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< BraLoD posted something on Wright's wall:

Just get a Beatrix avatar already.

Lemme finish FFXII first.

1 day ago

Beatrix than Fran, great combo.

7 hours ago

There, XII beaten.

4 hours ago

So, best FF ever, isn't it?

31 minutes ago

No, not really. Here's a recollection of thoughts I had while playing it:

- Some dungeon designs are quite poor, that really don't encourage exploration since you're not going to find anything at all.
- Heavy backtracking.
- The final dungeon is eh... weak. It's more like a small prelude to the boss fight than a dungeon.
- Even though it was kinda fixed in Zodiac, the chest/loot system is weird. Apparently I lost the game's most powerful weapon because I opened some chests I wasn't supposed to (but how was I supposed to know?).
- Vaan. He's cool, but he's almost irrelevant to the story. His interactions rarely feel anything but shoehorned to give him some protagonism.
- Unfortunately, the International Version itself, that prevented me from swapping classes and as a result I beat the game entirely without using black/time/green magick (and other resources), aside from Basch who could cast random black magick thanks to a technique. This was kind of awful, dunno why they thought that would be a great idea.

+ The story sequences. I loved the political drama, I couldn't get enough of people talking about politics, war strategy and the likes. Even crazy Cid provided some awesome dialogue.
+ Basch, Balthier, Ashe.
+ The gambit system is an interesting and fun take on the gameplay. I loved being inventive with it and at the same time proving to be a great strategy at almost any enemy formation.
+ The soundtrack provided a nice mood to the overall playthrough, with some memorable scores.
+ Plenty of sidequests to do, with the Hunts being a very fun sub-mission to undergo with.

23 minutes ago

< BraLoD posted something on Wright's wall:

Did you get Nioh, btw?

I don't have the PS4 with me these months, so I haven't played nor purchased anything for it.

on 13 February 2017

No excuse not to get it!
Will you get it when you get your PS4 back?

on 13 February 2017

Yeah, although I have to buy FFXV and RE7 first.

on 13 February 2017

What about Horizon?

on 13 February 2017

Zero Interest in it. xD

on 13 February 2017

Yup, still the same old Wright...

on 13 February 2017

< BraLoD posted something on Wright's wall:

Guess who got 20K+100K before Wrighto! ;D

Dat spin in order to look good. Did you go to Microsoft's school of PR? :P

on 13 February 2017

That spin to change the subject.
Looks like we went to the same school XP

on 13 February 2017

Hey, at least I own an Xbox!

on 13 February 2017

Are you trying to make it a point in my favor? XD

on 13 February 2017

I'm trying to highlight how much disappointing you ended up being for the teacher. :P

on 13 February 2017

I was too cool for school.

on 13 February 2017

< hatmoza posted something on Wright's wall:

I'm sorry but I have to roast you. You switched to the Erica avi mere days after I jokingly called you out for "stealing" it from me. That's pretty damn insecure. Rest assured I won't use it again. You don't have to be scarrrrred :P

To be fair I did think to go back to it after your post, but because I didn't know which other avatar to move on from the Wario I had. xD
I don't really mind people having an Erica avatar. The more, the merrier in my opinion. It's not like I claim ownership of her image or something, though I would sure as hell love to date her. Toby is just too lucky of a guy.

on 11 February 2017

< Veknoid_Outcast posted something on Wright's wall:

Well, what do you think?


on 09 February 2017

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What is your favourite opening hour of a videogame?

in Gaming Discussion 4 hours ago

Leadified said: Probably Metal Gear Solid 2, the opening scene on the tanker is pretty badass. That entire section shows how much of an improvement the game is over MGS1 and the rain effect on the deck still looks good today. This is another awesome reply, for the same thing I mentioned with RE4. Not only it sets the atmosphere, tone and details in a perfect fashion, and it teaches...

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What is your favourite opening hour of a videogame?

in Gaming Discussion 4 hours ago

This is a hard question, because I could probably think of another one later, but I have always loved the Resident Evil 4 intro, even if I am not the biggest fan of that game. It sets the atmosphere perfectly, it gives you the very basics of the game, and then has the audacity to throw you inside the village and expect to survive or bite the dust. And trying to hide or run will only penalize you...

Write 27

JRPG bosses that are unbeatable.

in Gaming Discussion 1 day ago

Nem said: Strange. I don't remember struggling on the final boss, but i remember the final dungeon was a real pain (FF3). I did play the remake on the DS though. Dunno if that is why. Loved that world map music though. It's not really struggling, but there's a sequence where the boss has to defeat you yes or yes. You have no way to know this, not even the sequence hints at this....


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