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< veritaz posted something on ToraTiger's wall:

I loved your thread. You made up so much stuff that it had to be locked. I couldn't post in it because I was late to the party. Just wanted to thank you here for the enjoyment.

I'm glad. I can see why you're here just by your avatar.

1 day ago

Because I recently played InFamous:Second son and loved it? I love some Nintendo games too.

1 day ago

Your point? I can tell you're the type to hate on all critiques associated with your preferred interests. Just because I think the last of us is overrated mean doesn't I made stuff up about it. If you read my posts you'd know why I didn't think it was great.

1 day ago

I did read your posts, that's why I know they were made up. I got a laugh at watching everyone rip through everything you said. One ridiculous example is when you talked about game play length. The game was not 2 hours of game play, it's a 15+ hour game that has only 94 minutes of cut scenes. If a mod can see through the BS, you made it obvious. If you're going to do a thread like this again at least be fair with critiques.

1 day ago

I said 2 hours for 20$. I bought mine for almost 70 dollars so.

20 x 2/ 70 % = 5.7 hours. Minus the story that is about how long I spend on it on my first play through.

1 day ago

< ToraTiger updated his status:

Ah, I can smell the butt burn.

Go wash yours, maybe it will smell better?

1 day ago

< EB1994 posted something on ToraTiger's wall:

For the record, you said "Original story. Typical zombie fare."

So you think it has an original story. Go back to read what you wrote...Please.

I think I ran out of posts or something. Also, that was a typo. Seeing as it contridicts everything else I wrote.

1 day ago

< Talal posted something on ToraTiger's wall:

What is your opinion on vigors in Bioshock Infinite?

Pretty cool. I liked the traps and the controlling the machines one. It was tight.

1 day ago

You could play the whole game without using them. How come you like that, but the crafting was useless. They were absolutely the same for me cool gameplay additions, but non essential.

Anyway, it's completely for me when someone dislikes a game that I like or thinks that it's overrated. I just don't like it when the points they're making are false or unfair.

I agree that the AI could have been better for example.

1 day ago

completely fine*

1 day ago

I just found it so out of the way to be worth the effort aside from the bombs and the health packs. The vigors, though, were actually somewhat helpful, especially towards the end.

Yeah, I thought the story was awful, and that was my main gripe with it. That wouldn't been so prevalent if it wasn't so forced on you. It didn't give me any incentive to want to see the story end with that nagging little girl following me around throughout this generic world.

Like I said, I liked the game, I just think it's like 20 dollars for 2 hours of game, that felt like a watered down version of Resident Evil.

1 day ago

Story is subjective so I can accept that you didn't like it. Generic world though? what does that mean? It is meant to be a post apocalyptic America and it pulled it off. It isn't meant to be this magical fantasy world. So I don't get that criticism. And it isn't a 2 hour game that's a lie.

So how I see it your valid criticisms are: Bad story, bad characters (or maybe just Ellie), bad AI.

1 day ago

The reason I thought the world was tired is the same reason I thought the story was bad.
it wasn't original at ALL. True the world is gorgeous but it's not like it isn't something seen in many other game on the market, especially in this genre. I see the whole zombie setting as done to death and it doesn't help that it felt like resident evil without the depth.

I thought the game was generally uninspired. Though,
It was still a good game.

2 hours for 20$. I bought mine for almost 70 dollars so.

20 x 2/ 70 % = 5.7 hours. Minus the story that is about how long I spend on it on my first play through.

1 day ago

< ToraTiger updated his status:

Add me on 3DS

Name; Dirk

I.D : 3282-2755-4646

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What could make you abandon your gaming life?(Poll inside!)

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NintendoPie said: When Angry Birds is turned into a physical game and is sold at full-price. That already exists on 3DS and Wii....

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Why don't people like hard games anymore?

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Nowadays all games are easy, watered down, or rehashed from another games. It's got to the point where I have look between the cracks of the internet to find a original game that's actually different from the stuff you see everyone else play . It comes from a basic piece of human psychology, we feel comfortable with things we can easily understand and process. Since the change in our culture...

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What could make you abandon your gaming life?(Poll inside!)

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Once I find something better to do with my evening. Maybe if I start of that manga project....


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