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      < globalisateur posted something on Aquamarine's wall

      I see you have met RolStoppable... Please don't let this disagreeable encounter deter you from posting again. We really appreciate both your insight and your NPD data here.

      Everyone should know rol's antics! Its what makes him special on the site.

      on 03 August 2016

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      Seriously just stay polite with everyone...you can have a discussion or argue with someone while being respectful, it's possible...

      i was polite all along.

      you should have seen the comment of that guy,he cud not prove his point so he said maybe everybody who doesn't agree with him are just saying it like that


      what the hell was i supposed to say,i was sarcastic but VGC mods have gotten way more strict since 2009

      on 22 June 2015

      I wasn't bullshitting.
      That's not what I said at all.

      My point was that you don't know what the users are thinking.
      All you know is that they clicked a poll option.

      Say I made a poll asking "is it hot where you are?"

      Hot means different things to different people.

      I might say it's hot if it's 80F, someone else might say it's hot if its 100F, or 60F.

      Someone else might say it's cold at 60F.

      Words like bad mean different things to different people and this is what I was trying to explain.

      We can't know anything from a poll.

      on 23 June 2015

      yes but the same way we can say alot of other things

      like how good are people's judgement skills and critically think powers or how good gamers they are?

      we can say whatever we want but we work inside limited parameters

      what if NASA had all the energy they require,they cud today go to Saturn but no they don't have unlimited enrgy so they can't fly to Saturn

      and exactly words like bad means different things and i explained you my meaning but you still went on posting reply after another

      i explained that in my OP and my first reply to you

      you are contradicting urself

      on 30 June 2015

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      Your thread was locked because you were totally wrong, the game looks wonderful even for a PS4 exclusive:

      - The original trailer was pre-rendered and never ran real-time on a PS3, it was recently admitted by Yoshida, the game on PS3 ran at a much lower framerate (10fps? 15fps? we'll never know, "much lower frame-rate" were the exact words of Yoshida...)


      - Have you watched the HQ gamersyde video of TLG? Because many people who had watched some low quality footage completely changed their minds after they watched the HQ 1080p video:


      It's the antithesis of bad. This demo is beautiful, technically and artistically, hence why your thread was locked.

      i think thats ridiculous if you believe SONY


      they are bullshiting everybody and its an excuse for the delay,its not one bit believable and everybody agrees that its a joke

      if you have followed games and graphics and development and hardware,you would know they are bullshiting people


      i watched 1080p video and there is no change,please think and get yours eyes checked before commenting.(not trying to insult,its just a metaphor and a joke)

      demo might be beautiful because or artistic vision and graphics and puzzle gameplay of LAST GUARDIAN but graphics should have taken a gigantic jump.

      on 18 June 2015

      Wow, you should apply for the job of President of Sony's Worldwide Studios (Shuhei Yoshida), if you either:

      - know better than him about the development of one of their games
      - or if you think that he outright lied during the interview.

      And this excuse (PS3 can't run the pre-rendered trailer at a decent framerate, ie. the original vision of Fumito Ueda) that prevented the release of the game on PS3 was in fact the only one that made sense retrospectively.

      on 18 June 2015

      your bad at sarcasm

      sarcasm is only used when things are really obvious

      google LAST GUARDIAN not possible on PS3 news and go on every game forum in the world and you will find all agree that SONY is bullshitting

      its not even actually required,its a joke that you believe the fucking guy

      'believe he outright lied'......................lol...............like nobody has ever donw that before and especially SONY who has done it over and over again over the last 10 years

      what are you gonna believe next that FINAL FANTASY 15 was having the same problem.............lmao.........or DUKE NUKEM...................or LA NOIRE

      Original version of FUMITO UEDA who has not made one stunning graphical or HARDWARE demanding game.................lol and who was fired from SONY for taking too much time..................shows you don't know shit about the game if you have been following it

      get you head checked,stop even replying as your argument is so immature

      on 18 June 2015

      There's a lot more to how a game runs than graphics.
      Actually my guess is the physics were difficult to run, there's a lot going on. Check out the feathers on the creature, practically every one of them is moving. Even doing an animation on that would be difficult because it'd take a lot of RAM.

      gamrconnect.vgchartz.com/post.php" target="_blank" class="link">http://gamrconnect.vgchartz.com/post.php?id=7377630

      The first and third pictures show a lot of movement, and that's not even including movement that happens in the environment.

      Making a game too intensive to run on a system is Team ICO.
      ICO was moved to a new system because it couldn't run on PS1.
      Shadow of the Colossus stayed on PS2, but it didn't run well.

      Graphically I don't see much reason that it couldn't be a PS3 game, but they wanted to keep their vision of what the game should be.

      There's 2 big changes, the game is running in twice the resolution, and who knows how big a jump it is frame rate wise.

      Just because it doesn't look as graphically intensive doesn't mean it isn't incredibly hardware intensive. You really shouldn't let yourself get so caught up in other people's opinions. Particularly when people can get caught up in hating something for no reason.

      Calling everyone's argument immature is really the opposite of what you should do. Just because they have a different view from you doesn't make them childish. Try actually listening to them, before calling them childish.

      on 26 June 2015

      i never did get caught in other people's opinion,you were the one that got caught up

      and i have discussed again and again that gameplay and physics add alot to the realism of the game,you don't need to repeat it

      also ICO was moved to PS2 as PS1-PS2 leap was a massive one almost 100-100x times wheras PS3-PS4 is a tiny leap 10-50x times

      LAST GUARDIAN could easily fit on PS3,don't buy the SONY bullshit excuse

      Also Feathers are nice in LAST GUARDIAN but they cud easily be done on PS3 and LAST GUARDIAN is nowhere near a hardware intensive game

      i have rarely called anybody childish and facts cannot really be debated,they are the way they are.

      SUN is bigger than EARTH is a fact,nobody changes it no matter what

      I like this girl,you like that girl.........thats an opinion

      don't mix the two

      also this isn't softie liberal weak space of the internet where you spout - listen and embrace others opinions and accept them

      you have your opinion and i have mine,i don't have to necessarily like or agree with you and neither do you have to agree with me.

      and if you go and read your post,childish attacks were more about your behaviour than abt your opinion

      on 30 June 2015

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      < globalisateur posted something on ZhugeEX's wall

      How can you get banned here already ?

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      < globalisateur posted something on ZhugeEX's wall

      Are you the same ZhugeEX residing on Neogaf?

      Anyway, welcome to vgchartz...whatever your motives ;)

      I like to look a the COMG pre order charts that boutros posts up here. He does a good job.

      on 26 April 2015

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