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< Conegamer posted something on Kaizar's wall:

I'm afraid your current thread has been flagged for Malware. One of the GIFs or pics (from Sexytoons) is causing problems

Okay, so what exactly dies that mean?
Does the image get replace with a link to the image, or what exactly happens?

13 hours ago

I'm just saying that I can't access the page, which is likely also the same for many others

13 hours ago

What post is it?

The 5th post or 7th post or what?

I can replace it with a link myself, to see if it fixes the problem.

13 hours ago

As I said, can't open the thread so no idea sorry. :-(

But it's from that website!

12 hours ago

How recently did this happen?

That info might help me.

11 hours ago

Only tried looking at it today.

Why not just do a HTML search?

10 hours ago

< Toxy posted something on Kaizar's wall:

Thanks for the add!

No prob.

(i.e. no problem)

6 days ago

< spurgeonryan posted something on Kaizar's wall:

Kaizar!!!!!!! Just stay away for six months so your problems go away. Especially since when you come back they will be watching you even more. It is just the way it is. in real life, criminals get watched more closely, because it is more likely they will act up again. I had this same problem for the longest time. I got in trouble so much, that it was hard not to be in trouble because I was on everyones radar. Just stay back and relax for a few months, let some of your bans come off. Unless you do not care.

good luck

It only takes 2 or 3 months. And then its like, 3 day bans.

on 14 August 2014

Actually it is. But its more like six months, but if you stay awzy for a few months maybe things will calm down a bit. Less mods watching you.

@ coneyg

Stop being a know it all.

on 15 August 2014

Did you delete my comment Spurge?

Anyway Noone is watching, but if you think you'll be free from a perma in 6 months then you could be mistaken. Will probably be another 30 day ban.

on 17 August 2014

< Turkish posted something on Kaizar's wall:

I love this user LOL

< spurgeonryan posted something on Kaizar's wall:

mobile posting got another user. they just understand our struggle.

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Official NSFW western Combat/Sci-Fi/Animation & eastern Live-Action Combat/Sci-Fi Thread

in NSFW Discussion 1 hour ago

Mass Effect: [img]http://fap.to/images/52/375050446/anime-cartoon-porn/Mass-Effect-Lesbian-1.jpg[/img]...

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The Official Anime Discussion Thread REBORN!

in Movies Discussion 4 hours ago

VanceIX said: Kaizar said: VanceIX said:Updated the poll as well.  You please reply with a link to view the OP by itself? My safari browser keeps crashing on page 1. Also, I voted for Dubs because I figure most people will vote for subs. I'm e first Dub voter, LOL. And what's vanilla Japanese? Anyways, dubs vs, subs, well it all depends on the dialogue for me....

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The Official Anime Discussion Thread REBORN!

in Movies Discussion 7 hours ago

MohammadBadir said:I used to be more of a dub guy, still sorta am, but I sometimes watch subs as well. There are some cases when dubs are just plain superior. I couldn't watch the Japanese versions of Dragon Ball Z or Thunder Jet for example after watching the English and Arabic versions respectively. DBZ has that sweetass Bruce Faulconer music, and the Arabic version of Thunder Jet had...


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The Simpsons Movie

About Me: 3D Fanatic I guess, and I love Japanese Anime & American Rap Music & shows like South Park & Futurama & Venture Brothers & "Stroker and Hoop" & the list goes on and on.

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