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< BraLoD posted something on Wright's wall:

Don't you come saying BoF4 is LoD2 when you didn't even played LoD, Wright!


Breath of Fire is very cool. I think you'll love it. :P

9 hours ago

I love the first game.
There is the turning into dragon things but it's not like LoD XP

9 hours ago

Well, you never know! :D Any similarities are better than no LoD2, amirite?

9 hours ago

LoD2 or gtof!


8 hours ago

< LemonSlice posted something on Wright's wall:

Pretty good 90s anime commercial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fWdY_o2B_0E

Found it as I just watched the excellent Blood: The Last Vampire (one of the early fully digital animes), and this is by the same director.

4 days ago

Ohh, it has some Akira-esque style all over it! I'm impressed!

Kinda makes you wish it translates into a samurai-alcohol drinking anime :P

4 days ago

Guy also worked on Akira. :)
And the same studio which made Blood made the original Ghost in the Shell. Interesting as while there are definite similarities, Blood looks so much different due to digital techniques. Have to say I'm glad todays anime is almost never made fully digital anymore, it looks a little weird.
Yeah, wish the commercial went on as well.

4 days ago

The timing of the action sequences in Blood is phenomenal.

4 days ago

Don't know Blood: The Last Vampire, but I consider Ghost in the Shell a cyberpunk masterpiece! (Didn't like Akira, tbh).

Hand-drawed = Full digital. But maybe that's just us.

4 days ago

Akira and Ghost in the Shell got me into anime. I still remember this girl giving me the VHS tapes, or was it a single tape with both films? Awful quality but subtitled! Still watch them occasionally, not on tape though lol.

Akira is my most watched anime after Princess Mononoke (which was the first anime I bought on DVD). Lots of early history going on in my head right now...

4 days ago

< Platina posted something on Wright's wall:

Guess what I get when I search Wright + Mudkip on Google?

Mmm, this seems to be a young Phoenix. Wonder how an older mudkip lawyer would look like!

5 days ago

< BraLoD posted something on Wright's wall:

FF9 > FF8


DsS > DS


We really don't agree very often XP

We seem to have deep admiration for the same franchises, though. :P

6 days ago

That's a way to look at it XP

6 days ago

You know, maybe it's not circunstancial. There's definitively something in our tastes that makes us like something the other don't and vice-versa.

6 days ago

I've thought about it as well, seems like some games have certain things we that makes me like it and other that makes you like it, and not even on games XP

Now I wonder if you would actually like or not LoD, and you probably wouldn't XC

6 days ago

Can't say a thing without playing it first. Tried it on an emulator years ago, but the rom was corrupted and thus cannot judge accordingly. :P

6 days ago

But based is our conflicting tastes... you probably won't D:

6 days ago

Based on our conflicting tastes, I'd prefer the second game (?) to the first.


6 days ago

Yes, keep teasing poor BraLoD!
Actually not, just in the DS case, because you like ICO, FF8 and MGS2 and I like the next games.

So you would love a LoD prequel XP

6 days ago

Eh, at least we both agree Bully is a masterpiece!

6 days ago

Yes it is, but Red Dead Redemption is better, isn't it?

6 days ago

It is. xD

6 days ago

Dammit, we are starting to agree! :P

6 days ago

< BraLoD posted something on Wright's wall:

I have the feeling that you stealthly loves SotC

IT is a really fun game, WRight should love it.

on 27 September 2015

He just don't want to admit it because he knows I love it as well!

on 27 September 2015

Tried the game back then on a Ps2. Got the HD collection years later just to try it again. I think my trophies really tell you everything you need to know here. xD

on 28 September 2015

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MGS V Insurance Microtransaction

in Gaming Discussion 5 hours ago

binary solo said: Sooo the answer is to always disconnect from the internet before you boot up TPP and don't reconnect until you've shut the game down? I have absolutely no interest in doing online FOB stuff when I finally get around to playing this (I got it as a gift) and if it's necessary to have a decent FOB for single player I don;t want to have to kuch around with trying to keep it...

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Help BraLoD to decide the next RPG, VGC

in Sony Discussion 9 hours ago

Ruler said: Breath of Fire 4 but why not Symphony of the Night ??? Because Simon's Quest is a much better game and I think he has already beaten that one....

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Help BraLoD to decide the next RPG, VGC

in Sony Discussion 10 hours ago

BraLoD said: Wright said: Just...unspoiler it. :-P I seriously don't get what you are meaning :-PTell me about BoF4! (I know everything about LoD already XP) Goddamit.   Unspoiler my original comment, not the quoted one. I screwed up. :(...


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