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    Should video games play themselves (easy mode for Sekerio?)

    in Gaming Discussion on 12 April 2019

    KLAMarine said: It's NEVER a bad thing to have more options. Depends on who you're asking. If you told Picasso to straighten out the eyes in one of his Cubism portraits to make it easier for the viewer to understand what they are seeing, I am sure he'd be offended. I can't speak for From Software, but I believe there's a reason that after 4 Souls games, Bloodborne, and now Sekiro...

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    Should video games play themselves (easy mode for Sekerio?)

    in Gaming Discussion on 12 April 2019

    This debate always comes around whenever a From Software game is released, and I always have the same answer. It should have an easy mode only if the developers believe it should. If they are tailoring the experience to be a certain way and they believe an easy mode doesn't fit their vision (which I suspect it doesn't), then people should get over it and move onto one of the dozens of other...

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    I F'd up at work badly today.

    in General Discussion on 10 April 2019

    Ka-pi96 said: I'm skeptical. You'd think an employee of McDonald's would at least know how to spell McDonald's. So therefore, I doubt the legitimacy of your story! Have you spoken to a McDonald's employee? You're giving them too much credit. Jk. My dad worked a job at McDonald's while working 2 other jobs before becoming a professional so no disrespect meant. Just found an easy...

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    What do you say to judgmental people that say Superhero films are for kids ?

    in General Discussion on 09 April 2019

    In general, I don't really care about what other people think when categorizing and criticizing movies and movie genres. If someone believes that superhero movies are for children, more power to them. In the case of the OP where someone actually brought it up to you, if I were in your shoes, I'd probably just ask your coworker the question "Why do you care?" He's annoyed that people are...

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    Are games as good as they used to be?

    in Gaming Discussion on 05 April 2019

    I mostly agree with what others have said. As a kid, we had smaller frames of reference and the freshness of these new experiences offered wow moments that are difficult to capture in the evolved yet more polished experiences of today. That said, Bloodborne was a current gen game (the only one to be honest) that gave me the same sense of wonder, enjoyment and satisfaction that I had when I was...

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    Anyone else find "bad frame pacing" totally unnoticeable?

    in Gaming Discussion on 01 April 2019


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    Anyone else find "bad frame pacing" totally unnoticeable?

    in Gaming Discussion on 01 April 2019

    GoOnKid said: Yeah, I can't see it. It's absolutely insane how much this is blown out of proportion. I don't think it's blown out of proportion. Just that it affects a small part of the gaming population. For most people, noticing these differences takes a long time exposure to high fidelity and high performance in graphics (basically talking about the PC master race). Once they...

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    Anyone else find "bad frame pacing" totally unnoticeable?

    in Gaming Discussion on 01 April 2019

    As a console gamer, I don't notice it much, but it's probably because I'm not used to the fluidity/fidelity high end PC gaming offers. When I've seen a nice rig in action, I do notice how super smooth it looks compared to what I usually play (now PS4). However, I'm still not sure how low/bad framerate compares with bad frame pacing. Favorite PS4 game is Bloodborne. DF calls out basically all...

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    Never feel badly about sharing your Netflix

    in Politics Discussion on 24 March 2019

    Peh said: 1 Like I said, it's up to you what you do with your account. But don't act to be smarter than others without knowing what's going on in the backround.  https://www.dailystar.co.uk/news/latest-news/766166/netflix-hbo-user-accounts-sharing-synamedia-madeleine-mccann "Synamedia has unveiled a new AI system where they can catch out users sharing accounts. The...

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    Never feel badly about sharing your Netflix

    in Politics Discussion on 24 March 2019

    a 1. I've already adressed this. Check your activity logs and tell me how Netflix knows the used device. They also collect hardware imformation for fraud purposes. Not difficult to log your account activity further. From the article from january this year it's not about if Netflix will or won't do something about account sharing, it's about when and how.    2. Part of answer is...

