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< Slade6alpha posted something on Wright's wall:

You leave that dog alone Wright!!!

He's been traumatized enough.

< VXIII posted something on Wright's wall:


I know that I'm over excited for this game, but imo XV is doing an amazing job to make the trolls and haters shut up with each new footage, they are almost absent, not just on VGchartz but every news about this footage xD

Anyways, I just wanted to brag and you have become my favorite members lately, hehe.

Heh, I'm glad for the compliment!

I'm not the biggest Final Fantasy fan out there. I've missed some games (haven't played IX, X or XII, for example), but having FF VIII as my favourite one made me realize that there's no point downplaying other entries because of "this" or "that", since every single FF entry is different from the other one, which is precisely what has made Final Fantasy such a longstanding series. I've also yet to find a Final Fantasy I've disliked; even the spin offs such as Crystal Chronicles are awesome in my eyes. I'm still a bit sad over the fact that I can't play as the other characters in FF XV (who are looking fucking awesome, so this is SE completely teasing me), but that's a small price to pay if everything else goes according to Nomura's vission and the incredible spectacle showcase they've giving us these past months.

And I love exploration, so this open world is giving me a great vibe! Seems like SE is going all-out with this new entry. I also hope it finds success, as japanese developers are somewhat not fond of console JRPGs right now.

Anyway, you can brag whatever you want. My wall is an open source for freedom of speech! :P

18 hours ago

< gooch_destroyer posted something on Wright's wall:

I passed you! Now what?!

I... I...

How did this happen?!

23 hours ago


16 hours ago


9 hours ago

< badgenome posted something on Wright's wall:


Didn't Dante Must Die teach you anything?!

I've only played till chapter three, so I can't possibly understand how hard must be for Sebastian to stay alive on later levels xD

Still, you're thrown with 1HP and nothing else? You don't have like infinite ammo or something?

4 days ago

No, and it's not like RE where Professional difficulty can be super easy because you can do it on NG+. Evil Within only lets you do NG+ on an equal or lower difficulty level.

Fortunately the enemies don't have any more HP than they do on Survival difficulty, but ammo is much scarcer, enemies are much more aggressive and twice as fast, and they start throwing harder special enemies at you earlier and more frequently. Sadly, some of the game's mechanical flaws that weren't such a big deal on Survival start to become very apparent on Akumu.

But actually, it's all in all not quite as bad as I feared. It probably helps that during my first run through I didn't upgrade at all. Supposedly Chapter 6 is the worst of the whole game, and since I just cleared that miserable hurdle I needed to vent!

4 days ago

You just have to aim properly and score headshots. Or if not, relegate Sebastian to a stealth killer. But isn't a bit overkiller to throw you even more crap than in Survivor? There's a point in each game's difficulty that it's just unfair, no matter how you wanna look at it. xD

I just gotta try it first to see how it goes. At the very least it is an extra layer of challenge if you liked the game a lot, which I presume you did. Also, there were any unlockables at the end? A RPD costume for Sebastian?

4 days ago

Urgh, headshots... I did what everyone suggested and upgraded my pistol's critical rate all the way first. Which does help the one-hit kill rate a lot if you do manage to get a headshot, but honestly, I've never seen such bad gunplay in such a good game. That pistol is shit. Not only does it sway a lot when you try to aim (I guess you can upgrade this to go away), but the bullets sometimes go COMPLETELY OUTSIDE THE RETICLE! Throw in the fact that all the enemies are so much faster, and it's almost completely useless. I'm just thankful that the enemies' increased awareness on Akumu isn't so great that I can't still get a lot of stealth kills, but you still can't stealth kill a lot of the tougher enemies.

Shotgunning big groups of enemies down and burning them all with a match seems the way to go. Or just running like a chicken! I was able to cheese my way past one of the more infuriating sections by upgrading my flash bolts a bit and continuously blinding the horde of zombies until time ran out and the door finally opened.

You do unlock a machine gun and rocket launcher for beating it on Survival, and I understand there's a hilariously overpowered set of brass knuckles for beating it on Nightmare or Akumu. Alas, no special costumes, it seems.

4 days ago

Well, maybe the game wants to emphasize that you can be the expert marksman you claim to be, but a shit gun will get you no good!

Rocket launcher unlocked eh? That sounds so...Mikami. Also, the Agony Crossbow seems so freakin' overpowered. Especially when you can grind traps for parts.

4 days ago

It is very Mikami, and the way you get the launcher is a nice touch. Not to spoil anything, but it plays into the ending.

The crossbow is quite neat, and really helps to set the game apart. Using it kind of reminds me of playing BioShock. There are actually a couple of places where I think you could farm infinite trap parts, but I don't know if I'll want to chance that on Akumu even though it could be very useful.

