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    SteamWorld Dig 2 launches September 21 for Switch, “a few days later” for PS4 and PC

    in Nintendo Discussion on 31 August 2017 by jason1637

    So its a console launch exclusive for the Switch?...

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    Do you clip your nose hair?

    in General Discussion on 29 August 2017 by monocle_layton

    Yep. Not even twenty, but I gotta shave it to keep my hygiene. Not the best being hairy, but at least I got a legit beard at sixteen....

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    I have lost most interest in RPG's. I used to look so forward to them. Here's why.

    in Gaming Discussion on 29 August 2017 by dukerx2

    I agree 100%...

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    Things you ALWAYS do in new games?

    in Gaming Discussion on 22 August 2017 by Xeon

    I always go to the options first for whatever reason lol....

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    Things you NEVER do in new games?

    in Gaming Discussion on 21 August 2017 by StokedUp

    Masterbate in the first 10 minutes of starting it, I never do that....

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    SNES Classic Preorders anyone?

    in Gaming Discussion on 21 August 2017 by Entropio

    I preordered back when it was announced. I usually never preorder anything, but this time hype was too strong....

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    Sony wont allow ARK devs to have crossplay between PSN and Xbox Live.

    in Gaming Discussion on 21 August 2017 by NPCmates

    arcaneguyver said: Such a great move by MS. They literally don't have to do anything now but say they would like crossplay with their biggest competitor with each and every MP game this gen to siphon brownie points away from said competitor. Dunno if that will ever translate into sales, but still a very good chess move. I was thinking the same thing, I been seeing more articles pop...

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    Games You Love That Everybody Else Absolutely Loathes

    in Gaming Discussion on 18 August 2017 by AlfredoTurkey


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    What is your main interest?

    in General Discussion on 17 August 2017 by scotti

    Super_Boom said: Outside of essential things, I'd say writing is my most consistent hobby. I like to do lots of things outside my comfort zone, but writing is something that sticks around. Mostly I write fan fiction and RP stuff, it's fun getting lost in a world that you've created yourself. Otherwise, I juggle between anime, manga, and gaming. Usually one of the three will fall behind the...

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    Convince me to get a Vita

    in Sony Discussion on 16 August 2017 by dukerx2

    One of the founders of Vita Island, Greg Miller has given up on Vita. And hes been beating the Vita since the start. It has a good library and im sure you can get one for cheep, just know its a dead handheld. ...

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    Cities: Skylines coming to the PS4 on August 15

    in Sony Discussion on 16 August 2017 by dukerx2

    Im pumped for it. Downloaded it but haven't had time to sink any time into it, busy month....

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    Top 5 Albums of 2016

    in Music Discussion on 05 August 2017 by Flilix

    Blink's new album California didn't impress me last year. However, I like the deluxe edition a lot better. The songs are stronger and more unique. ...

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    Best RPG of All Time voted by Famitsu Readers

    in Gaming Discussion on 21 July 2017 by Kyuu

    Oh.. another list.. another constant bitching from everyone. Out of these games, NieR, Suikoden 2 and Xenoblade Chronicles ranked most impressively taking release date and sales into account. But where are Demon's Souls and Pokemon? Are they not considered RPG over there?...

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    What is your favourite sport?

    in Sports Discussion on 20 July 2017 by flashfire926

    Watching: Ice hockey Playing: cricket I'm an Indian who lives in Canada, so yeah....

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    Uncharted Lost Legacy goes gold

    in Sony Discussion on 20 July 2017 by dukerx2


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    New Seasons Announced for 3 TellTale Games

    in Gaming Discussion on 20 July 2017 by dukerx2

    I'm so excited for these. Never thought we would get another season of The Wolf Among Us, but very happy we are. Good to see the Walking Dead come to an end. I've enjoyed the series but was starting to get that feeling of just how long are they going to milk this. And I really enjoyed season one of Batman so im pumped to get more of that and so soon....

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    What Have You Bought Recently?!?

    in General Discussion on 26 May 2017 by pbroy


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    Star Trek Discovery trailer #1

    in Movies Discussion on 25 May 2017 by binary solo

    shikamaru317 said: I must say, I'm not particularly impressed. I really wanted to like Discovery, but it seems they want me not to like it. I see an over-reliance on CGI. The Klingon designs are way too weird. I see near JJ levels of lens flare. The fact that it's another prequel likely means they will create more continuity errors. I'm just not feeling it. CBS claimed this series was more...

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    90s stuff you miss the most?

    in General Discussion on 03 May 2017 by curl-6

    CaptainExplosion said: curl-6 said: That's easily fixed; spend less time on your phone and more time reading books.  At least while books are still available. Anybody know if things like Kindles do comic books? Books aren't going anywhere. Ebooks and the like will simply coexist with them, in the same way that video games coexist with board games....

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    Market for a playstation classic?

    in Gaming Discussion on 30 April 2017 by Burning Typhoon

    KLXVER said: Burning Typhoon said: See, guys, the thing about a PS1 console with digital games... a PSP(Most games) a Vita (most of them, again) and a PS3 (all the games) are available.  If you want to play digital PS1 games, it's there for you.  Get on the store and download those games... Personally, I have over 50.. I think it's 54, or so... maybe more. I would...

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