (biggest download I've ever made) already took me more than 2 full days with it on, tho... lol.

5 days ago

Poor Ps3 xD

5 days ago

My internet is already slow, and my family use it all day long on multiple devices, so it could only download properly when we were all sleeping xP

35GBs should take around 4 full days, there is no way I'll let my PS4 on all this time (even less as it heats up way more than the PS3), even if I let it on rest mode, if it's still downloading it keeps really hot.

So if I buy it I'll let the download going on while I play sometimes and maybe during the day when I'm at work, though I don't like doing it.

5 days ago

< PieToast posted something on Wright's wall:

Played and finished The Evil Within a while back and I can't recognize the things that made you like it so much. Wish I liked it more so I can replay it to understand the messy story.

I don't think I can put it on anything specific. It's just the sum of its part what makes it for me. The downright bizarre and charming atmosphere with that dreadful sense of horror invading every corner, the cliche spanish detective unfazed by the lovercraftian monsters like it was another day at the job, the satisfying and challenging gunplay, and the Mario-esque videogame world design of every chapter being radically different than the previous one, plus adding a gimmick so that things remain fresh all the way throughout. It has some shortcomings; story certainly tries to be more interesting and Inception-esque than it really is, and characters could have certainly be refined more. But for all its intended purposes, I had a blast with it, and I've replayed the game several times over and over. It's just a formula I can't really get tired of.

6 days ago

The gimmick the game had can explain why the level design is the way it is. I love those sort of things. It's similar to how in MGS4's UI isn't actually the UI but what Snake sees through the solid eye. I guess also the cheesy hardboiled detective not being phased by lovecraftian horrors and still continues to do hardboiled things was fun. I didn't like the combat though and I wasn't too keen on the upgrade system. It felt like was there just because. It might have been added to insensitive exploration but I didn't like that either because the level design wasn't that great.

6 days ago

Maybe they adress these problems you had in the sequel. Combat could definitively do some refinement, I wouldn't complain about it. As for the upgrades, I don't know, it was fun making Sebastian go from sprinting three seconds and be dead in his tracks to a somewhat human-like stamina, or some sorts of crazy upgrades (like making the standard arrow become a fire arrow at level 5). Sebastian could definitively try not to punch everything like a retard but like a normal human being as well, though that is part of his charm. It would be nice knowing what the hell transpired with Joseph as well, since that is left entirely open.
All in all I just, don't know, loved it. The boss battles, albeit the very last one, were also pretty great and fun. There are plenty of situations where you're challenged by something new and that's fun as well. And the pace, while all over the place, seemed perfect for a game like this. It knew when it was time to run and when it was time to stand ground and fight.

6 days ago

Sebastian's Inadequacies aren't charming. Bosses were quite fun and the crunchy sound you get from headshots is quite satisfying.

6 days ago

Crunchy sound. That's a peculiar way to describe it, I like it.

5 days ago

< Ka-pi96 posted something on Wright's wall:

Do you screw the pooch often?

I do the what often?

on 21 March 2017

Screw the pooch.

on 23 March 2017

What's that?

6 days ago

Well literally it means fuck a dog. Metaphorically it means to make a mistake though.
So like, let's say you call your girlfriend by some other girls name. Then somebody could say "Wright really screwed the pooch there" :P

6 days ago

Huh, well, I wouldn't say often but I've definitely had my moments. xD

5 days ago

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How do you define exclusive when it comes to games?

in Gaming Discussion 8 hours ago

Exclusive: it can only be played in one specific platform. I've always said that if a game is available in more than one platform, then it's not exclusive to any of the platforms it can be played on. I also like to point out that I'm referring to the platforms the game was published onto, not the fact that you can reproduce certain games on other platforms through emulation or backward...

Write 59

Final Boss Battles with Completely Different Gameplay.

in Gaming Discussion 23 hours ago

As much as I love The Evil Within, the fact that the final boss becomes a scripted sequence of running and shooting it down whenever the game tells you was a tad disappointing. And you have very finite ammo and the game won't give you a second chance if it runs out (nor it immediately gives you a game over, you have to wait for it in a very dumb fashion), so meh.  While I wouldn't call it...

Write 21

Final Fantasy XIV FREE TRAIL - Unlimited Play Time

in Gaming Discussion 1 day ago

BraLoD said: deskpro2k3 said: well you'll be capped at LV35, and won't be able to play these jobs since they're in the expansion Heavensward, Dark Knight, Astrologian, and Machinist. Oh yeah, it's filled with expansions, there will be a lot of stuff we can't do :-/ There's two as far as I know and one hasn't released yet. ...


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