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< Pillow updated his status:

DKCTF - extremely fun and challenging platformer. My new favourite WiiU game after 3D World.

< green_sky posted something on Pillow's wall:

Thanks for accepting friend request. Your name is cool hehe.

thanks green_sky! Love your avatar :) it looks like the plush doll Aonuma carries around all the time XD

on 08 January 2014

< Pillow updated his status:

no time to play

< Pillow updated his status:

Been on this site for quite awhile. finally decided to create an account! (yes i'm lazy)

My prediction for end-gen:

Wii U: 85M
PS4: 90M
Xbox1: 67M

Vita: 25M
3DS: 100M

It will last less longer than past-gen. Console will also sale on par with one another for a very long time.

on 25 November 2013

I know it doesn't make sense...

on 09 December 2013

Welcome to the site. Your Wii U prediction. I'll take half that if offered right now.

on 14 December 2013

haha thanks! yes I know I wasn't quite myself when I wrote that!

on 14 December 2013


on 31 January 2014

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Would a Microsoft handheld be successful?

in Microsoft Discussion 6 days ago

it would fail. What kind of games would MS put on that? Halo and gear are made to be played on the big screen with multiplayer. They would need games like Pokemon, Mario Kart, AC. Those are games that you play in short bursts, which is the whole idea of owning a handheld....

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First Destiny review - 6/10

in Gaming Discussion 6 days ago

just read some posts on neogaf. Missions are said to be very repetitive and not any better than KZ:SF, as well as the story. Graphics are good though....

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Biggest leap forward for a 1st party franchise on Wii U? (So far)

in Nintendo Discussion 6 days ago

MK8 because the difference in graphics from the Wii version is pretty huge, and while 3D World looks really nice, the gap is not as big when compared with Galaxy 1/2. MK8, because of DLCs, first Mario Kart game (or Mario console game) to add new stuff and for a very good value. MK8 because of online features like MKTV, improved online connection (at least for me), Youtube integration....


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