4 days ago

Ever since Resident Evil 1, I've wondered if Mikami has some kind of fetish with rocket launchers. Seriously, it's his trademark in every single "good" ending in Resident Evil, outside 3 (which traded the launcher for a magnum). Even when he was no longer involved with Resident Evil, they kept that mark in both RE5 and RE6 (and I don't know in Revelations, but I could bet it does too).

At first I was a bit worried because it doesn't seem that Sebastian has that much of an arsenal with him. In fact I can only see revolver and shotgun (I'm guessing probably a rifle too, to go along with the Three-Weapon type of RE4, if we exclude the infamoused TMP); but the Agony Crossbow seems to add that extra spice of variety that could probably push the game for some creativeness when dealing with these creatures. And why not ultimate farming? After all, it's not like the game is being fair to you in Akumu mode xD

4 days ago

I'll definitely give it a shot, but since you have to do it while being chased around by the guy who constantly lays the traps, I think it might just be an exercise in frustration if I collect a bunch of parts only to get myself killed before hitting the next checkpoint. Although I will say, they were pretty generous with the checkpoints in this game. I don't know if I could do it otherwise.

Luckily you do get a bit of a buffer on the ammo front if you're good at finding keys. There's a bunch of safes in the save room that give you either random ammo or gel. I haven't had to open any yet, so if things get too tough that's always a last resort.

4 days ago

Well, good luck! Try not to get Sebastian way too much killed.

Without spoilers, I've heard the story is very disappointing, but I think that's probably due reviewers over-thinking everything and just not let themselves drown in the weirdness of the game. Is it true? I wasn't expecting something like Deadly Premonition writing level, but you never know.

4 days ago

Probably depends on your expectations. I was expecting a certain overused plot twist, so when they didn't do it I was pleasantly surprised. The way they tell the story is kind of strange because there's a whole lot of stuff they don't really spell out in the game itself. But once you beat it and unlock the model viewer you can learn a whole lot more about the characters and monsters and thus better understand what was going on.

I'm personally a fan of that sort of vague storytelling, so overall I'd say I liked it. But I can see why others wouldn't. The cool thing to me is that it is a very "video game" story and doesn't try to be a movie at all. It's pure pulp fiction, and it knows it.

4 days ago

Good good. I'm even more hyped now, so I'd hopefully beat the game before the year ends!

4 days ago

I hope so! I'm interested to see what you think of it.

I'm really glad Bethesda talked Mikami into one more game. I just hope he doesn't abandon his goal of helping other people at Tango direct their own games. Japan really needs a new generation of directors. The previous generation was so amazing that there was no urgency to groom their successors, and now they're all in their 50s and 60s. There's basically no one under the age of 40 who has any name recognition whatsoever.

4 days ago

Eight generation is going to be troublesome for a lot of people; and I'm afraid that is going to "devolve" into tons of japanese developers westernizing their games for wide appeal, just like the trend at the end of the seventh gen cycle.

I am impressed with Bethesda, though. Not usual from them, but I'm glad they pushed for such project. Now all we need a game that mixes Suda, Mikami and Swery. He was left out of the equation in Shadows of the Damned!

4 days ago

I'm actually cautiously optimistic that they've decided that the bastardization approach didn't work. Just based on things Square-Enix and others have been saying and doing lately. But we'll see. I'm bummed that D4 flopped, but it'd be great if Bayonetta 2 does decent numbers to help keep this kind of gaming alive for at least a little while longer.

Between Evil Within, Dishonored, and Wolfenstein (which I've yet to play but it looks great), I'm pretty proud of Bethesda lately. They've come a long way from being just the Elder Scrolls guys. I'm especially impressed that they didn't demand a bunch of compromises from Mikami. Maybe I shouldn't be surprised since they had the faith to help him establish his own studio in the first place, but I am!

4 days ago

< XanderXT posted something on Wright's wall:

So, is the roleplay dead? Because padib hasn't made a post in the thread.

Probably, yeah. I should have done the roleplay on summer, not now... :(

on 24 October 2014

Sigh. Can we like, kill you off? Then you get resurrected or something?

on 24 October 2014

What do you mean?

6 days ago

When you have time again, we'll resurrect you in the story.

6 days ago

When you have time again, we'll resurrect you in the story.

6 days ago

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It's a hard battle to win, but I'd say it is possible. If MS plays their cards correctly, we could see the Xbox One surpassing its predecessor....

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bananaking21 said: Wright said: They should implement such feature on Vita, too. even if they did, still nobody would buy it ...


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