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    What video game gave you the most hype/excitement this gen so far?

    in Gaming Discussion on 09 April 2016 by Rob5VGC

    Boutros said: FFXV and Kingdom Hearts III since Sony E3 2014 aka best conference ever followed by the Uncovered event. Hoping for a similar event for Kingdom Hearts III. And Uncharted 4 of course. I have to agree with FF 15 and KH3. Though, my hype for KH3 still holds up to today unlike FF XV for reasons. I'd also include FF 7 Remake. Those 3 were the one's I yelled and shed...

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    pokeken tournaments online quality

    in Gaming Discussion on 24 March 2016 by Nuvendil

    Very good. Ive had q few cases of lag but only when playing really, really late and getting paired up with people well outside the ideal range :P . If you play at normal hours you should be virtually flawless. And the matchmaking speed is absolutely insane....

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    Miitomo reached 1 Million users on Smartphones

    in Nintendo Discussion on 20 March 2016 by KLXVER

    Couldn't care less about mobile games and apps, but congrats to Nintendo I guess......

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    Best Wii U launch title

    in Nintendo Discussion on 17 March 2016 by Jranation

    [img]http://images.nintendolife.com/news/2013/06/video_nintendo_life_plays_nintendo_land/large.jpg[/img] This never gets old when playing with people!!!!! ...

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    wiuu usb storage issues!!

    in Nintendo Discussion on 14 March 2016 by Hiku

    KingdomHeartsFan said: So if I wanna use a USB thumbdrive for storage, not an external harddrive then I have to use this? http://www.amazon.com/Power-Enhancer-Female-Charge-Extension/dp/B00NIGO4NM/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1458005575&sr=8-2&keywords=usb+y+cable Fuck nvm shipping and handling for that was $50, can't even find the cord anywhere else.  Why you gotta make...

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    Rumour: Star Fox Zero Facing Development Niggles, Another Delay Could Happen

    in Nintendo Discussion on 10 February 2016 by curl-6

    Pavolink said: His name attached to a vastly dissapointed game will be his true punishment. Well, it wouldn't be the first time. I don't buy the "punishment" theory though. Too elaborate....

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    MGSV at 6 million Shipped - Konami Profits Rise

    in Sales Discussion on 02 February 2016 by AlfredoTurkey

    VGPolyglot said: ZhugeEX said: VGPolyglot said: ZhugeEX said: [img]http://i.imgur.com/JHXqPBJ.jpg[/img] So, does that mean that it is around 6 million for MGS, 7 million for MGS2, 5 million for MGS3, 6 million for MGS4 and 6 million for MGS5?   Both MGS and MGS2 are over 7 million (when you include VR missions and Substance. Metal Gear Solid 4...

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    Image & Form Hails SteamWorld Heist as "an Even Bigger Success Than SteamWorld Dig"

    in Sales Discussion on 27 January 2016 by Platina

    That's good to hear am interested in this game but never got it...

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    Cleveland Cavs Urges Blatt to return coach of the month award after firing him.

    in Sports Discussion on 24 January 2016 by TheGoldenBoy

    I know they've wanted Lue as their coach for a while but that just seems too stupid....

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    What is VGChartz's opinion on Super Mario Sunshine?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 27 November 2015 by AZWification

    Wow, I'm actually surprised to see so much love for Sunshine!...

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    Star Fox Zero looks better now

    in Nintendo Discussion on 17 November 2015 by bigtakilla

    JustBeingReal said: bigtakilla said: What about when the i-Direct is in a complete different room solving puzzles, and opening doors. That's a separate instance, yeah in that portion of the game there's a separate render at 480p on the gamepad, but the difference there is that the main ship being displayed on the TV image isn't flying around, dogfighting a bunch of enemies...

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    Videos games SHOULD NOT be difficult... (It hurts the Video Game)

    in Nintendo Discussion on 16 November 2015 by fatslob-:O

    I'm with you, OP ... I f#cking resent games that keep trying to test your patience. I especially hate the idea of how higher difficulty = debuffing player/upping enemy stats. Needlessly big and long games annoy me as it is but along doing any of the aforementioned will piss me off ... These are the reasons why I will continue completing the majority of my games on easy when given an option...

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    Lack of Voice chat made me stop playing Splatoon....

    in Nintendo Discussion on 13 November 2015 by AZWification

    That's a silly reason to stop playing Splatoon imo....

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    Tantalus Port = Could it be Twilight Princess HD?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 13 November 2015 by JNK

    yeah, soo right ;)...

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    MGSV is one of the best games I've ever played.

    in Gaming Discussion on 05 October 2015 by Cartmanbrah

    I bought it at launch and played it for like 2 days and got bored of it. Sneak into a base and either kill or extract someone......that's mainly what i find myself doing. Sneaking into a base and playing stealthy.....after like 30 minutes i suddenly die and have to restart all over again.......like no freaking check point? That kills it for me....

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    Best Metal Gear game?

    in Gaming Discussion on 30 September 2015 by XanderXT

    CosmicSex said: XanderXT said: I liked The Twin Snakes the best. Now before you kill me, I like it because of the improved mechanics. I don't really care about the cutscenes. Snake Eater was amazing.  Never feel ashamed about adoring that game.  Some of the greatest boss fights of all time too. Yeah! People say the First Person view ruins it, but it helps...

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    should i get mgs 5 first edtion?

    in Gaming Discussion on 09 September 2015 by seinsmeld

    thanx, the u rocks. just picked it up for ps3...

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    Interesting Take on the Memory Card Slot for NX

    in Nintendo Discussion on 02 September 2015 by spemanig

    dongo8 said: Becasue they don't need to, they just go back in time to a time where they felt most awake. An endless loop of no sleep and spewing Nintendo conspiracies, which I enjoy very much by the way, so thank you Spemanig! I wouldn't call them conspiracies, but I'll be doing this stuff for a long time. Who wants a site where everyone agrees and no one says crazy, outlandish,...

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    What are Nintendo's (affiliated) studios and partners up to? What can we expect for WiiU?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 31 August 2015 by MakeAccountLater

    baloofarsan said:A lot of information here. I bought the Endless Ocean: Blue World before I got the Wii console. I really hope that there would be a HD version of the game. All the info and the HUD could be on the gamepad making the TV a big aquarium. According to VGChartz database the two first games sold close to a million - mostly in US &EU though. I will read more and come back...

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    Legend of Kay Anniversary was overlooked by PS2&DS users, it's "fun as hell" (reviews)

    in Gaming Discussion on 10 August 2015 by binary solo

    Sixteenvolt420 said: binary solo said: Won't come to PSN+ because only games with a Metascore of 75+ get to be "free" PSN+. The meta right now is only 63. Kinda explains why there've been no AAA PS4 exclusives free on PSN+ yet. :-P j/k Didn't realize that much attention was paid to metacritic. I always take those ratings with a graon of salt. Yep, it's part of how...

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