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< Pillow DKCTF - extremely fun and challenging platformer. My new favourite WiiU game after 3D World.
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< Pillow updated his status:

DKCTF - extremely fun and challenging platformer. My new favourite WiiU game after 3D World.

< Pillow updated his status:

add my NNID : YanTsuki

will be playing pretty much any upcoming Wii U games with multiplayer (Smash, MK8, Pokken?)

< green_sky posted something on Pillow's wall:

Thanks for accepting friend request. Your name is cool hehe.

thanks green_sky! Love your avatar :) it looks like the plush doll Aonuma carries around all the time XD

on 08 January 2014

< Pillow updated his status:

no time to play

< Pillow updated his status:

Been on this site for quite awhile. finally decided to create an account! (yes i'm lazy)

My prediction for end-gen:

Wii U: 85M
PS4: 90M
Xbox1: 67M

Vita: 25M
3DS: 100M

It will last less longer than past-gen. Console will also sale on par with one another for a very long time.

on 25 November 2013

I know it doesn't make sense...

on 09 December 2013

Welcome to the site. Your Wii U prediction. I'll take half that if offered right now.

on 14 December 2013

haha thanks! yes I know I wasn't quite myself when I wrote that!

on 14 December 2013


on 31 January 2014

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Write 45

The Best-Selling Games On 8th-Gen Consoles (Will be updated weekly)

in Sales Discussion on 09 April 2014

can't wait to see if MK8 can live up to the expectations, i'm pretty sure it's going to pass NSMBU...

Write 37

Amazon adds controversial Metacritic scores to video game listings??

in Gaming Discussion on 02 April 2014

I hope this will motivate developers to make better games. Metacritic might not be perfect but it's not as biased as people think when there's 70+ reviews from all different sources. Shovelwares will show their true colors which is good for the consumers that know nothing about video games....

Write 12

SSB For WiiU/3DS Hot Topics #28: A Look At All New Items Currently! (Which Item Do You Like Most?)

in Nintendo Discussion on 26 March 2014

I will go with the cuccos but they are not actually confirmed as items, they could theoretically be AT. Just the idea of seeing a thousand cuccos attack a player makes me hype for the game....


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