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< PieToast posted something on Wright's wall:

Your wall is missing something.

I like the fact that this isn't bannable because those doesn't resemble "woman breasts", and thus, it's perfectly fine.

17 hours ago

That's why I decided this should be the first thing I share that's not anime. ;3

15 hours ago

Oh, that means you have some more spicy things to share? :3

15 hours ago

Absolutely! Though sadly I only have a few. I don't mind if someone looks through my straight collection that I gathered years ago but won't delete out of nostalgia, however I don't want to explain things to someone who wouldn't understand.

15 hours ago

If someone doesn't want to listen, you don't need to bother explaining!

14 hours ago

< MohammadBadir posted something on Wright's wall:

This guy was the biggest trap

Is this from YuGiOh?!

2 days ago

No, Bakugan

2 days ago


2 days ago

Lol, I still have mine.

2 days ago

< Ka-pi96 posted something on Wright's wall:


I'll be cautiously optimistic with this one since I didn't think Steins;gate needed a sequel whatsoever.

4 days ago

< VXIII posted something on Wright's wall:

Just like Ike I was saying in Bloodborne thread. "I haven't started the game yet because there is nothing I want more. There is some kind of of pleasure in deprivation. I don't want to play it and finish it because I don't want to lose that feeling.

It is like if there is some kind of delicious cake on the table. You don't rush and eats it, you just set there and keep looking at it to satisfy your mind before your body...."

That is probably not a "normal" behavior, but I'm really enjoying it.


4 days ago

Well, going for your example with the cake, I'd masturbate staring at it, then frot myself against it. Then I'd proceed to eat it, so yeah, I do understand.

Try doing that with your Bloodborne copy.

4 days ago

< Conegamer posted something on Wright's wall:

Is that secretly a dude?

If it is he isn't very good at keeping secrets :D

on 24 March 2015

Maybe it's actually a girl :O

You'd be surprised how many guys are actually girls.

on 24 March 2015

I'd say you don't get manlier than Barry Burton. Except perhaps Frank West.

on 24 March 2015

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Write 85

SMTxFE looks better than Persona 5

in Nintendo Discussion 7 hours ago

In the meanwhile, I think Catherine looks better than both and here I am waiting for a sequel that will never come. :(...

Write 163

FE x SMT shown at N Direct

in Nintendo Discussion 9 hours ago

TiagoCosta said: Wright said: Eh...it didn't resemble Fire Emblem that much. Looks like persona tho xD Which is even more surprising because I thought this would be a turn-based SRPG or something of that sort....

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FE x SMT shown at N Direct

in Nintendo Discussion 9 hours ago

Eh...it didn't resemble Fire Emblem that much....


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