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    Bluepoint Director teases "Legend of Dragoon Remaster"

    in Sony Discussion on 26 August 2019

    Only a remaster? I mean, I'd buy it but I kind of want a Remake. But man, I would love to hear what they could do with that soundtrack today. The only thing about a true remake is, I wonder if Sony would want it to be a re imagining as an action RPG...to which I might have an issue with. ...

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    How much does an indie game need to sell in general to be profitable for the dev?

    in Gaming Discussion on 19 August 2019

    Like most other games, it depends on the budget/cost of development for the game. If I made an indie game that took about 6 months to complete, assuming that I'm living alone and paying all my expenses out of pocket, and have to pay employees within the company if there are any...let's say the overhead for 6 months is $20,000 for living expenses and payroll for the artist and composer. If I want...

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    Least liked console from each of the big 3 and why

    in Gaming Discussion on 08 August 2019

    Nintendo 64: I just don't like this thing. Aside from a few games, the vast majority of the library is just not that good and the controller...no thanks. The sound quality and samples just weren't that good on most software titles. I enjoyed more Wii U games than I did the 64. Xbox One: There's rarely a reason to own one and be proud to own one. It's a good BluRay player but again the...

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    Can we have a Switch Lite playable on the TV ?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 04 August 2019

    Chrkeller said: -Newcloud- said: I'd still recommend the standard Switch over the Lite every time  Agreed.  I also don't get the point of the Lite.  Not worth the savings. While I won't get the Lite, I know why it exists. 3DS is exiting the fray, so it's the new option for kids that want to play newer software. $100 Off and you can still play...

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    Nintendo fans in China protest Genshin Impact announce at ChinaJoy 2019, claiming that it shamelessly copies BOTW

    in Gaming Discussion on 04 August 2019

    I got bashed by saying that Zelda also copied a lot of mechanics from previous games, which is true. And a lot of what BOTW did simply improves on previous mechanics from other games, which is true. But some of this stuff in this game is shameless in how they got a bit too inspired. Personally I think it looks much better than BOTW Visually, combat seems a bit more interesting but the...

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    Dragon Quest XI S demo announced

    in Nintendo Discussion on 03 August 2019

    -Newcloud- said: Ljink96 said: Pretty sure it's your PS4 or your copy. Mine works fine... they don't intend to sell games this way. It's most likely a defect.  But I have no problem with any other game and its a digital copy of the game. It for whatever reason crashes the whole PS4 at the same point every time and I tryed like 15 times.  Yikes, all I...

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    Dragon Quest XI S demo announced

    in Nintendo Discussion on 03 August 2019

    -Newcloud- said: I feel cheated by dragon Quest XI, I bought it on PS4 and the game keeps crashing at a bridge just after you get the blue haired character. so im going to wait and see, if it cant run on PS4 im to scared to buy it on Switch. Pretty sure it's your PS4 or your copy. Mine works fine... they don't intend to sell games this way. It's most likely a defect.  ...

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    EA comments on Switch support, says most players also own a PS4/X1 and often play the publisher’s games on those platforms

    in Nintendo Discussion on 31 July 2019

    Well, Switch isn't hurting because of EA's non-support and EA isn't hurting by not supporting the Switch. I guess that cancels out. ...

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    Best standard Zelda battle music?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 26 July 2019

    Wind Waker's is great...but Breath of the Wild's just gets me pumped when it gets going. ...

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    Opinion: Rain in BOTW is a positive addition to the game

    in Nintendo Discussion on 26 July 2019

    Nice opinion :-P ...

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    Find what's wrong with this picture?

    in Politics Discussion on 26 July 2019

    We don't deserve this aide. ...

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    Dragon Quest XI S will have new stories for each party members, and more

    in Nintendo Discussion on 22 July 2019

    Wasn't thinking about getting this again so soon, played it on PS4 and PC...twice but with the added content (especially the orchestrated soundtrack) I have to triple dip. As if that wasn't enough the new stories actually fit perfectly into the main game being based off of that cataclysmic event. Never seen a definitive edition add so much content. ...

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    Yo-kai Watch 1 announced for Switch

    in Nintendo Discussion on 21 July 2019

    Snesboy said: vivster said: Why's she wearing a TV? Japan bro. What the hell am I looking at!? Is he pouring gasoline into her ass? ...

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    The "Original Story" - The Kimba VS Simba Controversy, Disney The Lying King

    in Movies Discussion on 17 July 2019

    I knew about this, however what I didn't know is that Disney was claiming this as an "Original Work" during the promotional periods. That's really scummy. ...

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    Anyone else notice a lot of gaming news channels tend to avoid Nintendo talk?

    in Gaming Discussion on 12 July 2019

    There are channels that talk about Nintendo content and are monetized. One of the bigger ones being Spawn Wave, Yong Yea (just did a video on National Dex with hundreds of thousands of views) and ReviewtechUSA. Hell, Inside Gaming(Formerly known as The Know) just did a video about Nintendo's microtransactions in Dr. Mario World. There are just gaming news networks much like normal news networks...

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    Global Hardware 29 June 2019

    in Latest Charts on 11 July 2019

    What do you know, a highly anticipated game bumped up Switch sales. ...

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    Will you switch from Switch to Switch Lite?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 10 July 2019

    Nah, I'll keep my standard Switch. This really does nothing for me but I fully understand why they're doing this. It's going to sell like crazy. I'll just wait until the Pro. ...

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    What was the Greatest Launch Title of all Time?

    in Gaming Discussion on 06 July 2019

    Has to be Breath of the Wild for me. Still my 2nd favorite game of all time. I think in terms of innovation, Mario 64 is the easy choice but in terms of overall presentation, playability, etc. Breath of the Wild beats it out. ...

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    Has Sony made PlayStation "too Western"?

    in Sony Discussion on 06 July 2019

    mutantsushi said: Ljink96 said: These words "blue ocean" and "hard core" like...they mean nothing to me and often serve as PR blanket terms. You do understand that Nintendo didn't just make up the term 'blue ocean'? It's not a PR term at all, it's a specific business strategy term, it has a Wikipedia page explaining how it was invented by French business professors, and is a real...

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    Has Sony made PlayStation "too Western"?

    in Sony Discussion on 05 July 2019

    mutantsushi said: Ljink96 said: And I think this is why Sony isn't acknowledging Nintendo as a competitor. Given Nintendo themselves announced "blue ocean" strategy i.e. not competing but finding/creating own unique niche, what is noteworthy about Sony taking them on their word? I'm not sure why what I assume are Nintendo fans seem to have difficulty comprehending...

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