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    Your biggest wow moment of each gen you've lived through

    in Gaming Discussion on 23 March 2019

    These wow moments don't necessarily mean the games listed have the best graphics or gameplay of the generation to me. Just that I was wowed the most at the time. (edited formatting)Gen 4: Graphics: SNES - Donkey Kong CountryPC - DoomArcade - Mortal Kombat Gameplay: SNES - Street Fighter II combo system Gen 5: Graphics: PS1 - Tekken 3N64 - Super Mario 64Arcade - Time Crisis 2 Gameplay: PS1...

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    Never feel badly about sharing your Netflix

    in Politics Discussion on 22 March 2019

      danasider said: Yeah, chances of anything like this happening are about as good as getting arrested for jaywalking. I've shared, because I have 4 screens simultaneous viewing in ultra HD (how the heck am I going to use 4 screens at the same time if the account isn't shared, btw) and am paying the premium price. Never had an issue, not even a cease and desist letter (have...

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    Never feel badly about sharing your Netflix

    in Politics Discussion on 20 March 2019

    Peh said: Don't. First: Netflix will cancel your contract, which is not a real issue in itself. Second: You will have to pay for the damage you did by sharing your account and could get sued. But there is yet no case known where people actually got sued. So, it's more likely that nothing will happen in this case. I personally don't recommend it for whatever reason, but it's your...

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    I'm 3 Collosi in and hating Shadow of the Colossus - should I persist?

    in Gaming Discussion on 05 March 2019

    It's one of my favorite games, and yet I can admit it's for everyone. That said, the gripes with the controls seem to be an issue for many modern gamers. I loved Spider-Man as well, but the point of the gameplay is completely different. In SotC, the controls shouldn't feel like your flying through the air doing whatever you want like a superhero. I actually enjoyed the immersion allowed by how...

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    Best villains in gaming

    in Gaming Discussion on 02 March 2019

    Spoiler! (Sorry, I don't know how to make a spoiler tag) Wander from Shadow of The Colossus. Pretty rare to play as the villain, and even more rare to not be aware of it until the end....

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    The Most Annoying Parts of JRPGs

    in Gaming Discussion on 27 February 2019

    Cerebralbore101 said: What parts of JRPGs really annoy you? Here's mine in no real order...1. Easy pointless battlesSome JRPGs will make their fights so easy that you can just turn on auto-attack, and win the fight within the first turn. No strategizing required. 2. Long attack animationsPerforming a big attack shouldn't take up a 5 to 10 second animation. And if it does, then it...

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    Movies you like that others hate

    in Movies Discussion on 19 February 2019

    sethnintendo said: Ace Ventura 2: When Nature Calls. One of best movies ever. Originally liked the first one most. As an adult, I find the sequel to be superior....

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    Jump Force - Launch & Characters Trailer

    in Gaming Discussion on 15 February 2019

    KazumaKiryu said: how are the reviews ? Sitting at 60 on Metacritic.   https://www.metacritic.com/game/playstation-4/jump-force...

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    If they make a Kingdom Hearts 4 for the love of the seven drop Goofy an Donald from the main cast.

    in Gaming Discussion on 15 February 2019

    Sounds like this just isn't the game for you. I personally loved them as characters. Seeing Goofy jump up and down after a coliseum win had me laughing every time. But that's the point of the series. You had to buy into the Final Fantasy meets Disney thing, but a lot of people couldn't take it seriously. I don't know why, because Final Fantasy is cornier than Disney, imho, and I love both...

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    Worst decision you can/did make in a game?

    in Gaming Discussion on 08 February 2019

    TruckOSaurus said: danasider said: In my first run of Final Fantasy XII back on the Playstation 2, I didn't use the manual. I was trying to max everything on all the characters. And because the license board was the same for every character, it meant every character could do everything (I forget if there was a limit on unlocking weapons, because it's been so long). Anyways, to...

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