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< PieToast posted something on Wright's wall:

I miss you already! :(

Good luck with your exams.

But I'm here now!

1 day ago

Welcome back.

What games are you planning to play with your new given freedom?

1 day ago

"freedom" is such a loose term. I'm not free...not yet! There's still exams and things like those but hey. At least I've got rid of some homework now.

I was thinking of some hot coffee with Francis in Deadly Premonition, however!

1 day ago

< TruckOSaurus posted something on Wright's wall:

You can't take a break! I'm almost done with The Evil Within (Chapter 15 is insane!)

Well, well, did you beat it?!

1 day ago

I did! I did! Turns out I was way too stingy on bullets since the last boss doesn't require any ammo I could have crushed those two keepers with my magnum!

The ending was quite nice but I did go online just to be sure if my assumption were right (turns out they pretty much were).

Did you play the Kidman DLC?

1 day ago

Yeah, I've beaten both Kidman's DLC. They were very nice, albeit a bit too short perhaps, and the way you play with her is far different than Sebastian (I prefer the main game's gameplay, Kidman is too stealth oriented). That being said, it's a nice ride and gives you a different perspective, often surprising considering how some things turned out. If you're thinking of playing them, then by all means I suggest the Season Pass because that way each expansion will cost you 5 dollars instead of 9, and that's more of a reasonable price.

So, did you enjoy the main game?

1 day ago

I did enjoy it a lot on the whole, the atmosphere is tense, the enemies are bosses are terrifying, Ruvik is a great vilain. It's not perfect, the story could have been presented better and there were too much instant deaths for my taste (aggravated by the long PS3 load times) but in the end I would recommend it to anyone wanting a survival horror fix.

Funny thing is that I wanted to try out the machine gun and rocket launchers so I started a New Game + and while I must have died 20 times on Chapter 1 in my first playthrough, I finished it in 15 minutes without any deaths during my replay.

1 day ago

That's funny, because I tried Akumu Mode after beating the game and while I didn't die at all on Chapter 1 in my first walkthrough, I got screwed over and over in the highest difficulty. The developers have a strange sense of humour and start adding some random boxes in Sebastian's way, so you can't just do the usual thing around the boss but instead you have to be petting him around risking your life at every second because you can't simply destroy those boxes by yourself.

That and some other weird things, like Ruvik's clones on Chapter 3.

The rocket launcher is very nice, but unfortunately you only have 20 shots, and that's it. Once you run out, you can't never use the RL again. The machine gun is a wasted opportunity, though. Would have been a nice weapon in the roster, but as it is given to you, you don't need it anymore and you can't even mod it with green gel!

But anyway, yeah, I liked The Evil Within a lot. Probably my favourite 2014 game. I sincerely suggest Kidman's dlc, and I'm curious about the last DLC piece, which you play as the Keeper doing funny minigames (or so the developer has said!).

1 day ago

The Keeper mini-games? Whack-a-Sebastian, and hammer throw.

1 day ago

Whack-a-Sebastian definitively sounds like it would be a lot of fun. Though I'd felt bad for the poor Sebastian, he's gone through a lot already xD

1 day ago

< Wright updated his status:

I think I'll be taking a small break from the site.


5 days ago

Not you too! :(

5 days ago


4 days ago

Hi guys!!

1 day ago

< Wright updated his status:

Replaying Oblivion now. Ahhh, what an awesome game!

< Slade6alpha posted something on Wright's wall:

Link me some shemale porn. KThanxBye.


on 17 April 2015

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The Xbox 360 Was Probably the Best Engineered Video Game Console Ever

in Gaming Discussion 5 hours ago

I'd say the slim model could probably be up there, on the top three; but the OG model? No way. A rushed product is a rushed product, no matter how good some of its virtues were. A 40% rate of failure due to internal problems isn't what I'd call "best engineered"....

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Capcom has ideas for another Rival Schools game.

in Gaming Discussion 10 hours ago

I would love a new Rival Schools, seriously. I remember playing it on a dreamcast!...

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Popular hentai website sponsors competitive Smash Bros player

in Nintendo Discussion 15 hours ago

Anfebious said: Wright said: I just checked the website out of curiosity and they have tons and tons of trappish doujinshis. Guess I'll be saving it on bookmarks. :P You dissapoint me dude... I thought you already knew about FAKKU... noob. I'm more of a Gelbooru/Danbooru guy....


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