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< Conegamer posted something on Wright's wall:

Wait, do you actually have a woman in your profile picture? Isn't that a miracle.

Well, she defines herself as a woman alright.

3 hours ago

Who doesn't?

3 hours ago

People who struggle with having masculine parts in the crotch area ;)

3 hours ago

"Struggle"? I didn't realize it was such a hard thing to do.

2 hours ago

Then again, you ain't intersex.

1 hour ago

< BasilZero posted something on Wright's wall:

Are you....a faker too :(?


14 hours ago

Yes, a faker like a creeper.

14 hours ago


14 hours ago

You know...like Jeepers Creeprs but in this case, Faker Creeper.

14 hours ago

What the heck is jeepers creeprs

14 hours ago


13 hours ago

c'mon, tell me :(

13 hours ago

Tagged for secrets!

13 hours ago


13 hours ago

< Aeolus451 posted something on Wright's wall:

I have to say that is one of your best avatars. I like the character.

Have you played Nier?

1 day ago

Yep. I liked her personality.

1 day ago

Yeah, she's awesome. Foulmouthed, but that also add her a lot of charisma. :P

1 day ago

I also liked the protagonist from drakengard 3 and the game's sense of humor. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oheuZ28s2PI

1 day ago

Never played any Drakengard except for the first one :(

1 day ago

The 3rd one is very different from the 1st and 2nd game. Reminds me of nier hence why I brought it up. Did ya watch the link?

1 day ago

Yeah, Never thought I'd see the day of a dragon pissing itself, but hey :P

22 hours ago

To be fair to the dragon, that woman has a temper.

16 hours ago

< BasilZero posted something on Wright's wall:


Shadows of Chernobyl is one of my favourite games.

2 days ago

Never heard of it.

2 days ago



One of the best FPS RPGs you can find out there!

2 days ago

Oh that game. I could of gotten it for $2.49 but I decided to get BlazBlue Calamity Trigger instead!

2 days ago

Well, you should invest on it again if you ever have the chance!

2 days ago

Maybe, maybe not.

1 day ago

< Wright updated his status:

Dark side.

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Write 43

Stealth vs survival horror, which of these do you prefer?

in Gaming Discussion 1 day ago

Survival horror all the way. I want more Siren Blood Curse, more The Evil Within, more Resident Evil more Deadly Premonition. More, more, more!...

Write 43

Shenmue 3 : PS4 physical copy reward announced ($60)

in Sony Discussion 2 days ago

Fantastic. And almost 4 million now!   I'm confident this can break the 6 million barrier, although I'm still not too sure if it will make it to 10....

Write 43

Xenoblade Chronicles X averages 168 hours

in Nintendo Discussion 2 days ago

The question that remains is...are all those 168 hours joyful?   Because I remember, for example, that through my 85 hours of Final Fantasy XIII, I wished 25 of those never existed....


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