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    < JEMC posted something on Wright's wall:

    Hey! Since you follow also MotoGP, I just want to inform you that, due to what happened today, the schedule for tomorrow has changed. MotoGP will go first at 12:30h, with the oher two following at 14:00 and 15:30.

    Wait, wait, what happened today? I was in a Smash tournament from early in the morning and I missed it all xD

    on 25 August 2018

    Maybe you already know by now, but yesterday it rained in Silverstone and the re surfaced track didn't drain the water. That led to puddles on track and the MotoGP guys had the worst luck, specially Tito Rabat that ended with broken femur, tibia and fibula.

    Because of that, they decided to move the MotoGP race forward, when it's supposed to be less danger of rain.

    on 26 August 2018

    Actually didn't see the race, but that sucks for poor Tito!

    on 26 August 2018

    There was no race. It rained and the riders said nope.

    It remains to be seen what will happen now, either do the race another day or skip it completely.

    on 26 August 2018

    Hmmm, interesting. What would be the implications of skipping it? Just outright not giving any racer a score?

    on 26 August 2018

    Yep. No points to gain or to lose. Great news for those that lead each class, bad news for the rest.

    on 27 August 2018

    < estebxx posted something on Wright's wall:

    Nier Auotmata is the most amazing game of all time.

    I dunno if the most amazing, but 9S elevated the game far far beyond anything I would have expected from him. Best char by far.

    on 22 August 2018

    Well i have a small but kinda strong crush on 2B so lets just agree to disagree.

    on 22 August 2018

    So does 9S, my man. So does he.

    on 22 August 2018

    Though i very much felt for what 9S went through, thats a lot of emotional pain...

    on 22 August 2018

    Taro at his sadistic peak xD

    on 22 August 2018

    If anything the true ending being a happy one was the biggest surprised of the game for me, i never expected Taro to put something like that in the game, i even shed some tears of joy at that ending.

    So GOOD.

    on 23 August 2018

    I suppose it's due to the main characters not being outright genociders like in past games. Taro has always made a point of not giving killers a happy ending (something that always gets worse the more you play), but unlike the guy in Drakengard who pretty much butchers everything his way, or Papa Nier who leaves no shade alive, the YoRHa team does not always fight robots, as evidenced by the Pascal community or some other robot societies/sidequests.

    That being said, "happy" is quite the word to define it. Although makes me wonder what happens when 9S is reconstructed, yet his persona is flying in the ark alongside Adam and Eve.

    on 24 August 2018

    < Darwinianevolution posted something on Wright's wall:

    I just found the polish cover for Submarine Titans! I have them all now!

    on 18 June 2018

    That's what you get for chasing your dreams!

    on 19 June 2018

    I also found the total sales of the game! Who would've though that info would be available on the internet?

    on 19 June 2018

    Makes you wonder what doesn't Internet has!

    on 19 June 2018

    < the-pi-guy posted something on Wright's wall:


    Hello hello, how is it going

    on 03 June 2018

    It's going good! It's been a while!

    on 03 June 2018

    Nice to know one of us is doing good (?)

    on 03 June 2018

    What's up?

    on 03 June 2018

    < Xen posted something on Wright's wall:

    I am entrusting you with my time and money....


    Great choice, especially since it includes all the expansions.

    Just don't expect any sort of challenge; there is none. Your hero is already overpowered as he is, and it only goes downhill (or uphill, depending on how you like to look at it) from there. Outside that, there's plenty to appreciate here, so I'd hope you at least get a positive impression from it.

    At the very very worst, I think you can easily find a 6/10 game here. Which is something!

    on 09 May 2018

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    Virtuos on porting Dark Souls Remastered for Nintendo Switch

    in Nintendo Discussion on 04 November 2018

    Miyamotoo said: KLXVER said: Would rather have a remastered version of the original DS2 than SotFS. But SotFS is remastered Dark Souls 2. Yes and not exactly. It is a remastered version in terms of visuals and performance, but at the same time it fundamentally alters several gameplay elements (enemy position, key items locations, NG+ values and the likes). They don't...

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    What is your favorite Final fantasy game?

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    COKTOE said: Most assuredly. I've been hoping for an HD remaster trilogy set. I realize it's unlikely, but I'd buy it for sure. I have doubts that I'll be going back to the PS3 to re-start XIII-2 and start up XIII-3, but maybe someday. I've personally tried to get into XIII-2 several times, but aside from a few improvements, I vastly prefer XIII. XIII-3 however, I did enjoy the...

    Write 101

    What is your favorite Final fantasy game?

    in Gaming Discussion on 11 October 2018

    COKTOE said: At this point, most of what remains is simply the idea that I liked it. And I did! There's no denying that. I'm positive that if you were to replay it nowadays, you'd enjoy it immensely still. I've replayed XIII throughout the years and I always do love it every single time. It took me a long of time to play it due to the ongoing hate bandwagon unfortunately, but...


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