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    < Wright Currently playing through Final Fantasy X for the very first time and I'm having a blast!
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    < Versus_Evil posted something on Wright's wall:

    That's kind of completely messed up. :o

    2 days ago

    This is...weird.

    2 days ago

    Come on, learn to be grateful!

    1 day ago

    < Versus_Evil posted something on Wright's wall:

    wtf is that?

    I could ask you the same question!

    3 days ago

    I would love to have the answer to both questions!

    3 days ago

    < Wright updated his status:

    Currently playing through Final Fantasy X for the very first time and I'm having a blast!

    Did you just started it?
    The dialogue in the beginning is really akward and strange, I wasn't really liking it until some couple good hours later, when it does get better.
    It have a pretty good story and being a classic old school turn based game is also a pretty good thing.

    Oh and I didn't really like Blitzball, or it even being part of the actual plot in the beginning... at all.

    You'll probably be liking it a lot more later on.

    The last boss music is badass, and Suteki da Ne is really good as well (To Zanankard as well), even if I did find the music just rarely getting my attention while I played the game.

    6 days ago

    I'm currently on the Thundersomething plains, where I have to press X to avoid getting struck by a lightning. xP

    6 days ago

    So you are already past the akward part.
    Hope you enjoy it a lot.
    Yuna > Rinoa, and the love relationship on this game is WAY more believiable and marking.

    You should really play FF IX when you can as well, it's pure magic, seriously, do it asap.

    6 days ago

    What are you smoking. Yuna so far has been terrible, unless you're into weak women with hardly any personality or capable of making choices without having to fucking consult it to Sir Auron, despite the later always reminding her that she's the one that has to choose. You could have told me Lulu or Rikku, and maybe I'd say they're great, but Yuna? Yuna??

    6 days ago

    At least get the full side of the things before making up a judgement.
    Yuna is neither weak or is not making choices, the contrary, actually... you'll be sad about how unfair you are taking her on just because you didn't care about her POV or motivations, well, it'll be presented and explained to you in the end if you don't get it by yourself.

    6 days ago

    It's not like the game is subtle about it. I'm fairly sure Yuna will have to do some weird shit with her last summon, like becoming Sin herself or sacrificing in order to destroy it. I'm not being unfair here. She's weak, she lacks determination most of the time and she's uncapable of just coming and saying things (things that would probably help the party, so she reminds me of Auron because of this and I despise Auron because of it). Here comes Seymour like a fucking sexual depraved monster and she's all like "duuh, but Spira would be cool with it". Well Yuna, way to be the star. It's even worse because everytime I boot up the game I see FF X-2 and her extremely badattitude with the gun and I just wonder just how downhill things are going to go after here for her to make such a change in personality.
    Not to mention she being useless as a party member.
    I have to summon her in combat and wait a fucking turn for her to defend in order to get some EXP (because otherwise zero for Yuna). She's the literal definition of a liability, which makes it worse because she's the very thing the whole party has to protect.

    6 days ago

    Yuna character change from X to X-2 is completely out of the blue, there is nothing on X that leads to that... that's how you know X-2 was never meant to be to begin with.
    About here use in the party, lol, she is literally the best character in the whole game, I could two hit the game super boss with just her.
    She is so OP I would even avoid using her most of the time.

    6 days ago

    Ahh, I see the conversation changed the personality aspect to her being a combat member. I wonder if it is because there's no way to defend Yuna and I was spot on. :P

    6 days ago

    I went on both subjects, her personallity and her combat usefulness.

    Yuna is definitely a more deep, strong, believiable and better presented character than Rinoa.

    While Rinoa is falling in love for a scumbag (that's what Squall was until half of the game) for no reason until she can finally save him, Yuna is shouldering the whole world on her back and still thinking about people next to her before anything, going even over her own feelings for others sake.

    Even if small talk if compared to Rose, still, Yuna is a much better character than you are trying to make up her for.

    I hope you can get it when you finish the game.

    6 days ago

    I don't consider Rinoa to be among the greatest FF female casts either, so comparing Yuna to her doesn't help much your case. Still, Rinoa edges Yuna by a mile, being as young as Yuna and having to endure for something very similar she certainly displays more personality throughout the game. Like heck, she doesn't think twice before assaulting the train right when you meet her, as opposed to Yuna fucking asking everyone what to do at every single step when everyone tells her she's the one that has to decide right after leaving Luca. "Shouldering the whole world", give me a break. If you're not ready then don't do it. She felt to peer pressure because she's Braska's daughter, instead of doing on her own volition. I mean, I have sympathy here, but it highlights just how weak she is.

    Lulu should have been the summoner as she's my favourite female character in FF X so far. She's also my type of women. xP

    6 days ago

    You type of woman? She has no traps XP

    6 days ago

    I know, but I can overlook that.

    6 days ago

    Did you kill Wright fast and with no pain?

    6 days ago

    I've always liked women bruh. Particulary women like Lulu, which are freaking awesome. :D

    Her weapon of choice is extremely weird though.

    6 days ago

    Come on, holding Moogle and Cactuar dolls was awesome as a weapon choice!

    6 days ago

    Haven't found a Cactuar doll, she's currently equipped with a pseudo-Cait Sith. xP

    6 days ago

    < QUAKECore89 posted something on Wright's wall:

    Next week, my friend... next week...

    Jeebus, this art is great!

    on 17 August 2016

    < Versus_Evil posted something on Wright's wall:

    Leave that dog alone you creep.

    He wants to stay.

    on 17 August 2016

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